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Fleet Management

Teletrac Navman Review – 2019

Teletrac Navman benefits from three decades of experience, and the robust customer service force that it has built up in that time. Find out if Teletrac's real-time cloud-based GPS fleet management could help your business in our 2019 review.


Largest Ever Email and Password Leak Just Got Worse

Already one of the largest data breaches ever, the list of 2.2 billion users' data is over three times larger than previously thought. Could you personally be affected? Odds are pretty high that you were. Here's more on what exactly happened and what you can do about it.

Fleet Management

Verizon Connect Reveal Review – 2019

Formed as a merger of three different telemetrics platforms —  Verizon Networkfleet, Fleetmatics and Telogis — Verizon Connect has a wider range of expertise than most fleet management system vendors. Find out what they could offer your business and compare prices with ...


Why Parents Should Worry About Kids Using Facebook

Parenting in the internet age is tough. And Facebook's track record with how it treats younger users should be enough to concern any parent. This week alone, Facebook was found to be paying teenage users for access to their data, and its track record is little better.


Is It Safe to Use a VPN on a Phone?

VPNs, or “virtual private networks,” can be used safely with phones, but there are risks if you don’t choose a good, reliable service. We explain how a VPN app works on a phone, the legal implications for using one, and everything else you need to know about mobile VPNs.

Fleet Management

Samsara Fleet Management Review

The company behind this adorable logo? Samsara Fleet Management. They provide wireless software solutions for vehicle tracking and maintenance. Samsara's FMS offers a variety of features and benefits. Find out how they could help your business in our 2019 review.


TikTok Banned from App Stores in India Following Court Order

Google and Apple have dropped the Chinese social video app TikTok from their app stores in the country of India, following a ban enacted by an Indian state court.The app, which lets users share quick videos soundtracked to music, has 500 million users, and 40% live in India.


How Big Tech Is (and Isn’t) Tackling Anti-Vaxxers

Last week, Facebook announced plans to deprioritize anti-vaccination content on its platform. It's just the latest tech giant to address the misinformation that can spread easily across social networks including YouTube, Amazon, and Pinterest.


Apple Revokes Facebook’s Employee-Only iOS Apps

Apple has revoked Facebook's permissions to create and operate employee-only internal applications. The social media giant's employees are working to reinstate its “most critical internal apps immediately.” They're also "pissed."


Acer Announces New Computers for Gamers and Creatives

Acer today announced a new product line-up that introduced new models in a whopping six separate ranges: Predator, Nitro, Aspire, Chromebook, Travelmate and Spin, plus the "ConceptD" product portfolio, aimed specifically at creators. Here's all the details to know.


EU Announces Ethical AI Guidelines

The European Commission has just released a set of guidelines to help shape a more "trustworthy AI." It's the latest foray into taking a proactive approach to ethics in artificial intelligence, and includes seven key requirements for the development of ethical AI