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Amazon Cancels New York HQ, But What About The Reporting?

Amazon might be reconsidering its New York HQ expansion. But, the truly interesting news here may be how the story was broken by the Amazon-owned Washington Post, in a strangely-framed story whose conclusions have since been disputed by the New York Times. Here's our take.


What is Trump’s American AI Initiative?

President Trump just issued a new executive order on AI. Here's all the details you need about the nuts and bolts of what's been signed, what it all might look like in practice, and how it stacks up against AI research efforts not taking place under our star-spangled flag.


YouTube Blocks Comments on Videos Featuring Children

YouTube has just announced that it is disabling the commenting function for any videos on its platform that feature minors. The decision follows reports that that the massive video sharing site has failed to protect children's safety online.


Lenovo Announces New Laptops, Tablets and AIOs

Lenovo has just revealed its new range of laptops and PCs at MWC 2019. Here's all the specs and pricing into, along with quick explainers on each device. From slim laptops to an all-in-one PC and a smartphone-tablet hybrid, we run through the latest Lenovo devices.


Microsoft Employees Protest US Army Contract

More than 100 Microsoft employees have called for an end to the technology company's contract to build HoloLens AR tech for the US military. Microsoft currently holds a $479 million contract to help the army "increase lethality" with AR. Here's what it all means.


Best New Laptops From CES 2019

The Asus Zenbook S13, the Lenovo Yoga S940, and the Samsung Notebook Odyssey are just the start: Here are the most interesting laptops debuted at CES 2019. It's the very big, the very light, and the ones with the extra artificial intelligence you never knew you needed.


Best Sony Products Announced at CES 2019

Sony did have plenty of products to debut at CES 2019, starting with their 8K LED TVs, one of the biggest trends in consumer tech out of CES 2019. Speakers, OLED TVs, and turntables: Here's what to know about each of these new products Sony will roll out in the near future.

Fleet Management

How Much Does Fleet Management Cost?

Thanks to 24/7 real-time data monitoring and analytics, an FMS can boost a fleet’s efficiency, service and security, as well as ensure ELD compliance. But how much will a fleet management system cost, and will it bring a return on your investment that justifies the price tag?