Fully Remote Jobs at Microsoft You Can Apply for in May 2024

Microsoft has hundreds of open and fully remote positions waiting for you around the globe. Check out the latest ones.

Due in large part to the powerful AI hype train, Microsoft is one of the hottest tech companies this month: Not only did Microsoft invest billions towards successfully turning OpenAI’s ChatGPT into the biggest generative bot success story around, but the tech giant has also invested in Mistral AI and recently surfaced reports indicate that Microsoft is even developing its own massive LLM, dubbed “MAI-1.”

Needless to say, landing a job at the international corporation would make for a big resume-building position for any tech worker, whether they’re in artificial intelligence or not.

And the icing on the cake is Microsoft’s impressive track record of actually promoting and supporting its fully remote workers. The company currently has hundreds of entirely remote jobs open for the taking. Here are some positions to consider, ranging from entry-level options to senior positions.

Fully Remote Microsoft Jobs, Open for May 2024

The Microsoft careers portal lets users sort for remote position with one dropdown menu, titled “work site,” that groups job listings by “up to 50%” remote, “up to 100%” remote, and on-site only. The wording here is key: None of the jobs will guarantee a fully remote position, leaving you somewhat at the mercy of your manager.

That said, every position we’ve rounded up here is certainly in the “up to 100% remote” category, and offers a sample of what types of jobs you can expect to see open this month. The category currently has 1,172 positions open, which is a notable drop from this time last month, when we counted 1,320 positions.

We’ve mostly kept to positions located in the US, although we couldn’t help smuggling in that first position on our list, located in that far-off exotic locale of the United Kingdom.

Head over to the Microsoft job site yourself for even more options that you can tailor to your own skills and interests.

Is Remote Work a Fit for Your Needs?

There are pros and cons to everything, and that’s exactly why every company should offer flexible work options whenever possible: What’s best for one worker won’t be the optimal path for another one. Some people hate remote work, while others thrive on it.

Plus, even more workers require it as a basic necessity: Some must work from home in order to care for children or elderly relatives, while others have disabilities that limit their movement.

If you’re considering whether to make the jump to fully remote work, you likely know it’s a fit already. And plenty of studies have pointed out the benefits to the practice, from all that commute time you gain back (nearly an hour a day for the average US worker, according to studies!) to avoiding the potential for in-office micromanagement. More than one report has found that fully remote workers are more productive, to boot.

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Granted, there are downsides, with the possibility that you are at a greater risk of being overlooked for your next promotion chief among them. But for many, finding a fully remote job that gives them the freedom they need to travel the world is a fair tradeoff.

Microsoft’s Employee Benefits

Big Tech’s once-ubiquitous stream of workplace perks like breakfast bars, foosball tables, and gym memberships is no longer what it once was. But that doesn’t mean they’re totally gone, and Microsoft is still among the top providers when it comes to cool workplace benefits.

Many employees get regular bonuses, with stock options for some new hires upon joining up. And the company’s website boasts a range of time-off options that covers “new parents and family caregiver leave, adoption assistance, parenting classes, and family support programs,” plus “subsidized and discounted childcare and back-up care for children, adults, and elders.”

Even if you can’t get a fully remote position, these benefits seem to say, you can find the caregivers you need to close the gap.

Interview Tips for Landing Your Next Fully Remote Job

We’ve rounded up all the top questions asked in any job interview, along with our best advice on how to craft the best answers ahead of time, so you’ll be prepared in the moment. You can check it out here: 39 Job Interview Questions to Expect.

When it comes to fully remote positions, we have a few extra tips. First, highlight your independance: You’ll be remote all the time, so managers will want to know that you can take initiative since they won’t be down the hall to help you at a moment’s notice. Any past experience you might have will be important to highlight.

Second, communication and project management skills are key as well, since these will help you work well with the rest of your team. It can be tough to stay on the same page when you aren’t in the same building, but knowing how and when to check in can definitely help.

Finally, test your recording equipment and know your technical skillset. Remote work is still new to many business people, and they’ll feel better if you demonstrate that you have all the tech gadgets that can keep you in constant communication when needed. Good luck on your interview! 

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