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Omnitracs ELD-Compliant Fleet Management – 2019 Review

August 24, 2018

12:47 pm

omnitracs logo
  • Established: 2005

  • HQ: Dallas, Texas
  • ELD Compliant
  • Broad variety of features
  • Online support 24/7
  • Quick installation

  • Favorited by food service distribution fleets

A solid service, but with no stand-out qualities.

Omnitracs delivers SaaS fleet management solutions. Established in 1988, Omnitracs has an impressive heritage: It was founded by the massive telecommunications company Qualcomm, and has seen strong growth in the decades since.

Today, it serves more than 12,000 fleet clients and well over a million assets across more than 70 countries internationally.

  • Serves any size fleet: Covers small, medium, and large
  • Prices are around the FMS industry average
  • Service coverage is international

Due to the 30 years of growth in Omnitrac’s history, they’ve seen plenty of acquisitions. As a result, their FMS and fleet tracking products and services can be a little confusing, since they have folded platforms into their portfolio that may have originated with other companies and must continue to be supported.

To make the fleet management systems easier to understand, we have broken this review down into the three main platforms that Omnitracs offers: Omnitracs Routing, Dispatching, and Compliance; Omnitracs XRS; and Omnitracs IVG. Each platform can be accessed by individual drivers through a mobile app on a phone or tablet, and also offers a centralized dashboard that fleet managers can use to track and control all available information. Pricing varies depending on the platform and features needed, although interested parties can get personalized quotes through's quick quote collection form.

In addition to the basic features each platform offers, fleet managers can buy a plan that adds further features they may need. These features can allow for deeper, more comprehensive fleet management (for example, fuel tracking or driving habits) or can be personalized to better protect specific assets (for example, tracking when trailer doors are opened and shut). Our review covers the most important of these additional features.

In this guide:

Omnitracs RDC: Core Features

A lane departure incident on Omnitracs dashboard

Omnitracs Routing, Dispatching, and Compliance, or RDC, is a mouthful of a service that offers the basic features needed to run a fleet. It’s streamlined: Just one mobile device per driver collects all data into a single backend dashboard for a fleet manager.

The company calls this “an industry first” on their site, which may well be true, but the selection of features available in the basic package is more barebones than cutting edge. Still, it’s a no-frills FMS in a compact interface, and Omnitracs offers plenty of extra features that can be added to the service.


Vehicles in any customer service industry, from food service to plumbing, can benefit from route optimization software, which plans out the most time-effective route that can keep the most clients satisfied. With RDC’s dynamic, tactical routing management software, managers can plan out the day’s routes quickly and easily.  


RDC’s trip management software lets managers view their fleet in real time, allowing them to make updates and course-correct for unexpected changes across the day in addition to simply planning the routes in the morning.

This up-to-the-minute location tracking doesn’t just help managers: It also allows drivers to see all their destinations for the day through an app on their mobile device of choice. Drivers can also message operators, record client information including proof-of-delivery signatures, and other workflow activities.


Recording hours of service (HOS) is essential for any modern FMS, given the US government’s decree that all commercial vehicle drivers in the nation must record their HOS through an electronic logging device or ELD. Omnitracs RDC is ELD-compliant.

Driver vehicle inspection reports, or DVIRs, can be recorded through RDC as well, and can be accessed by drivers through their mobile device at any time, ensuring drivers can easily pass a roadside inspection. Finally, keeping tabs on the IFTA fuel tax is also a cinch with RDC, which logs both distances travelled and fuel receipts, sorting them by jurisdiction.

Omnitracs XRS — Mobile Management

This platform requires a palm-sized plug-and-play device in each vehicle. The XRS app then lets drivers communicate and fleet operators stay aware of their fleet’s movements. Auto-recorded data covers HOS, IFTA, and DVIR, making XRS users compliant with all industry requirements.

Additional features range from fuel tracking to tire pressure alerts, but will need to be bought through a boutique, fleet-specific package through Omnitracs: Scroll down to our “additional features” section for more information.

Note: XRS users in need of assistance will need to call a different support line than clients of other Omnitracs services. The full list of support phone lines and email addresses is available online here.

Omnitracs IVG — ELD Compliance


Omnictracs IVG Nav Display Fleet Management

The Intelligent Vehicle Gateway (IVG) platform is focused on compliance. Unlike RDC and XRS, the needed device must be hardwired into a vehicle, but this means it can log engine data that would otherwise be impossible to automatically record. This data can then be used to comply with all industry regulations: ELD-recorded HOS, DVIRs, and IFTA fuel management.

Thanks to a real-time navigation display, the device allows driver to easily track their compliance and their location on the go. Each driver can log in, set their status to “active,” and be ready for a day’s work.

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Omnitracs RDC Video Demo

Often the best way to get your head around new software is to see it in action. This video demonstrates all the core features of Omnitracs Routing, Dispatch and Compliance, including trip management, operation summaries, and Hours of Service and DVIR compliance. It also shows how you can improve customer satisfaction using functions such as using real-time reporting to act on incidents fast, and convenient electronic sign offs.

Additional Features

Omnitracs offers technical modules covering a broad variety of features that don’t fall under the core FMS features found in their RDC package. The features listed below can be found on Omnitracs’ products page, which explains whether each feature is supported on the IVG platform, the XRS platform, or both.

  • Navigation Integration — uses predictive modeling services to offer route optimization that improves with time
  • Exact Fuel Integration — records relevant backend data to ensure fuel records are exact
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring — tracks and sends alerts when tire pressure dips below a certain threshold
  • Trailer Tracking Information Alert — tracks and sends alerts when trailer doors are opened, and when cargo is loaded or unloaded
  • Critical Event Reporting — tracks and sends alerts for harsh driving instances, from  harsh braking to lane departures

This list isn’t comprehensive, and a fleet’s needs can vary. A fleet manager interested in Omnitracs raft of solutions may be best served by requesting a demo or filling out TechCo’s quote form for a quick way to compare a personalized Omnitrac quote with that of other FMS providers.

Omnitracs Set Up and Customer Support

Set up times change depending both on the hardware devices needed for the Omnitracs service and on the make and model of fleet vehicles, but none should take longer than 30 minutes per vehicle.

Omnitracs' support team is available at different phone numbers, depending on whether you need help with their enterprise services, Omnitracs XRS, or other services. You can find a full list of their phone and email support accounts over here.

Free trials are available for all the systems and devices mentioned in this review. The company also offers a vast range of online papers and informative videos. You can visit Omnitracs’ resource page here.

Support & Training

Support options

Training options

  • Videos
  • Case Studies
  • Documentation
  • Infographics

Omnitracs Plans and Pricing

Plans vary depending on which Omnitracs platform a fleet opts for (RDC, XRS, or IVG), and which additional features will best serve the fleet. As a result, the most accurate way to find a price is to find a personalized quote either by contacting the company directly or using TechCo’s one-minute quote form.

A free demo of any plan is available to interested customers who complete an online form that can be found here.

The Verdict

Omnitracs' 30-year history of high-quality FMS and tracking services is still holding up and their RDC service offers the staples of fleet management systems. Additional features available though the XRS and IVG platforms can cover any other needs a fleet may have. The services offered may not include any unneeded bells or whistles, but they are not outdated, either.

Cost matters, too: See how Omnitracs Fleet Tracking compares
to other leading vehicle tracking providers.

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