Blogs Are Better Than Press Releases For Startups

Startups make for great stories. And in the business world, a story can go a long way in selling a product. It’s undeniable that blogging is the best way to get a startup story told, considering the audience reading blogs have a finely tuned sensor ready to detect your B.S while engaging in your company. This amount of attention can only be a good thing for a company looking to get its feet in the door.

Your company needs the virtual real estate created by back linking and sharing blog posts. This will help you figure out how you can blog about your startup, have a valid and coherent story, and not come off sounding like you’re publishing a barrage of pointless press releases about your awesomeness. The truth lies in your voice and perception around the word press release.

Startups Need The Right Voice

Press releases excel at saying as much as possible without really saying anything. Create the tone and tempo for  your startup with a blog. Pay particular attention to the last section of the post. Use your blog to gather feedback and interact. “Isn’t social media used for that?” No. Social media is for getting someone to notice you and drive traffic to your site where you can convert their interest into an email address, provide information about upcoming product launch, or simply introducing your idea to the world.

Social media is a minefield for startups. Blogging is more intimate and personal. Getting a reader away from the barrage of tweets and rolling tide of their Facebook feed is best. Startups can use blogs to explain their story and create a connection. When the traffic comes to your site, for the love of all startup culture, be honest and authentic.

Blogs Create An Authentic Connection

People want an honest and authentic story, and press releases just don’t create that. Startups rely on their social media interns and PR companies to create the coveted organic reach by stuffing links into everything. Smart people know you’re desperate and ignore everything you say.

Startups using press releases to verify their awesomeness and wind up sounding like every other unbelievable business story. Press releases toss around useless platitudes and vague math. It’s great to make a splash with a great story. Everyone loves the underdog and the one-in-a-million success story. Chances are your startup isn’t that story so don’t set yourself up to fail.

Tell Your Story With Humor

Press releases come across as monolithic and boring. Oscar Wilde said if you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they’ll kill you. This means using your blog to understand your audience and empathize with them. Shared humor creates empathy and understanding. Humor also alleviates stress and boosts morale. Startups must hold true to their core values and mission while not creating an insular tribe of “Us vs. Them.”

Keep in mind the best stories begin with a shared experience. Sharing a laugh with a friend creates a bond difficult to break. Readers will start snarky and unsure of the message. Acknowledge the sentiment and stay consistent. Try not to take things personally. You will win over your audience in the end.

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