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Kira M. Newman is a Tech Cocktail writer interested in the harsh reality of entrepreneurship, work-life balance, and psychology. She is the founder of The Year of Happy and has been traveling around the world interviewing entrepreneurs in Asia, Europe, and North America since 2011.

Kira has been published in the Huffington Post, Social Media Monthly, The New Individualist, and She previously worked as an editor at the American Enterprise Institute in DC.

In college, Kira spent a semester in Paris, where she nurtured her love of the French language and baguettes. When she’s not discussing ideas over coffee, Kira can also be found swing dancing.

You can contact Kira at kira [at] tech [dot] co or @kiramnewman.

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Recent Post by this Author

DreamIt Ventures Kicks Off Its Program for Women


This week, startup accelerator DreamIt Ventures kicked off its Winter 2015 class in Philadelphia and the first run of its accelerator for women, DreamIt Athena. Announced in November, DreamIt Athena is a special program for women-led startups. Companies selected join the regular DreamIt cohort and get access to the same resources – including $25,000 in… Read more »

The Most Sustainable Tech Companies in the World

sustainable corporations

The Global 100, a ranking of the most sustainable corporations in the world, was released last week at the World Economic Forum in Davos. This annual ranking has been compiled by Corporate Knights Capital since 2005 and judges corporations on 12 metrics: Energy productivity: How much revenue they make per unit of energy Carbon productivity:… Read more »

6 Ways to Combat Your Smartphone Addiction

smartphone addiction

If you’re like me, you’ve probably sat at a restaurant and scoffed at some of your fellow diners, hunched over their phones and not talking to each other. Classic smartphone addiction. Of course, when you pull out your smartphone at the dinner table – but rarely, of course – it’s for truly important things. Like… Read more »

The Grillbot Is a Roomba for Your Grill


The Super Bowl has been around since 1967, but the American tradition of grilling is even older. Handed down to us by generations past, we perfected the art form starting with the first portable gas grills in the 1950s. Today, grilling adherents around the country aspire to popularity, crispy goodness, and that certain je ne… Read more »

Startup Founders Called Her ‘Hot’

sexist startup

Three years ago, Alyssa Dumond started working as the director of operations at a Portland startup led by two men. But she realized quickly that something was wrong. “We would complete a huge project, and everybody was giving each other a high five and kudos for completing a job well done, and in the next… Read more »

Find Happiness Inside This Box

thrive box

Can happiness be found in material things? The common answer is no; modern-day gurus encourage us to favor experiences – a vacation or an afternoon with friends – rather than buying the latest gadget or car. (But do we listen? Hell no.) It turns out the truth is more nuanced than that, though. A study… Read more »

Startup CEO: The Loneliest Job in the World?

Lonely CEO

The presidency was dubbed the “loneliest job in the world” in 1961, when New York Times photographer George Tames snapped a black-and-white photo of President John F. Kennedy alone in the Oval Office. The US president is arguably the most powerful person in the world, but also the source of endless blame. Their decisions affect… Read more »

Coding Bootcamp Hack Reactor Acquires MakerSquare

Hack Reactor

Today, San Francisco-based Hack Reactor announced their acquisition of Austin’s MakerSquare, their first deal in a plan to develop a network of coding bootcamps. MakerSquare, which also has a campus in San Francisco, will stay independent and start using Hack Reactor’s JavaScript curriculum. Although MakerSquare has said they won’t replace college education anytime soon, they might… Read more »

This 1 Question Can Reveal Your Ideal Career

ideal career

What seems like work to other people, but not to you? Y Combinator’s Paul Graham, ever skilled at pointing out simple but profound truths, has a question for people who don’t know what career to pursue: “What Doesn’t Seem Like Work?” He gives the example of his father, who enjoyed solving math problems in textbooks… Read more »

Social Media Affects Women’s Stress More Than Men’s

social media stress

Is social media destroying our lives or holding them together? The debate rages on, but Pew Research recently added some insight by examining how social media relates to stress for women and men. In short, hearing about the stresses of our friends and family on social media – losing their job, or getting divorced –… Read more »

7 Top Cities for Startups – Outside of Silicon Valley

best startup cities

Screw the Valley. This is the title of a new book by Timothy Sprinkle, a business journalist who has written for outlets like Wired and Entrepreneur magazine. Why the harsh words? Sprinkle is speaking out against the common myth that you have to move to Silicon Valley to be successful – a myth that’s discouraging… Read more »

SparkLabKC Accelerator Announces 10 New Startups


This week, Kansas City accelerator SparkLabKC welcomed its third class of startups into their new downtown workspace. SparkLabKC is a three-month accelerator that offers startups up to $18,000 in funding, mentorship, free office space, and other services. The program culminates with a demo day in April. Here are SparkLabKC’s 10 newest startups: College Sports USA: A social… Read more »

Don’t Be Ashamed of Wanting Work-Life Balance


You know when you used to work at that 9-5 job and had to wait until about 5:05 to leave, just so you didn’t look like a slacker who hated their work and wanted out at 5:00 on the dot? Well, there’s a startup equivalent to that: working 9- or 10- or 11-hour days and then feeling lazy… Read more »

Interview with 17-Year-Old Founder Kegan Abbott

kegan abbott

Teen entrepreneur Kegan Abbott was on a quick trip to Silicon Valley, looking to recruit developers for his startup Printware, when he got some valuable advice from a homeless man. It was raining in San Jose, and a grocery store employee was trying to kick the homeless man out. So Abbott bought him a sandwich, sat down with… Read more »