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Azuga Fleet Tracking Review

January 14, 2019

8:03 am

Azuga fleet management logo
  • Established: 2012
  • HQ: San Jose, CA
  • ELD Compliant
  • Strong safety features
  • Support can be limited
  • Low prices

A solid FMS option distinguished by a great suite of safety features.

Connected vehicle platform company Azuga's flagship service is its fleet tracking solution. The full-stack service offers self-installable hardware and dedicated tablets powered by a software that aims to offer a safer and driver-centric approach to fleet tracking and management. It all comes at a low price, to boot.

  • Serves any size fleet: Covers small, medium, and large
  • Prices are under the FMS industry average
  • Service coverage is international

Azuga also offer high value remote asset tracking in addition to vehicle tracking.

Azuga Fast Facts

Azuga offers a vehicle tracking service that includes the main features found in most fleet management system solutions. Azuga offers both software and hardware that serves any size of business.

Software: The software includes a driver app that all drivers can use to access their vehicle records, safety data, and more, as well as a centralized dashboard that the fleet managers can use to view even more data across the entire fleet.

Hardware: Azuga offers plug-and-play hardware units as well as dedicated, ruggedized eight-inch tablets for drivers to operate their driver app while on the job.

Pricing: Azuga is starts at a little under $0.85 per day per vehicle. As with any great FMS or comprehensive vehicle tracking service, Azuga's solution saves money in a variety of ways, from improved overall customer service to reduced fuel spend from inefficencies or idling to insurance savings. Azuga's pricing can be compared against other industry-leading FMS vendors through this personalized quotes form. For any fleet, no matter how small, Azuga should quickly pay for itself.

Top Features: Azuga's specialty lies in its safety features, which offer a streamlined version of all the benefits found in the typical FMS — safety alerts, event history, vehicle status tracking, driver score cards — and adds a new feature, the ability to award the safest drivers with gift cards. It creates a rewards-based system that, as Azuga puts it, sidesteps the “gotcha” culture and replaces it with a “great job” culture.

Integrations: Azuga offers an entire app marketplace that makes third-party services accessible within Azuga's interface. Some of the most popular options include DashCam, Fleetio, Milsoft, Salesforce, AEMP compliance, Wex, Papco, EFS, and Comdata.

Ease of Use: Azuga's website and software interface are both fairly user-friendly. While their software is not a stand-out example of simple or intuitive design, it will get the job done.

Read on for our review, which lists the core features to expect from Azuga fleet tracking, as well as the customer support options and information on the pricing offered by this fleet management provider.

In this review:

Azuga Pricing

Azuga fleet management software dashboardAzuga doesn't list their price plans or their feature sets on their website. However, they do include a few price explanations: You won't be charged any upfront costs for the hardware units needed, which can be leased. In addition, installation is free, since Azuga's plug-and-play devices can be self-installed easily to a vehicle's OBD-II port.

The most specific detail Azuga offers about their pricing plans: You can expect to pay under $0.85 per day per vehicle — a cost that definitely undercuts most of Azuga's competitors in the FMS industry.

The best way to get an accurate assessment of what an Azuga plan will cost for your own fleet is to contact Azuga for a personalized quote. With a quote in hand, your next move should be to compare it to the industry average quote. Thankfully, that's a simple task: Just fill out’s quick vehicle tracking quote comparison form.

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Azuga Software Core Features


The Azuga FMS tracks drivers' safety scores, updating their rankings in real time. Managers will be able to view driver safety histories and averages, and will receive alert notifications triggered by events including speeding, hard braking, hard acceleration, idling and other safety indicators.

One FMS safety feature completely unique to Azuga: The ability to reward the highest performing drivers with gift cards to locations including Amazon, Walmart and Domino's pizza. If used properly by a dedicated manager, Azuga's safety features have the potential to create an entire fleet culture centered on friendly competition for stronger driver safety — and on the upped insurance and maintenance savings that come with it.

