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What Is Field Service Management Software?

June 29, 2018

11:30 am

Field service management software makes running a business a lot easier. By consolidating aspects of your business like reporting, scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, and customer account management tools into a single program, field service management software can completely change the way you conduct your business.

In so many words, field service management software is the best way to make productivity a priority for your business. Whether you’re an HVAC service or a pool and spa business, you’ll be able to better understand both your customers and your employees. Field service management software can help you to run a more efficient business that keeps customers happy and staff productive.

In this simple guide, we explain the different tasks that field service software can do for you, the types of business that use it, and how much it costs to run.

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What Does Field Service Management Software Do?

Having a team of field service technicians or other field-based employees can be difficult. But, with a field service management software, you’ll be able to keep track of and manage every facet of your business from one platform. Most field service software is able to:

  • Create work orders
  • Track and manage field technicians and vehicles
  • Schedule appointments and work orders
  • Provide job status updates
  • Optimize routes via GPS navigation
  • Manage inventory
  • Improve productivity with knowledge repositories
  • Manage customer needs in convenient portal

As with any added business tool, the ideal field service management software will save you money and improve efficiency at your company.

Understanding exactly how these specific features benefit your business is the first step in making the right decision when it comes to field service management software.

How Can Field Service Management Software Help Your Business?

There’s a wide range of benefits that come with installing field service management software, and we’ll explain these each in term:

  • Saves time: Whether it’s through optimized routes or consolidated work functions, field service management software cuts down on wasted time.
  • Improves productivity: By consolidating field service processes, such as scheduling appointments or providing job status updates, employees are able to focus on big picture concerns rather than small details.
  • Increases accuracy: With payroll, booking, and inventory all on a single platform, you’ll be able to avoid payment issues, double-booking, and product excess.
  • Prioritizes customer service: By providing a comprehensive portal for customers, field service management softwares gives customers the attention they need without taking away from everyday processes.
  • More profit: By saving time, improving productivity, increasing accuracy, and prioritizing customer service, a field service management software will naturally increase your profit in a meaningful way.

If you really want to figure out if you should pull the trigger on this game-changing software, understanding how it helps your business is one of the most important things to appreciate. But, what about your bottom line?

Compare price quotes to find the best deal on field service software for your business.

How Much Does Field Service Management Software Cost?

While a single price point would make researching field service management software a whole lot easier, the reality is that cost varies depending on your business. To make matters a little more complicated, there are three different types of pricing models you will likely come across.

The most important thing is to get a quote for field service management software that’s tailored to the size and needs of your business

Pay per Franchise or Location

Depending on how large your company is, paying by franchise or location might be the more prudent move for you. This pricing model has users pay a monthly fee for every single franchise or location that plans to utilize the software.

Additionally, most field service software will also require a one-time setup fee that covers every franchise or location.

Pay per User or Admin

This pricing model is an affordable means of setting up a field service management software whether you have a dedicated team or a single operator. By charging a monthly fee per user or admin, you’ll be able to manage exactly how many people have access to the platform without wasting any resources.

Most software provides incremental pricing options, so you’ll want to decide early on exactly how many users will be keeping track of your field technicians.

Pay per Employee or Field Technician

If your company manages a smaller number of employees and field technicians, you might consider this pricing model. By charging per employee or field technician, this pricing model allows you to scale without any complicated pricing adjustments.

This pricing model often comes in a monthly fee but can also occasionally manifest as a yearly fee, in which cases you’ll want to plan ahead for your scaling efforts.

What Types of Businesses Use Field Service Management Software?

If you’re still questioning whether or not your business needs field service management software, it’s probably because you’re not sure if your industry requires this level of process consolidation. However, there are dozens of industries that benefit from installing field service software.

Field service management software comes in to save the day for a lot of industries. Take a look at a few:

Repair and Installation

In addition to quickly and accurately sending out repair and installation technicians, field service management software also allows you to inform them of the repair or installation needs before they even arrive. This makes customer service a breeze, and even keeps employees happy thanks to seamless repairs and installations.

Construction and Landscaping

Creating work orders, scheduling appointments, and managing customer service all require thorough attention to detail and an expedited completion time, particularly when you’re dealing with construction and landscaping. With field service management software, you can fairly distribute work to employees, cutting down on moonlighting, which can be common in the construction industry.


In health industries like social services, being able to mobilize quickly and effectively can make a huge difference in someone’s life. With field service software, you’ll be able to dispatch social workers effectively, while also avoiding costly double bookings and missed appointments.

Motor Services

In tandem with fleet management software, field service management can make sure you’re always fully aware of what your fleet is doing at any given moment. In addition to the swatch of comprehensive data it will provide, it also cuts down on route time with GPS navigation and inventory control.

Who Are the Best Field Service Management Software Providers?

Following the trends of field service software is a great way to help you decide whether to invest for yourself. If you’re finally interested in using a field service management software to improve your business, these are the top suppliers out there:

Jobber Logo Jobber

If you’re new to the process, field service management software can be pretty complicated. Fortunately, Jobber is a customer service-focused platform that not only caters to your clients’ needs, but is also available 24/7 to help you with any hiccups in the system. If you have any trouble, scheduling technicians, management payments, or analyzing reports, their team will be there to guide you every step of the way.

RazorSync Logo RazorSync

If you need to manage lawn care, maid service, plumbing, and other home service professionals on the go, RazorSync is the software for you. With dozens of mobile-optimized features designed to cut back on quoting, scheduling, and invoicing jobs, this field service software will make the daily operations of home service much easier.

mHelpDesk Logo mHelpDesk

There’s no denying mHelpDesk is one of the most complete field service management softwares on the market. Found on nearly every review list on the web, this software provides all the features you need to run your field service business and then some. Cost can get pretty high compared to other softwares, as it exclusively relies on how big your company is, but it’s worth it to get this comprehensive software for your business.

Service Fusion Logo Service Fusion

If speed is imperative in your business, Service Fusion has got what you’re looking for. This software can create estimates and schedule jobs in under a minute, all while tracking equipment and running sales reports. Plus, field service technicians can invoice and collet payment in the field via credit card, cutting down on time even more.

Housecall Pro Logo HouseCall Pro

As a cloud-based field service management software, HouseCall Pro provides the connected user experience you need when dealing with complicated workflow needs. By providing everything you need to run a service business right on your phone, this software is ideal for professionals living the mobile lifestyle. Plus, it’s one of the most popular softwares out there, so you can’t really go wrong with HouseCall Pro.

Field Service Management Software – Summary

Field service management software makes running a business easier. By consolidating important and necessary functions, such software can manage the small details so you can focus on the big picture. The benefits are clear, the features are plentiful, the uses are infinite, and the providers are top-notch.

Like any business decision though, picking the right field service software takes research. Hopefully this guide provided you with everything you need to make the right call for your company. By getting a quote, you can ensure you find a great value software contract, too.

Get started with field service management software today.

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