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Alternatives to Google Voice

June 20, 2018

11:15 am

With a growing list of digital products and services, Google has been serving the requirements of the average business owner for a while now. Not only does the company offer a dedicated email service and cloud storage, Google users can also run training through websites such as Google Classroom or manage documents and workflows using Google Docs. Their product and service offering continues to grow and Google Voice is just one of the many options that are now available.

Google Voice is an internet based VoIP technology which offers a range of features that many of the standard phone providers deliver such as SMS capabilities, voicemail and can even include a telephone number with a local area code. The Google Voice platform also allows users to make or receive telephone calls from their computer or mobile phone. What’s more, the whole solution is completely free which is great for business owners who have a budget to keep to or no budget at all for communications. Whether you need another line to deal with increasing demand for your business, distribute messages to customers through a text message or make calls using a local number, Google Voice covers all bases.

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Cost Savings

Easy to Scale

Custom Features

While the platform does offer a range of features it isn’t necessarily the best, with a number of issues presenting problems for users; reliability is just one of them. If you are a sole trader and there’s just yourself or you have a very small team then Google Voice would serve your requirements perfectly. However if you want to go the extra mile and you really want a professional system, sometimes Google Voice might not live up to expectations. There are many VoIP phone systems and hosted PBX solutions that are much cheaper than a legacy phone offering but they are still costly and don’t always provide a local number that a localized business may require.

Best Google Voice Alternative Comparison

ServicePrice FromOur RatingCore BenefitCompare
whatsappFree5 starsSend files such as videos and documents easily.get-quote-button-green
RingCentral LogoOn Request5 starsDifferent packages available depending on logo From $9.99/Month4 starsOver 40 PBX functions availableget-quote-button-green
telzio-logoFrom $1.00/Month4 starsCost effective solutionscompare-now-button-white
grasshopper-logoFrom $8.30/Month4 starsFeature rich phone systemsget-quote-button-green

Switching from Google Voice

Although Google Voice has adequately supported numerous businesses for several years, competition is increasing from other firms who can deliver improved features, better quality and increased reliability, three factors which are so important when it comes to managing business communications. If you have been using Google Voice but feel like it’s time for a change or you need a stronger infrastructure this guide has been written for you. Before you start looking for an alternative and making the switch there are some key considerations to make. It is also important that you decide what you like with Google Voice so you can find a new provider who includes the features that you like and some additional functions that will better support your business.

Your Account

With Google Voice there are two types of account. The first is a light version which includes voicemail and other useful features such as personalized greetings and transcription. A full Google Voice account requires you to either port or create a telephone number. This functionality will allow you to forward calls to numerous phones, distribute text messages from your computer and a host of other features. However the more advanced account does bring with it some problems in terms of compatibility. If you decide to change your provider you will either need to swap your Google Voice number to a new line or change your telephone number entirely which is certainly not ideal.

Porting your Number

Porting a number from Google Voice isn’t as straightforward as you may think. Whether you have ported a number into Google Voice or you have created a number when you signed up, you may wish to use your number with your new provider. Before you can do this though, you will have to unlock the number.

Once you have gone through the steps to unlock the number from Google Voice you are able to move your number to your new provider. When you have chosen a suitable company they may request an account number so they can complete the porting process. Account numbers are just your Google Voice number.

It may take a few days to port your number to the new provider but during this time you can still use your Google Voice number.

Top 10 Google Voice Alternatives Reviews


Editor Rating: 5 stars

Price (per user/per month): Free

Small businesses or sole traders just starting out will often search for low cost or free options for call management but they do not necessarily want to use Google Voice. As a tool which is growing in popularity, even more so than Google Voice, WhatsApp can be used with any Smartphone making it a great solution for mobile businesses.

Once installed on your phone, the app allows you to create messages, send files such as video and documents and make an audio call to another user of the app all for free.


