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The Average Tech Entrepreneur is 31 and Didn’t Study STEM

Harvard Business Review: The Average Tech Entrepreneur

We’re all familiar with the various stereotypes associated with tech startup founders: they’re young, they were educated at schools like Stanford and MIT, and they likely studied computer science or a related field in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). In an attempt to validate some of these stereotypes associated with tech entrepreneurs, Endeavor Insight – the… Read more »

Women on Company Boards Saw Increase in 2014

Women on Company Boards See Increase

It seems that company boards are becoming less of an old-school boys’ club. While men still make up a majority of that populace, women are slowly increasing their numbers on corporate boards. According to the report from Catalyst, a nonprofit research organization that tracks women in executive positions across the globe, the United States saw… Read more »

SERVIZ Launches On-Demand Home Services in San Diego


SERVIZ today announced that they are officially launching in San Diego, and they’re here to serve all San Diegans from Coronado to Carlsbad. Before expanding into America’s Greatest City, SERVIZ launched in 2014 as an easier and more affordable way for homeowners to book and buy home services. That includes everything from simple handyman tasks… Read more »

Entrepreneurs Share Positive Daily Habits


Who doesn’t want to be healthy and happy? When you’re part of the Startup Life, the constant high and low can take a psychological toll on any entrepreneur. Habits that have a positive effect on your life can be a solution to becoming more productive and happier. Elon Musk recently shared that a daily habit he believes has had the… Read more »

On Startup Copycats: Glitter is Dead; Long Live Glitter

Glitter is Dead; Long Live Glitter

Yesterday, we reported that Australian entrepreneur and sparkle king, Mathew Carpenter, got buried alive under the very glitter he birthed, and declared quits on Ship Your Enemies Glitter. The service, which anonymously sends your baes glitter-filled letters in the mail, gained mass media attention after getting posted to sites like Product Hunt and Reddit. And, in… Read more »

Silicon Valley Fails to Make this Diversity List

Black Enterprise Best Companies for Diversity

In a recently released list by Black Enterprise magazine of the 40 Best Companies for Diversity, one industry is glaringly absent: the tech havens of Silicon Valley. Of course, this shouldn’t be surprising. Many of the tech’s largest players – including the likes of Facebook, Google, Twitter, Apple, and Microsoft – have openly shared their diversity statistics,… Read more »

18 Startup Mistakes That Lead to Failure [INFOGRAPHIC]

Failure: 18 Startup Mistakes That Kill Startups

In a 2006 essay written by Y Combinator’s Paul Graham, he lays out the eighteen startup mistakes that lead to, well, startup failure. Setting aside the obvious issue of making a product or service that people don’t even want, Graham talks about other mistakes that startups commit that ultimately lead to their demise. Recently, Funders and Founders posted… Read more »

Mathew Carpenter Caves, Shuts Down Glitter Operations

Send Glitter

It’s over guys. No mas. Pas plus. Your dreams of sending hate-glitter to your frenemies are looking like they’ll have to remain just that: dreams. Mathew Carpenter released this tweet earlier today, confirming he wants out of the Ship Your Enemies Glitter game: ShipYourEnemiesGlitter with 1m visits, 270k social shares, $xx,xxx in sales, tonnes of… Read more »

How Google Glass Works With the Human Eye [Infographic]

Google Glass

Ever since Google introduced their Google Glass wearable into the tech world, the wearables market has only grown more robust. But I find that a lot of people in my personal day to day life don’t really give Google Glass its due credit for its level of innovation. That is, what I find absolutely fascinating is… Read more »

NEEO, the Thinking Remote, Launches on Kickstarter

NEEO Kickstarter

Imagine controlling your home devices using your mind. We may not be quiet there yet, but this California-based startup is getting close to it.  NEEO has recently launched a smart system that enables you to take control of all the devices in your home from one place. No more switching from one remote to another… Read more »

Kansas City Announces Launch KC Startup Competition Offering $500K in Grants


The Downtown Council of Kansas City, MO has announced the launch of a national startup competition that will be aimed at further developing the growth of the city’s tech ecosystem. Called Launch KC, the competition will reward winning startups with a share of the $500,000 total in grant funding ($50,000 for each startup), free office space for 12 months, and… Read more »

Get a Copy of our Free Healthy Entrepreneur Guide!

Healthy Entrepreneur

Between lost sleep, fast meals, and no time to exercise, entrepreneurship can be hard on your health. The Healthy Entrepreneur ebook is your guide to optimizing your lifestyle – with the limited time you have – to ensure that bad health doesn’t cripple your startup, too. The ~100-page Healthy Entrepreneur Guide includes: 28 best health… Read more »

Why Scout Ventures Invested in LiveNinja First

LiveNinja Will Weinraub

Scout Ventures, a New York-based venture capital firm, announced that they invested in Miami-based startup LiveNinja. This is Scout Ventures’ first announcement in South Florida, an important move since they opened an additional office in Miami in September. LiveNinja did not disclose the amount of money they raised in this round, which included the participation… Read more »