iOS 16: All the Best Features Coming to iPhones

The new operating system will provide better functionality and improved security for its users.

The much-anticipated release of iOS 16 is finally here. Apple has launched operating system update for the iPhone, and it provides a whole bunch of features aimed at improving functionality and bolstering security.

While many users are often hesitant to embrace a new operating system due to the foundational fear of change within all of us, these kinds of updates from tech providers like Apple are integral to improve more than just your smartphone experience. Often, they provide necessary security updates that will keep you and your information safer online.

This iteration of Apple's operating system is no different, adding a whole bunch of features and some vital security updates that could make your experience infinitely more enjoyable and secure.

New iOS 16 Features

It's September 12th, which means the new iOS 16 update is officially available for iPhone users around the world. The update is compatible with all devices released after the iPhone 8 or the iPhone SE 2, although some features may be missing here and there depending on which iteration you're currently using.

Now, for the information you've all been waiting for: Here are all the new features coming to iOS 16.

  • Redesigned lock screen – The biggest update for the iPhone is the new lock screen, which will be notably more customizable allowing users to add widgets, stylize the date and time style, and generally improve the user experience on your lock screen.
  • New battery icon – A small but noticeable change, the new iOS will change the battery icon to provide more information to users that are worried about their device dying on a daily basis.
  • Emoji dictation – Voice messages and emojis can now work hand in hand, as iOS 16 enables users to use voice commands to add emojis into messages.
  • Live captions – Accessibility is key, and iOS 16 supports live captions on content and in FaceTime, so you can get subtitles on all your audio.
  • Edit or unsend messages – For iMessage users, you'll now be able to edit and unsend messages during conversations.
  • JoyCon support – If you enjoy gaming on your iPhone, the device will now support the Joy-Con controller for the Nintendo Switch.

Naturally, Apple is adding a lot more features to iPhone through iOS 16, but these are some of our favorites. Be sure to check out the iOS 16 update page to see everything your iPhone can do after the update.

iOS 16 Adds Passkey Support

On top of all the new features coming to iOS 16, Apple has added a significant security update that aims to get rid of passwords.

Dubbed Passkeys, this new system will allow you to sign into your many accounts with a special key on your phone. That's right, even if you're signing in on a laptop or other device, you'll receive a notification on your phone that will allow you to sign in without inputting any login credentials.

Similar to the functionality of multi-factor authentication, this new system has become quite popular, with the likes of Google and Microsoft launching similar services earlier this year. Even password managers have embraced the passwordless future, with Dashlane and LastPass launching similar initiatives to shore up security and ditch the outdated password technology for good.\

While passwords can be a good security measure when used correctly, the average user does not follow best practices, considering 85% use the same password for multiple sites and the most common password remains “123456” in 2022. Simply put, the advent of these passwordless features — including Passkeys in iOS 16 — could be the start of a simpler, more secure internet.

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