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Kira M. Newman is a Tech Cocktail writer interested in entrepreneurship, work-life balance, and positivity. Since 2011, she has been traveling around the world interviewing entrepreneurs in Asia, Europe, and North America.

Kira has been published in the Huffington Post, Social Media Monthly, The New Individualist, and She previously worked as an editor at the American Enterprise Institute in DC.

In college, Kira spent a semester in Paris, where she nurtured her love of the French language and baguettes. When she’s not discussing ideas over coffee, Kira can also be found swing dancing.

You can contact Kira at kira [at] tech [dot] co or @kiramnewman.

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What 29 Entrepreneurs Eat for Lunch

what entrepreneurs eat for lunch

This is a follow-up to “What 50+ Entrepreneurs Eat for Breakfast” – read about all the smoothies, eggs, and granola here. When I was working in an office, one of my coworkers had a rule: you’re not allowed to start thinking about lunch until 10, and you’re not allowed to each lunch until 11. Thinking… Read more »

We Aren’t Talking Enough about Racial Diversity in Tech


When Dez White came up with the idea for Invisible Text, she was very intimidated by technology – but her developer insisted on teaching her programming. Today, as she works with four different teams, she doesn’t have to sit on the sidelines. “When we’re coding our new improvements or setting up our new graphic design… Read more »

4 Reasons to Not Feel Guilty about Taking Breaks


If you’ve ever felt guilty or irresponsible for taking a break during the workday, you’re not alone. But guilt is the last thing you should feel for taking a break. Arianna Huffington was taunted for advocating naps and nap rooms, but she’s not too far off the mark. She was basing her comments on the… Read more »

VCs Aren’t as Omniscient as We Think

david hornik vc

When David Hornik finished his first day of work at August Capital, nearly 15 years ago, he thought, “I’m pretty sure I’m f***ed.” Everyone was discussing microprocessors and systems and seemed to know what they were talking about – so he just pretended.  Ever since, Hornik has treated his VC job as a learning experience…. Read more »

19 Entrepreneurs Share What Hours They Work

startup work hours

If I had a penny for every time an entrepreneur joked about long hours, maybe I could fund your next startup. But what hours do entrepreneurs really work? Answering that question might provide some psychological relief: if you feel ashamed or guilty of not working long enough, it might be reassuring to hear that not… Read more »

Y Combinator’s Jessica Livingston Threatens Sexually Inappropriate Investors

Jessica Livingston

With demo day approaching next Tuesday, Y Combinator partner Jessica Livingston sent out a stern reminder to investors that Y Combinator won’t tolerate any inappropriate behavior: Y Combinator has a zero tolerance policy for inappropriate sexual or romantic behavior from investors toward founders.   Don’t even think about doing it. I will find out. Y Combinator will not continue… Read more »

6 Lies VCs Tell You

lies vcs tell you

Last week, Tech Cocktail headed to DC for a Sessions event called Learn How to Get Funded by DC’s Biggest Startup Investors. The panel talked about some of the harsh realities of raising funding, including Paul Singh’s 7 dirty secrets of venture capital. Raising funding is a hard game, particularly because both sides are keeping… Read more »

VC David Hornik: Entrepreneurship Is Irrational 

david hornik august capital

David Hornik started as a lawyer, but he was drawn to work with startups and get more involved in business. As an investor at August Capital for over 14 years, he’s been able to do just that. VCs have their own harsh realities – for example, having to tell their partners that a portfolio company is… Read more »

The One Thing That Matters to VCs (Besides Team)

david hornik august capital

If you ask VCs what they’re looking for, most will say it’s all about the team rather than the idea. August Capital general partner David Hornik fundamentally agrees - with a little addendum. “I used to say it was people, people, people, people,” he told an audience at TCWEEK in Vegas last Thursday. “I have come to… Read more »

5 Ways Successful Entrepreneurs Look at the World Differently 

david s kidder

David S. Kidder, author of The Startup Playbook and cofounder of the accelerator platform Bionic, joined us in Vegas last night for TCWEEK. As a serial entrepreneur with three exits, and now a mentor to other entrepreneurs, Kidder has a lot of experience in what works and what doesn’t. It’s not necessarily about specific tips… Read more »

Paul Singh’s 7 Dirty Secrets of Venture Capital

paul singh dirty secrets

On Tuesday night, Tech Cocktail headed to DC for a Sessions event called Learn How to Get Funded by DC’s Biggest Startup Investors. Among the panelists was Paul Singh, the founder of Disruption Corporation and general partner of the Crystal Tech Fund. He spent the evening giving away some dirty secrets of the industry (or… Read more »

Fancy Coffee and Disco Balls: Your Luxury Coworking Option in 9 Cities 

luxury coworking spaces

This coworking series is sponsored by .CO. We thank them for their support! Whenever you get a membership at a coworking space with a swanky coffee machine or its own ice cream cart, you’re bound to get a few raised eyebrows. Do you really need a place with modern art on the walls, a city view,… Read more »

Here’s the Cheapest Coworking Option in Your City

cheapest coworking spaces

This coworking series is sponsored by .CO. We thank them for their support! If you’re reading a post about cheapest coworking options, that probably means you don’t have much money to spare. So why spend even an extra $100 or so on coworking? For your mental health. $200 a month may seem like a fortune for… Read more »

MongoDB CEO Max Schireson Stepping Down to Find More Work-Life Balance as a Dad

Max Schireson CEO MongoDB

After MongoDB announced that Dev Ittycheria would be replacing Max Schireson as CEO, Schireson blogged about the reason why: so he could (truly) spend more time with his family. Although work-life balance isn’t something that dads are asked about, it’s something he struggles with. Schireson has three kids, ages 9, 12, and 14, and he… Read more »

38% of Programming Bootcamp Graduates Are Women [STUDY]

programming bootcamp demographics

A study released today by Course Report found that 38% of programming bootcamp graduates are women, more than double the percentage of women graduating with bachelor’s degrees in computer science (14.5%). Here are some other demographic statistics they discovered: The mean age of a bootcamp student is 29.  Students are primarily white (63%), with 18%… Read more »

Why Cowork? For Your Mental Health

coworking spaces

This coworking series is sponsored by .CO. We thank them for their support! According to the Global Coworking Census: 2013 [PDF] by Deskwanted, there are nearly 2,500 coworking spaces in 80 countries worldwide. In the previous year, more than 750 coworking spaces opened their doors.  The United States tops the list, with 781 coworking spaces, followed… Read more »