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Matt Haggman: Miami is the Perfect City for Entrepreneurs


Miami has everything a city needs to foster entrepreneurship. Matt Haggman believes that this is true. The Knight Foundation project manager, sat down with Tech Cocktail’s co-founder and author of Startup Mixology Frank Gruber to talk about all the elements that make Miami the ideal city for entrepreneurs. “Miami is enormously diverse and there is significant wealth…. Read more »

Tech Cocktail’s Guide to Downtown Las Vegas for #SXSWV2V


Downtown Las Vegas is always changing; there are new restaurants, companies, and community spaces popping up all over the place. When you come to downtown for this year’s SXSW V2V, the last thing you want to do is run around oblivious to the fact that something awesome is hiding just around the corner. You’re all in luck though,… Read more »

Experience Design Agency Manifest Digital Acquires Social Media Firm SocialKaty


The experience design agency Manifest Digital announced today that it has acquired the social media company SocialKaty for an undisclosed amount. According to Manifest Digital – which is headquartered in Chicago, but also has an office in St. Louis – SocialKaty’s 25-person team will join the company’s current 130-person UX design, content marketing and social… Read more »

Google to Buy Songza for $15 Million?


Early last week it was reported by Business Insider (BI) that Google has been talking with Songza, a music streaming platform, about buying them out. Reportedly, the price will be in the $15 million neighborhood and a bold strategic move for Google. Companies like Spotify and Pandora have long held dominant in the music streaming… Read more »

The MIT BitComp Competition Announces Round 1 Winners


MIT has maintained a constant hype around Bitcoin even though mainstream news outlets seem to be ignornig it. To that end they have designed a competition, the MIT BitComp, as an extension of the MIT Bitcoin Project. Last week MIT announced the results of round 1 of their competition in which teams were asked to… Read more »

NASA Will Send 3D Google Smartphones to Help Research in Space


Even the robots in space need their smartphones. NASA announced its plan to send to space Google smartphones with next-generation 3D sensing technology, “where they will become the brains and eyes of ball-shaped hovering robots on the International Space Station.” Part of NASA’s plan is to use the phones to help its Synchronized Position Hold, Engage, Reorient,… Read more »

500 Startups Unveils Their Free KISS Legal Docs


KISS: one of America’s favorite rock bands, and now the title for 500 Startups’ newest throng of free legal documents for founders and investors. The acronym for 500 Startups stands for “Keep it Simple Security”, and they officially announced the release of these documents today. According to their blog post, the free legal documents were designed… Read more »

Wyncode’s First Class Shares Their Coding Experience


Wyncode‘s first class is still buzzing from last week’s Wyncode First Pitch Night at LAB Miami. After nine weeks of intensive coding training, the May cohort took the stage and shared their final project to an audience of more than 150 people. This was the first time Miami’s tech community had the opportunity to experience firsthand the result of… Read more »