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Keeping Employees Happy for Better Performance


The workforce is, obviously, one of the most important aspects of a successful business or company. They are the ones who make things happen and, even though CEOs and other important positions have their share of importance, employees are the driving force and may have (or have not) the potential to create great value. Accordingly,… Read more »

‘Exploding Kittens’ Game Raises $3.4M in Three Days

Exploding Kittens Card Game Raises $3.4M on Kickstarter in 3 Days

While it’s true that cats can be adorable, it’s also an undeniable fact that cats, on the whole, are narcissistic assholes that could not give an eff how about how your relationship is going or your anxiety about whether you’re going to get that promotion; really, all that matters to them is that you give them… Read more »

Software Engineer, Systems Specialist, Other Job Openings

Tech.Co Jobs Post

Hiring? Post a job on the Tech.Co Job Board for just $79 and see it featured here on our weekly job spotlight!   It’s January, meaning it’s the still the beginning to a brand new year of opportunity. If you’re looking to change careers or looking for a new job, check out some of the companies below hiring… Read more »

How Virtual Reality Can Improve Your Driving Experience

ford virtual reality

This is a paid placement by Ford. Typically we associate virtual and augmented reality technology with fun and games, thanks to Oculus Rift or Google Glass. But Ford Motor Company takes immersive virtual reality very seriously. Ford is the first automaker to use a new ultra high-definition, virtual reality lab that enables designers and engineers globally to… Read more »

1776 Gets Support from Former Obama Campaign Strategists

Precision Strategies Partners with 1776

Yesterday, Precision Strategies – the communications and digital consulting firm founded by former Obama deputy campaign managers Stephanie Cutter and Jennifer O’Malley Dillon, and digital director Teddy Goff – announced a partnership with the Washington, D.C.-based startup incubator 1776. The partnership will provide 1776 members companies access to top advice on how to approach their… Read more »

FilterEasy Raises $1.2M Seed Funding


Raleigh-based Startup FilterEasy announced today that it has raised $1.2 million of seed round investment, lead by Azure Capital, RTP Capital, and alongside a handful of Angel investors. FilterEasy is a member-based air filter subscription service for homeowners, which has an immediate impact on the air quality and energy savings inside a home. How it works… Read more »

9 Tips for Waking Up Early [INFOGRAPHIC]

9 Tips for Waking Up Early

For the latter part of college and a bit of time afterwards, I thrived on waking up early; on a typical day, I would wake up between the hours of 4:30 AM and 5:30 AM, and get ahead on my morning routine. It was great, and overall it made my mornings more productive. But waking… Read more »

TalkLocal Launches Mobile App

TalkLocal Launches Mobile App

TalkLocal, the Washington, DC-based company that gives consumers an easy way to connect with local service providers, has announced the launch of its mobile app. The apps are available to download for free through the App Store and Google Play, and will allow consumers to speak with service providers in real-time over the phone right… Read more »

The State of the Union Written in Emoji

The State of the Union Written in Emoji

Last night, President Obama made his 2015 Presidential State of the Union. While the State of the Union has increasingly developed into just another medium through which the President of the United States can reaffirm the citizens of his commitment to the values, issues, and platform on which he (or she) was elected (see this piece from The… Read more »

The 2015 State of the Union Recapped In 24 Obama Quotes

State of the Union 2015

President Barack Obama delivered the 2015 State of the Union address that covered a number of topics with themes based in optimism, resilience, rebuilding, bedrock values, and creating change. He started with the story about an American named Rebekah from Minnesota, noting her family’s  struggles and resilience. Here’s a quick overview, via quotes taken from several of the topics President Obama covered, that… Read more »

Emoji Art: Portraits of Your Favorite Celebrities

Emoji pop art

We recently published a story about Emojis how 2014 was the year that emojis took over. From the most popular “word” (the heart emoji) to marketing campaigns, emojis are quickly becoming an important tool used to communicate. Today, Internet anti-socialite, and all around digital blender Yung Jake gave us a glimpse of “emoji art.” Before we start… Read more »

UK Prime Minister David Cameron Visits DC Startup Incubator 1776

UK Prime Minister David Cameron Visits DC Startup Incubator 1776

British Prime Minister David Cameron visited the Washington, D.C.-based startup incubator 1776 this morning to talk to various startup entrepreneurs and investors prior to meeting with President Barack Obama at the White House. Among those he spoke with were Steve Case, the AOL cofounder and chairman & CEO of  D.C.-based venture firm Revolution, Joseph Kopser, CEO and… Read more »

The Average Tech Entrepreneur is 31 and Didn’t Study STEM

Harvard Business Review: The Average Tech Entrepreneur

We’re all familiar with the various stereotypes associated with tech startup founders: they’re young, they were educated at schools like Stanford and MIT, and they likely studied computer science or a related field in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). In an attempt to validate some of these stereotypes associated with tech entrepreneurs, Endeavor Insight – the… Read more »

Women on Company Boards Saw Increase in 2014

Women on Company Boards See Increase

It seems that company boards are becoming less of an old-school boys’ club. While men still make up a majority of that populace, women are slowly increasing their numbers on corporate boards. According to the report from Catalyst, a nonprofit research organization that tracks women in executive positions across the globe, the United States saw… Read more »