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Best Fleet Management Software – 2019 Comparison

May 20, 2019

4:10 am

Finding the best fleet management software is a daunting task. Not only are there dozens of options, but each one comes with a ton of different features, hardware accessories, and its own website touting its benefits.

So how best can you compare all the options and prices available in order to find out which one’s right for you? The good news is that you don’t have to. We’ve done the research for you, and this article will sum up the best FMS companies available in 2019. In our view, the best fleet management software provider is Verizon Connect – this is a robust, widely trusted system with an intuitive interface and a strong support team.

Of course, choosing an FMS with additional features, a responsive customer support team and a cost-effective subscription fee can all have a big impact on your fleet operation’s bottom line. To maximize return on investment, the best thing you can do is compare a few tailor-made quotes for fleet management costs – you can use our simple fleet management quotes form to do this in moments.

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Best Fleet Management Software Providers

If you're after a fleet management software provider, our top choice is Verizon Connect, closely followed by Samsara. These are two of the most widely trusted fleet management solutions, with powerful software features and excellent hardware devices.

In the end, most fleet managers are looking for the same traits. They need a reliable system for dispatching drivers, tracking each vehicle’s fuel use and location in real time, and logging the hours of service needed in order to comply with the ELD mandate.

Verizon Connect may be our top choice, but it's not the only game in town. Below, we compare it to the other top brands in the market.

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 Verizon ConnectSamsaraTeletrac NavmanUS Fleet TrackingFleetio
Verizon Connect route planning logoSamsara route planning logoTeletrac Navman logoUS Fleet Tracking logoFleetio route planning logo
Price fromGet Verizon Connect QuotesGet Samsara QuotesGet Teletrac Navman QuotesGet US Fleet Tracking QuotesGet Fleetio Quotes
Fleet Size5+5+5+No minimum10+
ELD CompliantX
HardwareIncluded, and installed for freeIncluded, not installedIncluded, not installedCosts extraNo hardware component
Live GPS TrackingNear real-timeReal-timeReal-timeUpdates as often as every 5 secondsDepends on third-party GPS hardware
Reporting and analytics
Intuitive User InterfaceXX
Fuel trackingDepends on device
Alerts for unsafe and inefficient driving behaviorX
Stand out features include:- International coverage
- Driver coaching tools and leaderboard
- Automated maintenance alerts
- Work order delivery
- Unauthorized break or detour tracking
- Dynamic routing can be updated in real time
- In-depth vehicle diagnostics
- Heat map of routes taken
- Real-time vehicle diagnostics dashboard
- Paperless DVIRs
- Wide range of industry-specific solutions
- Driver scorecards
- Easily streamline fuel tax data
and reports
- Dynamic dashboards with custom KPIs
- Vehicle inspection reports
- In-cab coaching tablet for drivers
- Hardware installation is simple and easy
- Useful online technical documents and videos

- Detailed maintenance management
- Fuel tracking shows
fuel economy, per-mile cost and total costs
Mobile App Rating
(Based on iOS and Android users)
Phone and email supportM-F: 7am–8pm ESTM-F: 24hr
Sa-Su: 8am–5pm PST
M-F: 5am–6pm PST
Sa: 6am–3pm PST
M-F: 7am–7pm CT
Sa: 9am–4pm CT
M-F: 7am–8pm EST
Free Trial or DemoFree online demo30-day free trial- hardware and softwareFree online demoFree live demo14-day free trial- software
Per-month pricing from:$40/vehicle$45/vehicle$45/vehicle$30/vehicle$5/vehicle
Minimum Contract Length:3 years1 year3 yearsMonthly rolling plansMonthly rolling plans

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Fleet Management Software Reviews

We've picked out the top five vendors in the fleet management sector and reviewed each, picking out their top features, the quality of their support team, and their plans and pricing, as well as any hardware items they offer and complimentary services they include, such as asset tracking or field service management software.

