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Amy Schmittauer is the Founder & Face of Savvy Sexy Social. She is a "social media frenzy" working in social relations consulting, blogging, and, of course, vlogging. She shares a glimpse into her life on her YouTube channel. Connect with Amy on Twitter at @schmittastic.


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Pheed The World: An Interview with Pheed CEO OD Kobo


Last week, I had the opportunity to chat with OD (pronounced “Oh-dee”) Kobo, founder and CEO of the latest social network to grab the world’s attention — Pheed. Pheed is a free social media platform, based out of Los Angeles, that launched on October 12th. The accompanying iPhone app was released a month later, making its way… Read more »

ProspectSnap Turns Effective Offline Networking Into A Targeted Email List


Meeting people in person is–by far–one of the best ways to find a target market for your email list. But it’s not proper business etiquette just to take someone’s business card and enter their name into your list. It has to be more personal and respectful of their contact information. I was really excited to… Read more »

Pinterest of Events? Saambaa’s on a Mission


Event applications seem to be a dime a dozen no matter what OS you’re using. That being said, event discovery with event coordination is still a broken process, as email blasts and text messaging rule in close groups. But there’s one app that still stands out when it comes to rounding up your friends and… Read more »

Routzy: The All-In-One CRM iPad App for Sales Professionals


Whether you’re selling a product or working in the service industry, you probably know the many number of steps in the sales process. Now try searching the App Store to fill one of those needs. You’ll find innumerable options to choose from to accommodate each and every step. Lead management, proposal generation, note-taking … you… Read more »

Advice From an Over-the-Hill Social Media Manager

social media manager

You may have heard recently that your company should hire community managers who are age 25 or under. Well, this over-the-hill social media professional is here to tell you why you shouldn’t listen to everything you read…especially this. In a blog post on, newly graduated Cathryn Sloane gives a courageous account of the ideal community manager for… Read more »