7 Best Companies Hiring ‘Work From Anywhere’ Remote Jobs Now

Some remote jobs aren't quite as flexible as they seem, but these companies will let you work from anywhere right now.

While plenty of companies are still offering fully remote job roles, some come with the caveat that you need to be physically located in a certain region or within reach of an office.

At the very least, many remote jobs are tied to working in a specific country, as teams working across multiple time zones presents nearly as many logistical challenges as implementing a 4-day workweek.

This all highlights the subtle but important difference between working remotely and working from anywhere, with the latter being the ultra-flexible new way of working that allows you to literally work wherever you want in the world.

Of course, finding an employer that’s cool with you working from Mexico one month and Vietnam the next isn’t as simple as just hopping on LinkedIn. Only a handful of companies genuinely offer work from anywhere policies as a perk, which is why we’re here to help you discover the very best.

Best Companies with Work From Anywhere Policies in 2024

  1. Airbnb
  2. Atlassian
  3. Buffer
  4. Automattic
  5. Deel
  6. TestGorilla
  7. Zapier

1. Airbnb

As you might hope for a company actively encouraging people to travel to new and exotic locales on a regular basis, Airbnb is a staunch supporter of working from anywhere.

Its own work from anywhere policy allows employees to work anywhere in the country their job is “based” out of for compensation and tax purposes, but more enticingly from practically anywhere in the world for up to 90 days a year.

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Some 170 countries are supported under the initiative, though it’s worth noting that WFA arrangements do have to be line manager approved. However, it’s such a big part of the company’s PR schtick that we imagine refusals are rare.

Check out all of the jobs currently being hired for by Airbnb on its careers website, where there were over 130 vacancies waiting to be filled at the time of writing.

Example Job Listing: Senior Manager, Technical Education

Avg. Salary (~): $180,000 (Software Engineer, via Indeed.com)

2. Atlassian

Atlassian may have grown from a startup unicorn to multinational, publicly traded software company over the years, but its grassroots ethos remains strong.

The Jira, Confluence and Trello developer proudly boasts of its Team Anywhere “distributed” workstyle, which in practice means workers can choose to work from (and move between) any of the 13 countries where it’s set up as a legal entity.

In addition, Atlassian staff can work away from their “home base” for a set amount of time each year, so it offers a huge amount of flexibility and is a great landing spot for those hunting for digital nomad jobs.

As of March 2024, it’s hiring for over 250 roles, with engineers and sales reps in particularly high demand. You’ll find all of its current vacancies on its jobs page.

Example Job Listing: Machine Learning Engineer

Avg. Annual Salary (~): $145k (Software Engineer, via Indeed.com

3. Buffer

Social media management tool Buffer has a small but highly flexible workforce. In fact, it boldly states that not only you can “take off to Bali or Gran Canaria for a few weeks and work from there” but that it’s a “regular occurrence” at the company.

The only downside we can see is that, as a team of under 100, Buffer isn’t currently hiring for as many positions as some of its larger rivals.

That said, this month there are a handful of jobs for you to check out. It’s especially worth heading over to the Buffer job site if you’re a software engineer, as 75% of its current vacancies are for such roles.

Example Job Listing: Senior iOS Engineer

Avg. Annual Salary (~): Buffer actually publishes all of its salaries. Most are in the $100k+ bracket.

4. Automattic

Automattic is best known as the developer of ubiquitous CMS platform WordPress – and it operates a bit differently from other companies in this guide.

For one, it doesn’t actually advertise active roles it’s hiring for, but rather encourages you to express your interest in working for the company in your area of expertise. It’s got forms covering engineering, finance, design and many more departments.

Like other entrants it says that “everyone works from the location you choose” though it has the added perk of encouraging staff to travel regularly for various types of company Meetups, ranging from the entire organization to individual teams.

This means that Automattic teams have co-worked together “from Las Vegas to Lisbon, Montréal to Mexico City” and many more exciting destinations. To our eye, Automattic goes beyond just allowing WFA, it actively encourages it.

Head over its Work With Us page to learn more and see if your resume can catch a manager’s eye. If you think your CV could do with jazzing up, there are some quality AI resume builders that might be able to help.

Example Job Listing: Executive Operations

Avg. Annual Salary (~): $170k (Platform Engineer, via Indeed.com)

5. Deel

Deel is responsible for some of the best HR software around and its Work From Wherever policy is one reason it has such a strong understanding of the global hiring landscape.

Founded and based out of San Francisco, Deel’s workforce of around 2,200 employees is spread across 88 countries “and counting” as part of the company’s commitment to “work without borders.”

Best of all if you’re reading our guide, that workforce is expanding in a big way in 2024, with more than 200 jobs currently being hired for by Deel. Jobs are loosely “based” out of regions, but we’ve scarcely seen a more diverse listings page than Deel’s, which covers everywhere from Canada to Cambodia.

Head over its jobs website to learn more and apply.

Example Job Listing: Database Administrator

Avg. Annual Salary (~): $140k (via Salary.com)

6. TestGorilla

TestGorilla is a hiring and talent assessment platform that currently employs over 150 people spread across more than 40 countries.

It’s one of the smaller outfits in our guide to the best companies with Work From Anywhere policies, but nevertheless there are currently eight vacancies for you to join the party.

Whether your skillset makes you a candidate to be its new Chief of Staff or work as an SEO Specialist, you’ll find all you need to know about applying to work at TestGorilla over at its careers website.

Unfortunately, a quick look at some of the TestGorilla salary information out there suggests it’s at the lower end of the companies covered here, likely due to the modest size of the current operation.

Example Job Listing: Senior Backend Engineer

Avg. annual salary: $48k (Business Development Representative, via Indeed.com)

7. Zapier

Automation software specialist Zapier is responsible for facilitating slick integrations between popular products, ranging from (and as diverse as) Dropbox and PayPal to HubSpot and Salesforce.

The company and its employees currently represent over 18 different time zones, which is frankly more than we knew existed. Our ignorance aside, its 100% distributed working model that allows working from anywhere you’re likely to want to work from.

An annual company retreat helps people get to know each other better in the flesh, as does a flexible annual leave policy that sees most employees take off 4-6 weeks for personal time each year.

Head over to the Zapier jobs page to learn more and see the roles it’s currently hiring for, which stood at 14 at the time of this article’s publication.

Example Job Listing: Strategic Financial Analyst

Avg. annual salary: $54k (Senior Product Designer, via Indeed.com)

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