You can click the brand names below to jump to each mini review in this guide, or just keep scrolling down to see all of them.

  1. Verizon Connect – the best overall fleet management software brand
  2. Samsara – a close second, Samsara has outstanding software for fleet tracking
  3. Teletrac Navman – a cost-effective fleet management software solution
  4. US Fleet Tracking – with powerful live-updates, this is a smart tracking tool to choose
  5. Fleetio – simple to use and effective, Fleetio is well worth considering

Verizon Connect route planning logo 1. Verizon Connect

Best overall fleet management software

At the top of the list is Verizon Connect, which offers an FMS packed with as many features as any manager will need, wrapped up in a user-friendly interface that won’t require a learning curve. Three different telemetrics platforms (Verizon Networkfleet, Fleetmatics and Telogis) merged to create this company, giving them plenty of experience and making them the largest company on this list, with offices around the globe. Their FMS combines a central dashboard software with in-vehicle tracking hardware.

Verizon Connect hits the trifecta for a high-quality FMS: They offer strong customer service (covering more than 122,000 customer distress calls in 2017 alone), their product is easy to use, and it offers a large variety of features. Top benefits include fuel efficiency, increased productivity, engine diagnostics, safety alerts, and IFTA, DVIR, and ELD compliance.


  • Good customer service
  • Easy to understand design
  • Feature rich


  • Learning curve can be tough
  • Some features can be finicky

Samsara route planning logo 2. Samsara

Best fleet management software for depth of features

Established in 2015, Samsara serves wireless software solutions to a broad variety of industrial vehicles, from school buses to refrigerated units. In addition to the software, their FMS includes plug-and-play tracking units with a one-year warranty.

Samsara's FMS covers all of the core features you'd expect (driver safety, fuel tracking, routing and dispatch, asset tracking) and it benefits from a simple installation process paired with strong support and training options. The interface is simple and compact: Once logged into the software, a fleet manager will see a dashboard displaying a map of all the fleet vehicles in real time, with a left-hand list of vehicle diagnostics covering data such as engine speed, fuel rate or ambient air temperature. Prices are average, and the ease of use is a big draw.


  • Intuitive interface
  • Strong feature set
  • Fast customer service


  • Can disconnect if phone signal is low
  • Prices are just okay

Teletrac Navman logo 3. Teletrac Navman

Best fleet management software for cost-efficiency

This company, after a merger between Teletrac, Inc./Navman Wireless, is one of the largest FMS vendors in the world, known for their cloud-based GPS fleet tracking software product, “Director.” Paired with hardware units inside the fleet’s vehicles, Director’s central dashboard displays each vehicle’s location and status in real time. Service coverage extends to the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the U.K., Australia and New Zealand.

Director is a great choice for cost-efficiency: It offers a comprehensive array of core features that should satisfy the large majority of commercial fleet operators, but at a price below the industry average. Features include GPS fleet tracking, two-way messaging, safety alerts, ELD compliance, and vehicle diagnostics covering fuel use, idling times, and drive goal tracking.


  • Low pricing
  • Comprehensive features
  • Good customer service


  • Bad weather can affect satellite signal
  • Interface can be complicated to learn

US Fleet Tracking logo 4. US Fleet Tracking

A fleet management solution that gives powerful real-time updates

US Fleet Tracking sells GPS trackers, not a traditional fleet management system. As a result, they’re not as comprehensive as the FMSs we’ve described earlier in this comparison article. However, they offer more features than the standard GPS tracking system and are a serious contender as an alternative option. Their products are used in 150 countries internationally.

US Fleet Tracking’s raft of GPS solutions all boast one big selling point: fleet data and alerts that update live every 5 or 10 seconds, depending on the service package. Fleet managers can rest assured that they know where every asset is at all times, not just after the fact. Features include historical playback (letting managers review fleet movements for up to 90 days in the past), limited dispatch functionality, one-way messaging, ELD compliance and email or text alerts for routing, geofencing, and driving incidents.


