Companies That Offer Paid Menstrual Leave in 2024

Working on your period can be a pain, but finding a company with women-friendly policies doesn't have to be.

From 4-day workweeks and liberal work-from-anywhere policies, businesses in 2024 are finally acquiescing to demands for greater flexibility. However, while many companies are beginning to take worker well-being seriously, one major perk remains frequently overlooked – paid menstrual leave.

For many workers – especially those with conditions like endometriosis or polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) – period pain can be debilitating, with almost half of American women being forced to take time off work to deal with symptoms. Despite this, and benefits like menopausal leave garnering more public support, the US is famously behind countries like Spain when it comes to enshrining the policy into law.

If you’re after a company with female-friendly workplace policies, we’ve rounded up the companies that currently offer the perk, both in the US and abroad. We also comment on why it’s important for employers to offer the perk, in an employment landscape that is still plagued with gender imbalances.

7 Companies that offer menstrual leave:

  1. Zomato
  2. Nuvento
  3. Chani
  4. Modibodi
  5. Future Super
  6. Swiggy
  7. Victorian Women’s Trust

What Is Menstrual Leave?

Menstrual leave allows employees to take time off work when period symptoms like cramps, nausea, and dizziness become debilitating.

For many workers, menstrual symptoms make carrying out simple daily tasks difficult. This policy allows affected individuals to recover on their own time, without forcing them to deplete their annual leave. Whilst details will vary from company to company, most workspaces that offer the female-friendly policy will allow workers to claim around three days of menstrual leave per month.

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By taking issues felt by menstruating cis female and transgender workers seriously, menstrual leave helps to break down social stigmas that still permeate workforces in 2024. Offering the perk can also improve a company’s hiring potential, as the power balance in the employment market continues to shift in favor of candidates.

Last year, Spain became the first European country to give menstruating workers the right to paid menstrual leave, joining the ranks of nations with similar legislation like South Korea, Zambia, and Indonesia. But rest assured, you can still access the benefit if you work outside of these countries, as long as you apply for one of the companies below.

7 Companies That Offer Menstrual Leave in 2024

Whether you suffer from conditions like endometriosis or polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), or simply want to work for a company that’s sympathetic to women’s issues, here are some companies that offer the perk in 2024:

1. Zomato

In an effort to challenge taboos around menstruation in India, Gurugram-based food delivery company Zomato rolled out the policy in 2020. Zomato gives employees up to 10 days of period leave a year and encourages staff to use the perk freely, with the company’s chief executive telling the workforce “There shouldn’t be any shame or stigma attached to applying for a period leave.”

Despite religious and cultural stigmas around menstruation in India, Zomato’s policy change was praised by several women’s rights activists within the country and internationally.

2. Nuvento

Global software company Nuvento also began offering menstrual leave in 2022, making it one of only a handful of US companies to embrace the perk. Company employees are entitled to a liberal 12 days of period leave a year. According to a social media post from the company, the policy was introduced so women could get “rest during the tough days” and “return to their work with total potential to perform.”

According to the Washington Post, the change has been welcomed by employees with open arms, with a digital content manager telling the publication workers “feel heard, and more comfortable” since the policy was put into place.

3. Chani

Another company that takes periods seriously is Chani – an astrology app based in Los Angeles. The company, which champions queer and feminist values, first rolled out the benefit in 2022. Unlike many other companies on this list, Chani doesn’t cap its amount of leave, with company employees entitled to take unlimited time off to recover from PMS symptoms.

The policy features a lax approval process and is wildly popular with staffers, with 60% of workers already using the policy within its first year.

4. Modibodi

In a decision that’s very on-brand for the company, Australian period underwear company Modibodi introduced paid menstural leave in 2021. The benefit was rolled out alongside a raft of other women-focused policies, including paid menopause and miscarriage leave. Modibodi employees can access 10 days of leave a year if the symptoms of these conditions interfere with their ability to work.

Speaking on the issue, the company founder and chief executive explains “It’s important for us to break the stigma that periods are shameful, embarrassing, or something to be secretive about.”

5. Future Super

Future Super is another Australian company to embrace period leave. The retail superannuation company launched what they describe as “A bloody good policy” in 2021. Like Modibodi, the arrangement is action is also open to employees experiencing menopausal symptoms.

The policy has been recognized within the banking and financial service industries too, with Future Super being awarded as one of Future Review Boss’s best places to work in 2022.

6. Swiggy

Indian online food delivery company Swiggy also welcomed the policy back in 2021. The company’s “no questions asked” policy allows workers to take off two days a month for period-related symptoms, with the action taking into account the discomforts felt by menstruating delivery drivers when they’re working on the road. The policy was unveiled as part of Swiggy’s winder strategy to take female-focused workplace issues seriously.

7. Victorian Women’s Trust

Gender equality advocacy group Victorian Women’s Trust began practicing what they were preaching in 2017. The Australian charity offers 12 days a year to workers experiencing debilitating period symptoms and also makes allowances for employees experiencing challenges associated with menopause.

According to the group Executive Director Mary Crooks, the policy has been a hit so far, with Crooks explaining it has been positively received among employees without “disruption or dislocation.”

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