Fully Remote Jobs at Google You Can Apply for in January 2024

Hoping to stay at home while working at a major tech company? Google offers dozens of fully remote jobs.

Looking for work? If you’ve been following the news recently, you might not settle on Google as the company to send your resume over to: The tech giant has recently kicked off a spree of layoffs that have cost hundreds their jobs.

It’s true. Google’s Augmented Reality and advertising sales divisions have both recently let go of many workers. However, at a huge corporation like Google, every team is its own ecosystem. And with 1,000 open positions at the company right now, lots of those ecosystems are hiring.

We’re not just looking at those openings, though. With remote work still going strong despite recent back-to-the-office headwinds, this is a chance to highlight the open jobs at Google that won’t require you even opening your front door to fully fit the bill for.

Fully Remote Google Jobs: Listings and Locations

Google’s job listing website sorts its open positions with the office that you’ll be reporting to, even for remote eligible positions. If you need to stay fully out of the office, you may find it challenging, although the final call will likely be made by your individual manager.

Google has long held a reputation for a grueling interview process that can stretch on for months. However, they’ve changed their approach a bit since the early 2010s. If you’re going for a key IT or engineering position, you can definitely expect 4 or 6 rounds of interviews, but the days of truly mind-boggling requirements are now in the past.

Here’s a quick selection of some fully remote US-based jobs currently available at Google:

We’ve just listed US jobs above, but Google currently has 66 open positions listed as “remote eligible,” including more than a few in London, UK, and in Luxembourg.

Is Remote Work a Fit for You?

The Covid pandemic was a big kick in the pants for remote work: Between 2019 to 2021, the US Census found, working from home tripled in popularity, with the number of remote workers moving from 5.7% to 17.9%.

In the years since, the pendulum has swung backwards a little, but the shift is definitely not going away fully. Surveys and studies have bolstered the benefits of remote work as well: Employees enjoy the extra flexibility, with 89% of those who work from home saying they are optimistic about work, compared to 77% of those operating within a physical office.

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Key WFH Stats Productivity

Remote work offers the average person a way to look after their kids or aging family members. It helps those with chronic illnesses or autoimmune diseases. And it’s a boon to anyone who needs an extra hour or two in their day by letting them cut out their commute entirely.

However, it’s not for everyone: Some people thrive only under the structure that an office provides. CEOs definitely love the hands-on management and use of real estate that in-office mandates will accommodate. But ultimately, it’s better to have the option to work fully remotely whenever possible in order to fully accommodate everyone, and not just demand a one-size-fits-all approach.

Is Google a Fit for You?

Google is a big name in tech, and a resume that includes a stint at the tech behemoth will always stand out. That alone makes it worth considering a position at the search engine. In addition, the company’s AI tool Bard is part of the intriguing conversation surrounding generative AI — even if the search engine’s core product isn’t doing so hot these days.

However, the company has a unique culture that is not for everyone: Common complaints include intense competition from go-getters within a high-achieving culture. If your working style doesn’t align with what’s considered hard working at Google, you’ll fall behind and be incredibly stressed out at the same time. Plus, there’s a chance you’ll find yourself in a toxic workplace, though the toxicity will be dependent on what type of manager you wind up getting.

However, Google has won a high ranking on Fortune’s list of the best companies to work for, and benefits like nap pods help it stand out. Google’s holding on to a 4.4 out of 5 Glassdoor rating pulled from over 49,500 anonymous reviews. It’s definitely a workplace that looks great on paper.

How to Apply for Fully Remote Jobs at Google

You can visit the Google Careers website to get started on your journey towards a potential remote Google job.

Or, if you’re interested in expanding your options, consider another one of the companies hiring remotely this month — we’ve listed 43 options in our guide to the topic.

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