ExpressVPN Launches Free Password Manager ‘Keys’

The tool will be made available to all ExpressVPN users in the third quarter of the year.

ExpressVPN has just announced the release of Keys, an in-house password manager that’s going to be added to its existing apps at no extra cost to its users.

The password manager is currently being introduced as a Chrome browser extension for Windows, MacOS, and Linux, but there is no current plan to feature it within ExpressVPNs desktop apps.

With the free integration relying on sophisticated zero-knowledge encryption technology and offering a two-factor authentication feature, it’s likely that its release could seriously stir up the password manager market.

ExpressVPN Introduces a New Password Manager 

Today, cybersecurity company ExpressVPN announced the beta launch of Keys, a brand-new security tool designed to securely store websites and app logins.

Among its many functions, the feature will allow users to store unlimited login details, import, and export their list of logins, and fill out their passwords via autofill.

ExpressVPN Keys

Keys also allows you to sync login information across multiple supported devices and import logins from other password managers. This makes it easy for those already using password managers to switch embrace ExpressVPN’s offering.

“The team designed ExpressVPN Keys with privacy, security, and convenience at its core to help people take control of their password security and enjoy a secure, effortless online experience,” said a spokesperson for ExpressVPN.

The new privacy tool also operates on zero-knowledge encryption. This means that when you use the tool, only you will have access to your passcodes because they would be secured with a unique user key that even the developer won’t have access to.

The Keys “generator” feature also allows users to create random, secure passwords. With recent research indicating that password theft is at an all-time high, using functions like “generator” is one of the easiest ways to keep yourself safe from hackers and malicious software.

When is Keys Available?

If you want to test out the beta version of Keys today, you can install the Chrome installation and receive instructions from ExpressVPN’s site today.

According to the company, it may take a couple of weeks before full access is permitted since its rollout is still in progress. However, if you decide to download the integration today, you will be notified when your access is granted.

Not interested in using the integration in its beta version? Then you might have to wait until the third quarter of 2022, as this is when the password manager is planned to be released in full.

Should Your Business Use ExpressVPN’s Keys? 

With its handy features and useful integrations, Keys is set to be a pretty competitive password manager. And on top of that, it’s absolutely free. This being said, the password manager market is already stacked with credible, cost-effective solutions. Therefore, it’s always worth shopping around before settling on one tool.

According to our independent research, in terms of features, ease of use, and effectiveness, LastPass currently provides the top offering. It’s also one of the cheapest apps of its kind, making it a very strong offering for small and growing businesses. If you’re looking to protect your family’s security as well as your business 1Password might be a better option for you.

While these password managers are currently leading the pack, different businesses require different cyber solutions. Read our breakdown of the best password managers on the market if you’re serious about finding a tool that’s right for you.

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