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SugarCRM Pricing: How Much Does SugarCRM Cost?

July 16, 2019

12:15 pm

The Cupertino-based SugarCRM offers a svelte, easy-to-understand pricing plan system since its launch in 2004. Each of its three tiers offers an impressive array of features, reasonable storage options, and high-quality support.

SugarCRM costs start at $40 per user per month and can be as high as $150 per user per month, though the most popular plan comes in at $65 per user per month.

Remember, paying for CRM software isn't one-size-fits-all. The cost can vary depending on the size and needs of your business. The best thing you can do is compare personalized quotes for your own business – you can do so using our handy CRM Quotes Tool in just a few moments.

SugarCRM's service is used by a customer base of more than 2 million individual users across over 120 countries and 26 languages (although it supports a whopping 36 languages). In other words, it's a fairly popular service.

Here's what you need to know about its price plans, as well as the details on what abilities and support you'll get from each one.

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SugarCRM Pricing Plans

SugarCRM keeps things simple: It offers one main CRM service that's designed to satisfy all the cores aspects of running a business, from sales to customer service to marketing to IT. Their software is sold in three different plans, each of which offers more features, storage space and tech support than the last.

Here's a quick rundown on the three available plan tiers.

  • Sugar Professional, from $40, is the company's basic tier, best for a small but growing business.
  • Sugar Enterprise, from $65, offers a far wider range of features and will provide the best value for most businesses.
  • Sugar Ultimate, from $150, offers a few more features than Enterprise, but brings the majority of its value in the stronger support: It is the only tier to offer 24/7 support and a dedicated account manager.

As you might be able to guess based on the pricing, the Enterprise tier offers the most features for the smallest hike in pricing: The Sugar Enterprise cost is up just $25 over the Professional tier, compared to the Ultimate tier's $85 price hike over Enterprise.

Here's a full at-a-glance table charting the prices you can expect to pay, as well as a few details about storage, support and core features each plan has to offer.

SugarCRM Typical Pricing:

Sugar ProfessionalSugar EnterpriseSugar Ultimate
Minimum users101010
Minimum cost/year$4,800$7,800$18,000
Standout features-Sales automation
-Customer service
-Lead management
-Product level quotes
-Role-based permissions
-Weekly database backup
-Technical Account Manager
-5 sandbox instances
Maximum storage15GB60GB250GB
Support optionsOnline only12/5 phone and email24/7 phone and email


Overall, SugarCRM's plan offerings are less complex than most CRM providers, which often split their service into different job segments like Sales or Marketing. With SugarCRM, one single platform can handle sales, IT, marketing and more. You just need to pick out the level of features and support that your business needs.

How Much Will You Really Spend on SugarCRM or Other CRM Providers?

SugarCRM Cost Per User

SugarCRM uses a strict per-user pricing scheme, charging businesses a set price for each user who gains access to their software. It's a sustainable approach for any businesses interested in a CRM platform: The price starts low to match the limited means of a smaller team, and grows with the company as it adds employees.

The per-user plans do come with one caveat worth noting, however. There's a ten-user minimum across all three plan tiers. In other words, even if your team is just five or six people, your business will start out paying for ten.

In addition, plans are billed annually. This means that the smallest bill you can expect to see is $4,800, the cost for 12 months of the Sugar Professional plan for ten users.

However, since SugarCRM packages its services into one plan, you won't be paying for a bundle of multiple services, so this pricing is still on the low end for many popular CRM services.

Sugar Professional Costs

The SugarCRM dashboard with chartsThe Sugar Professional tier of SugarCRM's services helps agents manage accounts, leads, contacts, tasks, products, quotes, tickets and opportunities. It also offers sales opportunity management and email campaigns, and has a mobile app that includes offline access.

Sugar Professional (along with the other two tiers) supports 34 languages, making it a good option for an internationally based team. Other useful perks include ticket routing, bug tracking, and web-to-lead capture forms.

The cost is $40 per user per month, with a ten-user minimum. Storage may be a barrier for high-growth companies, since it is capped at 15GB, and only online support is offered, with no phone or email support options.

In addition, downloadable resources including ebooks, whitepapers, and a Buyer's Guide are available to all for free.

Sugar Enterprise Costs

Granular workflow management features are one of the biggest additions to the Sugar Enterprise plan, which includes a workflow visual designer, parallel workflows, multi-level approval process flows, and reusable business process rules. You'll also benefit from customizable email templates and notifications, advanced reporting, and the ability for admins to configure role-based permissions.

The cost is $65 per user per month, with a ten-user minimum for a minimum annual charge of $7,800.

This tier offers two sandbox instances for safely testing application changes, up from the Professional tier's zero instances. The storage space expands to 60GB under the Enterprise tier, and support is available on both phone and email 12 hours a day during the five-day business week as well as online.

Sugar Ultimate Costs

Example of a SugarCRM deal pipelineSugar Ultimate offers all the features included with Enterprise, but actually offers so few additional ones that we can tell you all of them this sentence: It boosts the number of sandbox instances from two to five, and ups the storage space from 60GB to 250GB.

However, the biggest perks are in the increased support: Phone and email support is available 24/7 under the Sugar Ultimate plan, and businesses will be assigned their own Technical Account Manager for more personalized service.

This plan costs $150 per user per month, with a ten-user minimum. It's a lot to pay for a little extra attention and storage, so we'd recommend trying out the Enterprise tier first, and only upgrading if you find that tier's offerings truly limiting.

Does SugarCRM Have a Free Plan?

No, SugarCRM does not have a free plan. If it's a consolation, any worthwhile CRM will have a fairly disappointing free plan, since it's bound to lack features that are worth paying for.

Instead, SugarCRM's starting price of $40 per user per month for the Professional tier brings with it a fully-fledged service for managing all the basic sales, customer service, marketing, and software development needs of a growing business. Within the CRM industry, that's actually a little under the average.

For a more apples-to-apples comparision of SugarCRM's overall pricing with other top providers in the CRM space,  check out this at-a-glance pricing breakdown of the top five most popular CRM platforms.

Top Five CRM Pricing Comparison

 SalesforceHubspotApptivoMicrosoft DynamicsZoho
Salesforce logoHubspot logoApptivo logoMicrosoft Dynamics logoZoho logo
Free trial30 days30 days30 days30 days15 days
Free plan
Standard price range$25/user – $300/userFree – $50/user – $400/user$8/user – $20/user$80/user – $255/user$12/user – $100/user
Custom price plans available
Pros-Wide feature set
-Frequently updated
-Robust support & training
-Quick learning curve
-Offers core features
-Email marketing in free plan
-Cheaper than Salesforce
-Offers core features
-Integrates great with Microsoft products
-Offers a wide range of features on par with Salesforce’s feature set
-24/5 support even for the free plan
-Offers an AI on par with Salesforce’s Einstein AI
Cons-No free plan
-Basic plan caps data at 612 MB/user
-Limited mobile optimization under some plans
-More costly than Salesforce
-Fewer features than Salesforce across all plans-More costly than Salesforce
-No free plan
-Limited API, compared to Salesforce’s open API
-No data backups in free plan
-Shorter than average trial period

Getting Started With SugarCRM

Once you've assessed all of SugarCRM's plans, it's time to consider whether you want to move forward with the CRM provider.

You know how many users you have now and which features you'll need, but don't forget to consider how quickly your business will grow and whether the same plan will still be best for your needs in five years.

When you know how much SugarCRM will cost you, the final step is comparing it with other leading CRM providers. To start rapidly and easily collecting customized quotes from the top CRM services on the market today, just take a minute to fill out's quick CRM quotes form.

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