Motorola Releases G8 Power Lite with Extra Long Battery Life

Motorola has announced the G8 Power Lite, a cheaper version of the already inexpensive G8 Power. Should you buy it?

Motorola has just announced another phone with astonishing battery life claims: the Moto G8 Power Lite.

The Moto G8 Power Lite is a cheaper, lower-specced version of the already cheap and low-spec Moto G8 Power. The Lite phone comes with a huge 5,000 mAh battery which, Motorola reckons, will give you enough juice to watch movies for 19 hours straight.

Here’s everything you need to know about the G8 Power Lite.

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Moto G8 Power Lite Specs

The G8 Power Lite is a phone defined by its specs — it’s a mix of big battery life numbers and smaller, less impressive numbers for almost every other feature.

The G8 Power Lite has a 5,000 mAh battery — which is huge. For context, the $999 iPhone 11 Pro has a 3,046 mAh battery, while the Samsung S20 has a 4,000 mAh unit.

The G8 Power Lite is a mix of big battery life numbers and smaller, less impressive numbers for almost every other feature. motorola g8 power lite

This large battery means that you should get more than two days of power, according to Motorola. We’ve recently reviewed this phone’s bigger brother (the G Power/G8 Power) and found that we could easily achieve similar numbers.

However, while a large battery will certainly help towards longevity, it’s not the whole story. The G8 Power Lite can last for so long because it doesn’t feature the sort of power-hungry components found in today’s most expensive handsets.

It has a low resolution screen and sluggish processor that won’t drain the (admittedly huge) battery

For example, it has a low-resolution 720×1600 LCD display and it uses a sluggish MediaTek MT6765 processor. These won’t drain the phone’s battery in the same way that, say, the components would on a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus or Oppo Find X2 Pro.

Moto G8 Power Lite vs G8 Power

The Moto G8 Power Lite follows hot on the heels of the G8 Power. But, when comparing the two phones, it’s difficult to see why Motorola decided to produce the Lite version at all.

Comparing it to the G8 Power, it’s difficult to see why Motorola decided to produce the Lite version at all

The G8 Power’s battery is the same size as the Lite version. The G8 Power has a Full-HD screen, unlike the Lite version. The G8 Power has an ultra-wide rear camera, unlike the the Lite version. The G8 Power runs Android 10, unlike the Lite version which runs Android 9.

The G8 Power Lite does cost around $70 less than the G8 Power. But, we think that the extra $70 is a price worth paying — the G8 Power Lite doesn’t look like the sort of phone we’d recommend if you’re after a respectable phone for 2020 and beyond.

Cheap Alternatives to the G8 Power Lite

Fortunately, there are plenty of good, cheap alternatives to the G8 Power Lite. You could, of course, buy the better G8 Power.

However, we would also take a look at the Motorola G8 Plus. Sure, the battery life isn’t as long but it’s still more than capable of well over a day-and-a-half from a single charge. The cameras are a marked improvement and the performance will be much quicker

We’d also take a look at the upcoming Nokia 5.3. Again, it has a decently sized 4,000 mAh battery and uses the faster Snapdragon 665 processor. Crucially, it costs only slightly more than the G8 Power Lite, around $200, and runs Android 10.

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