  • Fast GPS data
  • Easy to use
  • Historical data


  • Limited features
  • Not a full FMS

Fleetio route planning logo 5. Fleetio

A simple fleet management tool that's great at keeping things simple

Unlike every other FMS on this list, Fleetio only offers software solutions, with no hardware component, although you can integrate a GPS tracker from one of their telematics partners if you wish. In terms of products, Fleetio keeps it simple, with just one GPS tracking system, “Drive,” and one FMS, “Manage,” both of which are updated frequently.

Fleetio’s interface is sleek, intuitive, and mobile-friendly, and its online customer support and training options are comprehensive. Drivers can communicate with operators and can track their on-duty hours with free mobile apps from Fleetio. Features include trip tracking and history, geofencing, asset management, parts and inventory options, and manual fuel tracking. Granted, some functionality is limited — notably, Fleetio is not ELD compatible, though Manage can be integrated with certain third-party ELD devices. However, what Fleetio does, it does well. Fleet managers without extensive needs will enjoy the price tag that comes with Fleetio’s service plans.


  • Moderately comprehensive
  • Cost-effective
  • Intuitive interface


  • Limited functionality
  • Not ELD compatible

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Fleet Management Software FAQs

GPS tracking vs. Fleet Management

GPS tracking services primarily track the locations of the vehicles in a fleet, while fleet management software offers an array of features, usually including ELD compliance, with the main goal of giving a fleet manager as much knowledge and power to run their business as possible.

In other words, GPS tracking is a subset of fleet management. Any FMS should be able to track vehicle location.

FMS and ELD Compliance

An ELD, or electronic logging device, is a device with which all U.S. commercial motor vehicle drivers must record their hours of service, as required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

There are a few stipulations, for example organizations using non-ELD automatic on-board recording devices are being grandfathered in, and have until December 16, 2019 to switch to ELDs. You can read more about the guidelines and consequences for noncompliance in our full ELD mandate guide.

Not all FMSs are ELD compliant, but following the recent requirement that all HOS must be recorded through ELDs, most fleet management software vendors have made sure their service offers the option. Still, you should make sure your FMS has ELD compliance covered before you commit to it.

FMS Pricing

Costs vary. Basic FMS service plans will likely cost between $3-$25 per vehicle per month, while advanced FMS plans might cost $30-$50 per vehicle per month. Some factors that might affect your quotes include the size of your fleet, the features you require, and whether the vendor requires you to supply additional hardware — you might need to buy tablets for each of your drivers if the FMS vendor doesn’t supply them.

Additional cost-impacting choices include whether to license or own your hardware devices and whether to buy the cheaper plug-and-play devices or to spring for the hardwired units that must be installed. For more detail, check out this article exploring FMS costs, and fill out this quick form for a selection of custom quotes from the top fleet management software companies.

Properly used, an FMS should pay for itself, as fuel use, harsh driving incidents, and unneeded overtime can all be reduced more easily once they’re being tracked 24/7.

How many vehicles can I track?

Fleets of 5 vehicles can benefit from an FMS as much as those with thousands of vehicles. Some fleet management software vendors can serve larger fleets than others though. If an FMS provider is equipped with a large enough team of developers and customer service specialists, it can serve fleets of thousands of vehicles. Each of Tech.Co’s fleet management software reviews outlines the fleet size that provider can cover.

What kinds of vehicles can be tracked?

An FMS is designed to track standard vehicles, like cars, vans and trucks, but some providers also offer additional asset tracking software for managers to track other kinds of valuables. These might be unmoving, such as warehouses or sensitive equipment, or might require additional data tracking, such as refrigerated units which must be kept below a certain temperature. Tech.Co offers price comparison services for both fleet management Software and asset tracking software. Make sure to ask what features might be available for your particular vehicles or assets when making an enquiry.

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