Two-Way Messaging

Drivers can contact managers and vice versa, allowing jobs to be dispatched easily and any changes quickly conveyed. In addition, drivers can message other drivers if needed, or use the mobile app to access forms, such as time cards, mapping tools, and customized form templates.

Regulation Compliance

Through the Azuga driver app, drivers can ensure compliance with all the main FMS regulations: The ELD mandate, digital HOS, DVIR reporting, and IFTA fuel tracking can all be logged and updated easily.


Service reminders for your fleet can be tied to three parameters: Engine hours, mileage, and days. Once set, a custom reminder notification will be triggered at a certain number of days prior to a service date, at a certain number of miles before the mileage exceeds a set number, or at a certain number of hours before the engine hours exceed a set number. Or whichever comes first of any combination of the three parameters.

It doesn't need to come to notifications though, of course: A Maintenance Dashboard gives managers a snapshot view of all upcoming or overdue service needs. All service histories are tracked, and can be compiled into reports.

Azuga Hardware: GPS OBD-II Device

azuga gps tracker obd port fleet tracking device

Azuga sells a plug-and-play GPS device that can be installed into a vehicle's standard OBD-II port within seconds. The Azuga device is very compact, at just two inches wide and 1.1 ounces in weight. It has an internal antennae and can remain safely in operation at any temperature between -40º C and +85º C. It's a simple and reliable hardware unit that will work in sync with Azuga's software to help managers track their entire fleet in near real-time.

Azuga e-Logs for ELD Mandate Compliance

The Azuga e-Logs software helps fleet stay in compliance with the ELD mandate, a recent U.S. labor regulation that applies to almost all commercial motor vehicles in the nation.

With the software Drivers can easily log their hours of service in an app, which automatically completes their DVIR to make sure they stay ELD compliant. As a result, the fleet stays in compliance at all times and duty statuses are always accurate, while office administrators can follow along thanks to the reports generated by the software. Paperwork is kept to a minimum, but all the data is easy to find when you need it.

Azuga e-Logs can be used separately or easily paired with the Azuga Fleet Tracking software.

Video: More About Azuga eLogs

Watch this three-and-a-half-minute clip for a look at Azuga's software and hardware from the driver's perspective. It's useful both to give you a picture of what the software looks like in action, as well as to offer more detail behind how Azuga's eLogs can help guide drivers through their daily data logging process and ensure they stay in compliance with all regulations.

Azuga Set Up and Customer Support

Resources to help guide users can be viewed or downloaded on the Azuga website: Product information datasheets and videos are available as well as a host of customer success stories. More explainers and webinars are hosted on Azuga's YouTube page.

helpdesk is available to Azuga subscribers, who can use the platform to either submit a support ticket for their specific problem or check the online FAQ database to see if a solution to their issue is already available. Azuga's support team can also be reached over the phone between normal working hours.

Azuga's hardware units are easy to install: Managers can simply plug them into each vehicle's OBD-II port in a process that should take just 30 seconds from start to finish.

Support & Training

Support options

  • Phone: 1-888-790-0715
  • Phone hours: 9 am – 5 pm, EST
  • Online support ticket

Training options

  • Product Guides
  • Webinars
  • FAQ

Azuga Asset Tracking

With the Azuga asset tracking feature, fleet managers can add all their assets to the same dashboard they view their fleet on, consolidating all the business assets that need their attention.

Powered assets can be tracked with rechargeable devices, which run six months on a single charge, while non-powered assets can be tracked with Azuga's five-year-battery-powered asset tracking hardware.

The Verdict

Azuga's abilities and service are solid, with a few features that stand out above the rest and a cost-effective price for everything. Phone support hours are not 24/7, but live chat and email options can supplement. Azuga is a recommended FMS, and should prove particularly useful for fleet managers with a strong focus on safety, given Azuga's unique gamification approach to driver safety standards.

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