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Apptivo CRM Review

September 25, 2018

10:46 am

Apptivo logo
  • Established: 2009
  • U.S. HQ: Fremont, CA
  • Strong security options
  • Good core features
  • third-party integrations

Strong core CRM features at a great price.

Apptivo CRM offers all the core features businesses need: It stores customer data, manages sales and billing, and hosts a help desk. Better still, it comes at one of the lowest prices in the CRM industry, making it an attractive pick for cost-efficient managers. The company’s broad reach — it’s used by more than 150,000 businesses over 194 countries — speaks for itself.

  • Serves any size company
  • Prices below industry average
  • Free trials available

What Is Apptivo CRM?

Apptivo’s cloud-based suite of CRM apps focuses on three main customer relation management goals: Managing contacts, automating sales tasks, and providing customer support. All apps are hosted on the main Apptivo platform, and are offered as a package in four tiers rather than on a per-app basis. In other words, the lowest tier offers all the apps, though with limited functionality. By allowing customers to avoid per-app subscriptions, Apptivo highlights the interdependence of its apps.

The lowest tier, Starter, is offered for free and offers a broad range of CRM features, but comes with such limited functionality that your business will likely need to upgrade to the Premium or Ultimate plans in order to benefit from the service. A fourth plan, Enterprise, offers every feature available with unlimited users, storage and tools,

Add-on integrations can be added to any plan, and migration options are available for companies already using CRMs from vendors including Salesforce and Act.

Here’s our review breaking down the four Apptivo CRM service plans that companies should consider.

In This Review:

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Apptivo CRM Features

Here’s a look at what features and pricing plans are available in a number of different CRM services and how Apptivo competes with them.

Scroll horizontally on mobile devices to see the whole table:

SalesforceHubspotMicrosoft DynamicsZendeskZohoApptivoamoCRM
Salesforce logoHubspot logoMicrosoft Dynamics logoZendesk logoZoho logoApptivo logoAmoCRM logo
Data cap in basic plan612 MB/user5 documents10GB + 5GB/20 usersUnlimited1 GB base + 512 MB/user3GB/User200 MB/user
Email integrations
Social media integrations
Marketing Campaigns
Intuitive, easy to understand
Email Support
Live Chat Support
Phone Support
Free trial/version
Cheapest paid plan (user/month)$25$50$80+$89$12$8$15
Most expensive plan (user/month)$300$1,200$255$149$100$20$45
VerdictA market leading CRM for good reason and a great all-rounderA strong CRM system with an attractive free tierA robust CRM platform that embeds brilliantly with Microsoft productsAn inexpensive, simple CRM tool that can combine with other plug-ins and apps.Flexible, friendly and effective, Zoho also starts at low price plansStripped-down but a solid CRM platformIntuitive and simple, AmoCRM is a CRM suite that impresses

Starter CRM

The Apptivo CRM page for lead conversionTrue to its name, this limited feature-set is a good starting point for those interested in what Apptivo has to offer, though they’ll likely move on to the following plan once they hit the three-user and 500MB-storage caps. Here are the key highlights found in the Starter plan:

  • Lead management — leads can be listed by queue, directory, status, source, rank, territory, and tag
  • Contact management — contacts can also be listed and prioritized
  • Contact sharing — team members can share and receive their contact information (capped at five users)
  • Deal management — open and archived deals can be grouped and prioritized
  • Project management — open projects can be listed and prioritized
  • Invoicing and work orders — track and send invoices and orders from inside the CRM
  • Help desk — track and solve customer cases
  • Data backup and export — Apptivo never locks your customer information into their platform

Premium CRM

Apptivo CRM makes a custom reportApptivo cites the Premium plan as their “featured” plan, and it’s easy to see why. Under it, third-party integrations and marketing features are available for the first time, while functionality like analytics reports and security features are greatly expanded.

