Frank Gruber is the cofounder, CEO and Executive Editor of Tech Cocktail. He is an entrepreneur and new media journalist focused on sharing his tech product expertise and analysis on emerging technologies. Previously he built products for millions of users while at AOL and Tribune Company. He is a startup advisor and investor. He is the author of the book, Startup Mixology, Tech Cocktail’s Guide to Building, Growing, and Celebrating Startup Success.

Frank currently lives in Las Vegas and Washington, D.C. but travels a lot as he circles the globe speaking, hosting events and helping entrepreneurs, startups and technology communities amplify their local technology signal.

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Downtown Project Forms DTP Ventures Names CEO

Downtown Project's Container Park Downtown Las Vegas

The Downtown Project, the $350 million revitalization of downtown Las Vegas, has announced the creation of a new entity called DTP Ventures to help provide support for the businesses they’ve created over the last few years. As part of this move they have appointed downtown mentor and entrepreneur…

‘Madden NFL 15′ Video Game Predicts Super Bowl Winner

Madden NFL 15 - Super Bowl Prediction

For over decade, EA Sports, the winning developer of sports video games including Madden NFL, FIFA, NBA Live, Tiger Woods PGA TOUR, NHL, NCAA Football, has used its popular football video game series Madden NFL to play futurist and predict the Super Bowl winner and…

What Does Tesla Model S P85D ‘Insane Mode’ Feel Like?  

Tesla P85D Insane Mode Reaction Video

The all-wheel drive Tesla Model S P85D sports car is what Elon Musk wants to define as a new class of automobile. Priced around $120,000 this electric car is insanely fast, offering a new mode called Insane Mode. The car can go 0-60 MPH in an…

The 2015 State of the Union Recapped In 24 Obama Quotes

State of the Union 2015

President Barack Obama delivered the 2015 State of the Union address that covered a number of topics with themes based in optimism, resilience, rebuilding, bedrock values, and creating change. He started with the story about an American named Rebekah from Minnesota, noting her family’s  struggles and resilience. Here’s a quick…

Empowered Women Pose Nude for Caitlin Stasey’s New Site

Caitlin photo by Jennifer Toole

The image of the “perfect” man or woman is all in the eye of the beholder, but over the last few decades online digital editing and manipulation of photographs has altered the perceptions of what a normal, healthy human body might look like. A new website,…

17 Eye-Catching CES 2015 Favorites

CES 2015

Las Vegas was abuzz this past week as tech lovers, marketers, and media watched every consumer electronic company on the planet show off their latest creations at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2015). While the latest trends included flying drones, wearables, 3D printers, and ultra HD…

4 Ways To Watch ‘The Interview’ Online Now

The Interview the Movie

After weeks of media attention in connection with the massive hacking attack, today Sony decided to release their film, ‘The Interview‘, online. The New York Post reported earlier this week that the film was to be released on Crackle, a Sony owned site – but that, along with a number…

Turn Your Instagram Photos Into Video With Iconosquare (formerly Statigram)

Iconosquare Statigram Best of Instagram 2014

It’s time to reflect on the year that was 2014, and just like last year, turn your Instagram photos into video thanks to Iconosquare (formerly known as Statigram). For those of you unfamiliar with their service, it offers a dashboard that analyzes your Instagram account with statistics…

Mega Last-Minute Tech Lovers Holiday Gift Guide 2014

Mega Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide 2014

If you’re like me, you have been putting off your holiday shopping and will likely turn to a power hour (or two) of online shopping frenzy for last-minute gifts. My goal is to help you to come up with great ideas for some wonderful…

VegasTechFund Changes Focus: Partner Andy White Exits

Vegas Tech Fund Downtown Project

This morning Tech Cocktail covered the launch of the VegasTechFund Syndicate which is funding Buffer, and putting a stake in the ground as the fund changes its focus. As Tony Hsieh announced at the Celebrate Conference, the fund has now invested the first $30…

VegasTechFund Launches AngelList Syndicate with Buffer Funding

VegasTechFund Syndicate Buffer Funding

The VegasTechFund, the $50 million startup fund that’s part of the Downtown Project, has launched an AngelList Syndicate today to raise $400k for San Francisco-based Buffer. The fund was previously focused on funding early-stage startups, and up to this point has invested around $30 million…

Monica Lewinsky On Cyberbullying, But We’re All Responsible

Monica Lewinsky speaks at Forbes Under 30 Summit about Cyberbullying

With the rise of social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Whisper, we’ve created more playgrounds for bullies to find and go after their victims. Today in Philadelphia Monica Lewinsky broke a decade of silence to share her latest mission, taking on cyberbullying. She explained…