Editor Rating: 4.5 stars

Price (per user/per month): $20

For businesses looking for a more advanced solution than WhatsApp, Phonebooth offers its customers an all round VoIP solution. One of the great things about Phonebooth is that you are not tied to long term contracts like some of the other providers. For a small monthly fee, you can access unlimited local and long distance calls which is ideal for businesses who have international reach.

Easily route calls to a landline telephone or mobile selecting a number of your choice. What’s more, Phonebooth users will also receive a free local telephone number they can use to make calls which is great for a business user. Any call that is made to your Phonebooth number is automatically redirected to your chosen telephone number.

Ring Central Logo

Ring Central

Editor Rating: 5 stars

Price (per user/per month): Price dependent on package

A leading provider in communications, Ring Central helps businesses reach their full potential. The company states that they support in excess of 350,000 businesses with their telephone and communication requirements. Based on cloud technology, Ring Central offers a greater choice of services than a regular VoIP or virtual PBX system. The business currently offers five different solutions for business customers:

Ring Central Office  – Businesses can optimise their communications using expert call handling, BYOD features and integration with CRM systems, file sharing websites such as Dropbox, collaboration with Microsoft and Google and much more. For a low monthly price, business users can take advantage of unique numbers, business text messaging, team collaboration tools, high quality phone services, integrations, voicemail, audio conferencing facilities and the capacity to seamlessly hold online meetings.

Ring Central Contact Center – Contact centers are at the forefront of a large organisation and businesses need a solution that they can count on. The Ring Central Contract Center product makes use of cloud technology powered by InContact. More suited to larger businesses with a dedicated contact center operation, Ring Central allows agents to access rich data to provide an effective and professional standard of service. Customers can reach agents in multiple ways including email, voice, web chat, fax, social media or text message. As a scalable solution, Ring Central operates on an open platform allowing businesses greater flexibility to scale up or scale down their contact center services.

Ring Central Glip – As more and more businesses are becoming increasingly web based, collaboration is more important than ever. With the Ring Central Glip solution, businesses have access to a centralised workspace for the team which facilitates communications and improves collaboration. Featuring real time messaging, shared calendars and task management tools, colleagues from multiple departments can share documents, collaborate and communicate seamlessly which increases productivity and enhances service delivery.

Ring Central Professional – Ideal for remote businesses, this solution is designed for businesses who are constantly on the move. With Ring Central Professional, businesses can redirect calls to any employee anywhere. Rules can be established to route calls and faxes and if you travel a lot your calls will follow.

Ring Central Fax – With this solution, businesses no longer need to rely on the traditional fax machine. Keep your existing fax number and you can send or receive faxes anywhere in the world provided that you have a good internet connection.

Editor Rating: 4 stars

Price (per user/per month): From $9.99/Month

Another VoIP service, claims to offer some of the best prices when it comes to providing a business phone service. Featuring over 40 PBX functions and first class support, this company is a preferred choice for many small businesses.

Specialists in business phone systems, they help small firms develop and launch their own phone systems. Integrate the system with CRM software and use all of the standard call based features such as forwarding, recording and conferencing as well as text messaging, all of which are hosted on the cloud.


Editor Rating: 4 stars

Price (per user/per month): From $1.00/Month

Many of the phone systems that are alternatives to Google Voice are managed on the cloud and Telzio is no different. An extremely affordable solution but one that is packed with features, this is certainly a rival for Google Voice. From just one dollar a month you can take up a new US phone number with unlimited calls, unlimited extensions and a range of features.

Although this plan is pay as you go the costs are really low, starting from $0.119 per minute for incoming calls and $0.168 a minute for outbound calls. This is not ideal for everyone so if you don’t like pay as you go then this is not the company for you. As a hosted PBX businesses won’t need hardware as everything operates over the internet.