  • File storage: 3GB/User
  • Greater contact sharing
  • Mobile app — a frequently updated iOS and Android mobile app that allows users to access the entire Apptivo suite
  • Unlimited custom fields — users can customize their reports and searches within the CRM
  • Multiple sales pipeline — users can easily track the progress of sales
  • Email campaign management — users can send, schedule and track emails to client lists (capped at 1000 emails/user/month)
  • Sales planning — users can plan quarterly quotas by organization, team, and individual
  • Custom analytics reports — users can schedule and customize their data reports, including options such as a win/loss/lead analysis for sales.
  • 2,000 API calls/user/day
  • Integrations — includes PayPal, Stripe, G Suite, Office 365, OneDrive, Sign Now, Dropbox, Slack, and Intuit QuickBooks, among others

Ultimate CRM

This plan includes all the features mentioned above, while expanding or removing caps on data and users, and offering priority support options rather than the standard ones available to those in the Premium CRM plan.

While few features are actually new, the greatly expanded storage, emails, and calls makes this plan attractive to a growing business with needs that can’t be met under the Premium plan’s data caps. Sure, the features below seem sparse, but this plan removes caps that give a company room to stretch and grow.

  • File storage: 10GB/User
  • Email management: 3000 emails/user/month
  • 20,000 API calls/user/day

Enterprise CRM

The Apptivo CRM on a sales planning pageFinally, the most comprehensive plan offers a personalized service: Integrations can be customized, and you’ll receive an SLA support team to cater to your needs. All the CRM features named above will be available, and with the highest data caps available from Apptivo. Here are the specifications:

  • File storage: 15GB/User
  • Email management: 5000 emails/user/month
  • 30,000 API calls/user/day
  • Unlimited contact sharing
  • Custom integrations — Apptivo develops integrations specific to your needs
  • Service Level Agreement support — Apptivo will establish an agreed-upon response time for your company
  • Dedicated Account Manager — a member of Apptivo’s team will serve as a point of contact
  • White Labeling — Apptivo branding won’t be associated with your business

Video: Apptivo Overview

This video lecture gives a high-level look at the Apptivo platform and the CRM software service it provides. It explains how the CRM serves as a central data hub, an organizational system for prioritizing deals, and a help desk that quickly processes customer inquiries. The (lengthy) video goes on to cover these highlights in more depth, but its first three minutes provide the big picture. 

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Apptivo Customer Support

Apptivo offers phone and email support, though their available hours vary depending on the customer’s service plan: Email support is available during normal work hours for those using the free plan, but available 24/7 for the other plans.

Phone support is not available for the Starter plan, is available from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. PT under the Premium plan, is available 24 hours a day five days a week under the Ultimate plan, and available 24/7 through the Enterprise plan.

Apptivo’s live chat support is 24/7 for all plans, even the free one. In addition, remote and onsite training sessions are available for any business with a paying service plan. The company also offers a free 30-day trial of their software and a one-on-one demo session for those who need it.

Support & Training

Support options

  • 24/7 Email (depends on plan)
  • 24/7 Phone (Depends on plan)
  • 24/7 Live chat

Training options

  • Onsite
  • Remote
  • webinars
  • Documentation and manuals

Apptivo CRM Pricing

Apptivo offers four service plan tiers: Starter, Premium, Ultimate, and Enterprise. Apptivo Starter is the free plan, and is capped at three users.  Apptivo Premium offers expanded features and is $8/month/user, billed annually ($10/month/user when billed monthly).

Apptivo Ultimate offers all CRM features as well as priority support, and costs $20/month/user, billed annually ($25/month/user when billed monthly). Finally, any businesses interested in upgrading to Apptivo Enterprise must contact the company directly for a quote.

Training packages are an additional cost. Costs vary depending on the number of sessions, but remote training starts at $125 for a single session and onsite training starts at $850 for one session.

The Verdict

We recommend Apptivo CRM for companies with basic CRM needs who may need more in the future. It’s the definition of a cost-effective CRM, offering strong core capabilities with strong third-party integration options, at a price point well below most of its competitors.

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