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Lindsey C. Holmes is the CEO/Lead Strategist of Usable Tech Co (formerly LCH Business SM & Tech), a digital marketing firm based in Newark, NJ, with an office also in Washington, DC. Lindsey is the Evernote Small Business Ambassador, a self-taught developer, a proud geek, and mom of a shih-tzu named Banks. She spends her free time converting the masses to understand and apply the technology that will make their lives better. Follow her on Twitter @lindseycholmes.


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Chitter Wants to Give You Free Chit


Chitter is rewarding users for posting photos to social media, and businesses with quality user generated content to rival the best traditional marketing plan. As user generated content is most trusted by the consumer, Chitter hopes to “help businesses begin to master the Dynamic Customer Journey” and offer value to their customers. Chitter was founded by Seth Knapp and Alex… Read more »

Samsung Launches MilkMusic Service and Brings Jay-Z and Kanye West to SXSW


Samsung has launched MilkMusic, an ad-free radio service, at SXSW. The music is curated by top DJs and industry professionals, and through an interactive dial, the service allows songs to be switched quickly and seamlessly. Users can customize the dial by adding preferred stations or by creating their own. MilkMusic is exclusive to Galaxy owners, and syncs with… Read more »

Medallia and SXSW Do Some Good for Austin’s Homeless


Startup Medallia and Austin’s Foundation for The Homeless are teaming up to do some good at SXSW. Volunteers with ‘Donate Your Swag To The Homeless’ t-shirts stood outside the ACC and collected any extra swag, the multitide of gifts and giveaways that one gets at the festival, to help Austin’s homeless. T-shirts, caps, totes, sunglasses, lip balm, notebooks, pens and other office/school supply-type… Read more »

MVMT50 Brings Diversity to SXSW


SXSW had a notable lack of diverse programming as recent as two to three years ago. The Music portion of the festival wasn’t necessarily an issue – though there is a stereotype that relegates the talents of ‘people of color’ to the Entertainment Industry… An Interactive voice devoid of diverse opinions and experiences has been a major… Read more »

Student Startup Madness Happens Today at SXSW


Student Startup Madness happens today at SXSW. The ‘collegiate digital media startup tournament’ will feature eight entrepreneurial finalist teams across the country. The students will pitch to a team of VCs, CEOs and thought leaders in tech for a chance to receive $5,000 of credits for Google Cloud Platform. According to Google, Cloud Platform allows “startups to… Read more »

Pebble Launches Official Evernote Integration at SXSW


Pebble announced an integration with Evernote today. The popular device that is fueling the smart watch ecosystem, along with the popular productivity app, has given enthusiasts the abilty to access checklists, reminders and notebooks, with more rolling out in the near future. According to Evernote: “With this app, Pebblers can easily check off items on their… Read more »

A Few Tips for Your First Time… At SXSW.


SXSW has become the launchpad to all things cutting edge and creative in Interactive, Film and, Music. Twitter launched, or ‘blew up‘ according to co-founder Evan Williams, at SXSW in 2007. Prince performed a six-hour comeback concert last year. Chelsea Clinton will be a keynote this year. The experience can be fulfilling, albeit a little daunting…. Read more »

The Ritz Carlton San Francisco: Tech + Green = Super Efficient


I spent a few days at the The Ritz San Francisco, a well needed rest after the Evernote Conference this past September.  The hotel was super-comfy, gorgeous, palatial and what I thought must have been a massive energy-sucker with every entertainment luxury you could think of. I instantly become a green snob when hitting San… Read more »

iMedicare Makes Medicare Painless


Flaviu Simihaian aims to make Medicare cost effective, help pharmacists and their patients navigate an often too difficult system in healthcare, and stop world hunger. The young CEO of iMedicare, a Medicare comparison app available for iOS, has achieved two of the three… iMedicare helps pharmacists and Medicare patients shop for Medicare insurance plans in… Read more »

Lessons to Learn from a Drag Queen


I’m not gay, just happy. That’s how I landed at the largest gay pride festival Charlotte has had in 19 years last weekend. I was in Charlotte for a friend’s birthday, and was welcomed by gorgeous Queens in fire wares, aka Drag Queens–a few famous ones in particular, Coco Montrese, Detox and Alyssa from RuPaul’s Drag Race  Seeing… Read more »

Rebecca Minkoff and Janelle Monae Take Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at American Express Unstaged


Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is here again, and for two weeks, up-and-coming designers,  fashion enthusiasts and press will preview the  best in fashion innovation at New York’s Lincoln Center. American Express, a long time Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week sponsor, will be there too, showcasing yet another major digital solution helping to bring tech to the fashion industry.Created… Read more »

Stellé Audio Creates Women-Friendly Speaker


Women control $20 trillion on average of annual consumer spending, according to an article published by the Harvard Business Review.  The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) reports that women have been outspending men in consumer electronics since 2007, when women spent $55 billion, compared to $41 billion by men. It seems like a no-brainer to develop… Read more »