Editor Rating: 4.5 stars

Price (per user/per month): Free

One of the older apps, Skype still offers a reliable call management solution. Skype charges per user per month and has a range of features which can be used on mobile devices and desktops. Suitable for business, Skype can coordinate online meetings, calls, video and messaging, supporting up to 250 people at one time.

Integrate with Outlook and schedule meetings and keep your communications secure with enterprise grade security and management of accounts.

Line 2

Editor Rating: 4.5 stars

Price (per user/per month): From $8.30/Month

Line2 provides business numbers which can be integrated with mobile devices. Operating through VoIP technology, Line2 can be up and running in a matter of seconds. Their simple three step process can have you up and running in no time. Choose your number, configure your account and connect with customers. It’s that easy. With the business plan, Line2 offers a comprehensive phone solution which offers unlimited texts and unlimited calling in the US and Canada all in a monthly price.

For larger businesses, seamlessly set up group conferencing and add 20 colleagues from a phone, tablet or computer. Also include an automated message to direct customers to the right team. Press 1 for sales or 2 for support etc. All of these features can be easily integrated into the system. Toll free numbers can also be used and you can add multiple lines as your business grows.


Editor Rating: 4 stars

Price (per user/per month): From $8.30/Month

Grasshoppers systems offer a range of features that improve communications and increase productivity. Define automated instructions so you can transfer customers to the right people first time. Create and customise extensions to redirect to a home office, remote employee or cell phone anywhere in the world. If you want your business to have a local presence you can use toll free or local numbers for your business. From here you can assign extensions to your employees. One great feature of the Grasshopper phone system is their Grasshopper Caller ID.

This can convey professionalism when calling clients. Instead of your mobile number displaying to the recipient, your Grasshopper ID will be displayed so customers won’t know that you are calling from your mobile. As Grasshopper uses digital technology for calls and they work with your existing home or office phones, you don’t have to invest in new equipment or devices to make it work. Business owners also know who is calling before they accept a call with three options available. Select option 1 to accept the call, option 2 to divert to voicemail or 3 to hear the caller’s number. Voicemails and faxes can also be sent to your email and there’s also a handy voicemail transcription feature too. Using the business SMS feature any company can sent a professional text message to partners, customers and colleagues.

OpenPhone Logo


Editor Rating: 4.5 stars

Price (per user/per month): From $10/Month

When starting a business, many of us end up running all of our business calls through our personal phones. That can mean extra stress, potentially embarrassing mix-ups, and tricky organisation of your voicemail and contacts. OpenPhone is a brand seeking to change all that.

The OpenPhone app makes it easy for professionals and businesses to run a business phone number on their existing cell phones. There’s no need for a second sim card or extra data plan with your network provider. With OpenPhone, you can be up and running with your business phone number in 30 seconds.

OpenPhone offers local US, Canadian and toll-free numbers and comes with unlimited talk and text. It offers professional features like business hours, voicemail transcription and more to give you full control over your business phone, from your personal phone.


Editor Rating: 4.5 stars

Price (per user/per month): Dependent on solutions package

Another cloud based phone system, business owners can use a local phone number to create a customised call center. Managers can run their business from any location using just a Smartphone. No complex hardware and the solution is easy to use. As with many of the other options for this type of phone system, users can take advantage of unlimited extensions for each member of staff. Send text messages as part of a marketing campaign, communicate with staff or send customer updates.

A specialist developer API will allow the system to easily and quickly integrate with existing systems such as a CRM or you can add it to your own in-house applications. If you receive lots of unwanted calls which businesses often do, you can blacklist numbers so when they call they will receive a ‘no longer in service’ message which is a great little feature.

Final Thoughts

Google Voice is a super useful tool for those looking for a free way to call, but if you have a business with a demanding customer service function, there are plenty of VoIP alternatives that will better serve your requirements. From call forwarding and automated voice recordings through to integration with CRM systems, many of the alternatives to Google Voice are perfect for a growing business, offering the functionality and reliability that the modern day business needs to operate successfully.

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