Wix vs GoDaddy – Which Website Builder is Best?

June 9, 2019

12:07 pm

Wix vs GoDaddy – two of the biggest and best known website builders on the market at the moment, and you might be struggling to choose between them.

We think that Wix is the best overall website builder on the market, based on our extensive research and user testing process. Wix wowed us with its brilliant design editing tools, fantastic SEO tools and its huge app store and feature set.

However, GoDaddy has plenty going in its favor – it remains one of the fastest ways to build a website, thanks to its great ADI feature and simple to use interface. We’ll go into more detail about Wix and GoDaddy in this guide, and help you pick the right website builder for you.

In this Guide:

Which is Better – Wix or GoDaddy?

Wix is better than GoDaddy if you're creating a website for the first time. In fact, Wix is our favorite website builder of all the brands we've tested. It performed well across the board in our testing, with an extensive set of features and a well-judged balance between detailed customization options and straightforward UI.

However, GoDaddy performs just as well in some areas. We found it just as easy to use as Wix, for example, and you can build a website even more quickly with GoDaddy than Wix. The two are further apart, however, when it comes to Features, Value for Money, and Help & Support.

Easy Website Builder Winner Wix small logoGodaddy website builder logo
Features4 stars2 stars
Design Flexibility4 stars3 stars
Value for Money4 stars2 stars
Help and Support5 stars2 stars
Customer Score5 stars4 stars
Ease of Use4 stars4 stars
Total4.5 stars3 stars
Get StartedTry WixTry GoDaddy


Our recommendations are based on real-life user testing, plus independent assessments of features and ease of use.

We get users of different expertise levels to try out website builders, and feed back on how they found it to get started with creating a template, making personalized changed, and publishing their own site.

We also rate each website builder we test for features, help & support, and all-important value for money. Out of all of these assessments, Wix came up trumps, and we'd recommend it over GoDaddy. But, before you decide, let's take a closer look at both in some detail, below:


5 stars

Wix logo small

The best website builder you can choose

We've done the testing and user feedback, and the results are clear. Wix is the best website builder on the market — and it's streets ahead of GoDaddy's builder.

While both Wix and GoDaddy allow you to build a website, Wix gives users a greater range of features than GoDaddy. For example, it has powerful search engine optimization (SEO) tools which you can use to help your site appear at the top of search engine results pages — this will help more visitors find your site.

Wix is also far more versatile than GoDaddy. With Wix, you'll be able to build almost any type of website — blogs, ecommerce stores, business sites, portfolios and more. This is ideal if, for example, you start building an online store, and then decide to add a blog element to keep in touch with your customers and keep them updated.

Wix is also better value for money than GoDaddy, offering a wider range of pricing plans, with more features and the ability to pay monthly, rather than annually.

Want to know more? Read our full Wix Website Builder review here.


3 stars

godaddy hosting logo small
  • Easy-to-use website editor
  • Fast and powerful AI website development tools
  • Speedy sign up process
  • Limited apps and fewer themes
  • Click to Try GoDaddy Today

An incredibly quick, easy way to make a website

GoDaddy is a huge internet services company, offering everything from website hosting to online marketing functions. However, we don't think its website builder is its finest work.

GoDaddy's website builder is easy to use — everything is intutively laid out and jargon-free. However, compared to other website builders, we felt that this simplicity restricted the overall website customization.

If you want to build an online store, or a website for your business, GoDaddy is a solid tool. Unfortunately, GoDaddy isn't the best when it comes to building blogs, portfolios or any other type of website.

Read our full GoDaddy review to find out more.

Wix has a Better Range of Features

Wix has an excellent range of features which can add lots of functionality to your website. For example, it has built-in tools for appointment bookings, coupons and CRM.

If you can’t find the tools built-in to Wix, it also has an extensive app store. It has apps covering everything from SEO tools to customer reviews and website analytics.

GoDaddy, on the other hand, can’t match Wix for the number of apps on offer. And it’s core feature set lacks some of Wix’s quality as well. Its blogging platform, for example, is overly basic.

GoDaddy has faster ADI

ADI stands for Artificial Design Intelligence, and is the website builder industry term for computer-assisted website design. You give some information to the website builder about the type of site you want to make, and it builds the bones of your website in minutes.

GoDaddy’s ADI is lightning fast and gives you a good-looking website. It also fills all the pages of your site with text and images specific to the information you’ve given to the website. This can be super helpful when you’re creating the content for your website.

Wix has Better Help and Support

GoDaddy does have 24/7 on-the-phone support, but it lacks some of the other support options that have become commonplace in the world of website builders.

Wix, on the other hand, offers a comprehensive and easy-to-find knowledge base and online chat support. These can help you fix issues with your site on your own, which can help make you more competent when using the software.

Wix Has Better Ecommerce Functions

While GoDaddy does give you the ability to create an ecommerce store, Wix’s ecommerce offering is better.

It has better product sales options, as well as more payments and checkout options. We also found that Wix had better-looking online store templates.

Wix Online Store headphones products page

Wix is More Versatile than GoDaddy

GoDaddy’s templates are almost completely focused on either online stores or business websites. Wix, on the other hand, allows for loads of different types of websites.

For example, you could easily use it to run a blog or a portfolio website, as well as an online store or business website. This versatility comes from its impressive feature set and well-stocked app store.

Wix vs GoDaddy Pricing Comparison

Wix offers an indefinite free plan, as well as four paid-for plans. GoDaddy, on the other hand, only offers a one-month free trial and four paid-for plans.

Wix’s pricing plans are typically more expensive than GoDaddy’s, but you get more features in return. Wix also offers three business-specific plans, which start from $20 and give you features more closely associated with ecommerce platforms rather than website builders.

Wix FreeWix ComboWix UnlimitedWix VIPGoDaddy PersonalGoDaddy BusinessGoDaddy Business PlusGoDaddy Online Store
Cost (paid monthly)$0$14.50$16$35N/AN/AN/AN/A
Cost (paid annually)$0$8.50 (3yr-deal)$14$29$5.99$9.99$14.99$19.99
Adverts removed
Free domain(if paid annually)(if paid annually)(if paid annually)(if paid annually)(if paid annually)(if paid annually)(if paid annually)
Email marketing10 campaigns/50,000 emails50,000 emails/5,000 subscribers50,000 emails/5,000 subscribers
Click to TrySee PlanSee PlanSee PlanSee PlanSee PlanSee PlanSee PlanSee Plan


All told, Wix’s pricing plans are more expensive, but offer more in return than GoDaddy’s plans.

Verdict: Wix is Better Than GoDaddy

We think that Wix is the best website builder on the market, thanks to its wider range of features, better templates and great support options.

GoDaddy could still be a viable option if you want to get online super fast and don’t need a ton of extra features. It could be a good choice if you’re looking for a website to accompany a bricks-and-mortar store.

However, we think you’d be better off investing slightly more time in Wix to get a better site.

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