Menopause Leave Named Most Wanted Work Perk in 2023

A study has revealed that mental health, personal care and 4-day work weeks are high on most workers lists of demands.

Employee expectations have grown over recent years and companies have had to up their game in terms of benefits packages in order to attract and retain top talent. 

A recent survey has uncovered the most wanted perks at work, and it’s not free breakfasts or longer lunch hours, but more of an emphasis on mental health and wellbeing.

This comes in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic which was thought to have instigated The Great Resignation, when employees quit their jobs en masse starting in early 2021. It’s thought that due to the pandemic people became more alert to work-life-balance, mental health issues and the growing cost of living paired with wage stagnation, and quit in search of more favorable conditions.

10 Most Wanted Work Benefits

Online job search platform Lensa analyzed Google search data to research the top demands employees are expecting from their workplaces. The results are in, and this year it’s not all about “hybrid working”.

1.Menopause Leave

Increase in annual searches: 336%

Breaking down barriers around female health has given way to benefits which are much more inclusive.  

2. Mental Health Support

Increase in annual searches: 150%

Employees are increasingly concerned about keeping their mental health in check and so should employers. Happy workers have been found to be more productive than their less content counterparts.

3. 4-day Workweek 

Increase in annual searches: 82%

The 4-day work week movement has been gaining momentum with trials underway. Early results found that talent retention improved with a 57% reduction in attrition, and revenue improved by 1.4% on average. 

4. Office Socials

Increase in annual searches: 50% 

The work from home heyday is now behind us and was met with resistance from many. However, it has reminded us that human connection is key to building a happy and productive work culture and social events are high up the agenda for employees and managers alike. 

5. Quick Hiring Process

Increase in annual searches: 40%

Employees appreciate a quick hiring and onboarding process. HR managers can look to integrate technology to automate certain steps and speed up the entire process. This will prevent losing talent to competitors which have a quicker hiring process. 

6. Workplace Boundaries

Increase in annual searches: 39% 

Employees are keen to establish boundaries such as not sending or receiving emails on the weekends so companies that already have boundaries in place are going to look much more attractive to job seekers. 

7. Modern Tech

Increase in annual searches: 24%

Workers want to be using technology in new smart ways in order to help them be more efficient at work.  

8. Sustainability

Increase in annual searches: 24%

People are increasingly looking for jobs with purpose and that align with their personal values. Many are already trying to reduce their impact on the environment in their personal lives so why wouldn’t expect the same in their employer. Sustainability in the workplace is a business philosophy that requires an organization to undertake environmentally-conscious practices.

9. Pet-friendly Workplaces

Increase in annual searches: 23%

Many households got a ‘pandemic puppy’ when they were working from home and are now forced back into the offices. Pet-friendly workplaces are not only kind to dogs and their owners but pets also make people feel less stressed. 

10. Ergonomic Furniture

Increase in annual searches: 22%

Perhaps the recent viral depiction by a U.S. furniture company of what remote workers will look like in 70 years is a tad far fetched but it’s no secret that sitting all day is not good for our posture or health. Ergonomic furniture is a big plus so companies should point it out to candidates when they come in for interview. 

Employment Trends Landscape

From “quiet quitting” and “acting your wage” to the latest trend of “loud quitting” a new phenomena sweeping the workforce where employees leave their jobs whilst making as much fuss as possible, the work landscape is changing rapidly. 

Loud quitters make their feelings of dissatisfaction known and burn all bridges on their way out. A recent Gallup survey found that more than half (51%) of global employees working for an employer are actively looking for another job or watching for openings.

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Many emerging employment trends are due to shifting dynamics between the employers and their employees. Global economic instability, rising inflation, mass lay-offs and a determined push from CEOs for employees to get back to the physical office have led to workers keeping an eye out for companies which will support a lifestyle that is in line with their values. 

With fewer jobs available, employers are back in the driver’s seat but if they want to attract the best people for their businesses they still need to create a desirable place to work. If the last couple of years are anything to go by, it won’t be long until the pendulum swings back the other way around.

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