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Three Maneuvers that will Destroy your Facebook Marketing

piede  di manager che pesta pedone

With its active user base of 1.35 billion people worldwide and more than 30 million small businesses with active pages, Facebook is pretty much THE social media marketing platform for small businesses. And with the recent relaunch of the advertising platform Atlas, Facebook is making great strides in advertising too. Think of it this way—for search… Read more »

Board Games Go Mobile


Board gaming as an industry has honed a unique style of gameplay, typically focusing on slower pacing, strategic planning, and the social aspects that naturally come with sitting around a table alongside your fellow players. This stands in stark contrast to the experience of most computer and mobile games, which tend to be more solitary… Read more »

Fridges and Forklifts are next in the Internet of Things


The Internet of Things (IoT) is often pointed as one of the biggest hits in the near future, and it really is something big tech companies are betting on. So, it should come as no surprise that somewhere in the next few years, all of our appliances like microwaves, washing machines, and other household items… Read more »

3 Health IT Job Trends to Watch in the New Year

health tech

Health IT is a field of constant change. As the various tenets of Obamacare impact healthcare delivery and technology advances at rapid rates, big changes are bound to impact the industry in the new year. But how will these changes affect health IT job seekers? Keep the following trends in mind as you search for… Read more »

What Code Should You Learn in 2015? [Infographic]


As 2014 comes to a close, it’s time to think about our plans for 2015.  Learning how to code may be in your list of resolutions, and why wouldn’t it be? It’s a skill that is in high demand, with employers looking to hire people with proficiency, technical knowledge, and the ability to obtain and process… Read more »

Tech Addiction Won This Year’s National Geographic Photo Contest; Tech Addiction Won Over Our Lives

National Geographic Photo Contest 2014

This year, National Geographic received more than 9,000 entries from across the world for its annual photo contest. Renowned for featuring some of the best photography on the planet – from animals in their natural state to depictions of human malaise – the publication holds the annual competition to give photographers an opportunity to get their… Read more »

First Opinion is Eliminating Unnecessary Doctor Visits


Studies from the American Medical Association show that roughly 1 billion doctor visits occur each year in the United States, and of those, 70 percent are unnecessary and could be avoided by consulting with a physician by phone, email or text. First Opinion has made it their mission to provide users remote personal health consultations… Read more »

One Month Acquires GoRails to Bulk Up Ruby on Rails Course


One Month has been in the news recently, offering amazing deals and scholarships for their online learning courses. Today they announced that they have officially acquired GoRails, a site with screencasts for Ruby on Rails Developers. In addition, they have added GoRails to the One Month curriculum of courses and educational products for their users. GoRails… Read more »

Nintendo to Release Duck Hunt on Christmas Day


Christmas is coming early for Nintendo Wii U owners! Nintendo confirmed that the classic game Duck Hunt, will be available on their Virtual Console on December 25th. You will spend your holidays shooting birds, where you will use a Wii remote in place of the iconic orange NES Zapper light gun (we can’t have it all). No… Read more »

Easy Steps to Protect Your Privacy on Facebook [Infographic]


We are living in an era where Facebook, and other social media sites, have greater access than ever to our “private” data. Navigating through the labyrinth of Facebook privacy settings can get very confusing. But this infographic will provide an expert guide to keep your data safe: How To Stay Safe On Facebook [Infographic] by… Read more »

Happy Android Holidays: 15 Gift Ideas for Android Lovers


Disclaimer: This piece is purely my opinion. Thanks for reading! I was at the Verizon store recently, upgrading my ancient Android powered Galaxy Note 2 to the Galaxy Note 4, and I noticed that only one of the five store employees was rocking an iPhone. Naturally, I asked him what it was about the iPhone that… Read more »

Technology Is Changing Driver’s Ed for the Better


I can’t believe it was legal for the 16-year-old version of me to drive a car whenever I wanted. As if in response to my hindsight, state governments have cracked down on youth driving since that amazing day when, suddenly, I was given a plastic card that let me drive on the same roads as… Read more »

The Rap Test Partners With Nas and Coinbase


The Rap Test has been continuously releasing new quizzes on their platform for a while now, featuring different rappers for users to test their knowledge . Today they announced a new partnership with Coinbase and one of hip hop’s most legendary rappers, Nas. If you’re unaware, The Rap Test is a platform designed specifically to test your… Read more »