London-Based E-Man Labs Incubator Expands to Los Angeles

February 28, 2017

2:25 pm

There is a widening spotlight shining on Silicon Beach as more startups begin to bubble out of the Los Angeles tech ecosystem. Everyone from investors to incubators are taking notice, even those from across the pond.

If you’ve ever had a chance to talk with someone from the Silicon Roundabout, also known as the London tech ecosystem, chances are they know about E-Man Labs, an incubator designed to help startups build their MVP and take it to market.

Cofounders Matt Hagger and Eugene Kouumdjieff launched E-Man Labs close to a decade ago with the mission to help startups succeed and create jobs and prosperity for communities.

“I recently calculated that over 400 jobs and $200 million is funding has been generated from entrepreneurs that have engaged with E-Man at the start of the journey,” Hagger said.

Today they have built up a portfolio with notable leader companies such as Studentbeans.comPark At My House (Now Just Park), Pocket High Street, and Behalf who have raised $156 million in capital.

E-Man Labs

Hagger takes great pride in the companies they have helped grow and is genuinely excited for each startup who leaves the nest to grow and thrive in their community.

“I love everything about what I do. Being surrounded by growth is highly inspiring and the stories and journeys that one is able to witness is fantastic,” Hagger said.

For founders who sketched their big idea on a napkin, E-Man Labs could be an optional incubator. They are a full-time startup studio and incubator of ideas known for taking an entrepreneur’s rough idea at the concept phase and flooding it with in-house talent and an alumni of investors in order to take the product to market where it begins to scale.

“We take in companies, put them in front of investors and provide seed money and resources to help the company launch and prepare them for market,” Hagger said.

Matt & Eugene of E-Man Labs

E-Man Labs Startups

E-Man Labs has churned out a wide range of startups tackling everything from smart gifting and on-demand doctors to adventure travelers and augmented reality gaming. Meet a few of them below to understand what this London-based incubator is bringing to the west coast.


Doppels is a simple birthday discovery and smart gifting app that connects people through their shared birthdays. Doppels makes it smarter for retailers and the growing community of Millennials that rely on the platform to manage birthday greetings. The company has relocated from London to Venice Beach, has raised $1 million in funding and continues to acquire 1,000 users per day and grow their team.


Zoomdoc is introducing the future of on-demand general practitioner care to Londoner’s by arranging immediate medical professional home visits 24/7 across London or on-demand telephone advice with trusted, professional and caring doctors. Visiting you at home, at work or at your hotel.


Tripwire is a backpacker’s social network that enables you to squeeze out the most of every journey. Manufactured synchronicity enables the travelling experience to be enhanced and the company already has a rapidly growing passionate community of followers.


Snatch is an augmented reality treasure hunt is taking London literally by storm. After debuting the service at Web Summit, Unilever Ventures made the first seed investment in their history and the company was able to officially launch in February. With already 100,000 users in London, Snatch looks like the hottest new property in town. Snatch will be debuting at SXSW 2017 and has some surprises in store.

Snatch Augmented Reality Game

The Move

E-Man Labs announced they have expanded to the United States and found their place near the ocean in Venice, California.

“We want to bring E-Man Labs over to LA and have the same impact and create jobs and prosperity for the community.”

According to Hagger, E-Man Labs plans to build and launch 25 products a year out of three centers. E-Man Labs will be opening their applications in Summer 2017 and entrepreneurs can apply here.

Photos courtesy of E-Man Labs


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