Atlanta Is the Best City for Digital Nomads, Report Shows 

Portland, OR and Austin, TX follow close behind the nation's frontrunner, with New York trailing behind at #94.

Looking to relocate your home office? Well, the results are in. Atlanta Georgia has been named the best urban area for digital nomads, thanks to its affordable rent, impressive internet speed, and close proximity to national treasures like the Great Smoky Mountains.

If it’s West coast living you’re after, Portland, Oregon narrowly missed out on stealing the top spot due to its abundance of recreational areas, while Seattle, Washington landed in fourth position. 

As remote solutions like web conferencing software make remote working easier than ever, the digital nomad scene is exploding in popularity. So, whether you’re a seasoned van lifer or a nomad newbie, these are the top cities to move to in 2023.

Atlanta Georgia is the Best City for Remote Workers

Digital nomads are remote workers that aren’t bound to a fixed location. While the concept has been around since the 1980s, the practice has grown at a breakneck speed in recent years thanks to the rapid adoption of workplace tech and the global WFH experiment kickstarted by Covid-19.

However, all cities aren’t created equally. While some provide digital nomads with everything they need to thrive including ample coffee shops and an affordable cost of living some urban areas simply don’t cut the mustard. 

Luckily, have researched most major urban areas in the US and determined that Atlanta, Georgia is currently the most livable city for remote workers

But why is Atlanta such a great city to work in? Well, according to, this decision was based on a number of factors including the southern city’s rock-bottom average monthly rent ($1.94 per square foot), its relatively high percentage of remote jobs (3.26%), and its impressive internet speeds. 

The site also cites Atlanta’s temperate weather, its assortment of over 115 state recreational areas, and its close proximity to the Smokey Mountains one of the US’s most esteemed natural treasures. 

Not sold on moving to the big peach? Other notable mentions include Portland OR, which was ranked in second place due to its vibrant city culture and competitive internet speeds, Austin TX, which boats affordable rents and a nearby airport, and Seattle which is already home to some of the biggest companies in the world.

If you’re looking to work from home, check out our list of remote-friendly companies.

Portland, Maine Lands at the Bottom of the List

But which urban areas should digital nomads avoid? According to the expert’s findings, remote workers should probably think twice before jetting to Myrtle Beach, Urban Honolulu HI, and Portland ME, which ranked 98th, 99th, and 100th respectively. 

Somewhat unsurprisingly, New York city also appeared very low down on the list at number 94, prominently due to its sky-high rental average of $6.39 per square foot, and lengthy distance away from its nearest national park, Shenandoah.  

Whether you’re looking to save a buck by dodging lofty rents in cities like New York and San Francisco, or you’re enticed by the freedom that nomadism can afford you, there is an abundance of reasons to ditch the rush hour commute for the open road. 

Working from anywhere wouldn’t be possible without the right software solutions though. So,  check out our guide to the best web conferencing apps if you’re looking to collaborate without limits.


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