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Olympic Skater Sasha Cohen on Snoxx, Her New Startup [INTERVIEW]

Sasha Cohen

After winning a silver medal in the 2006 Olympics, figure skater Sasha Cohen is chasing after a new badge of honor: successful startup entrepreneur. She and cofounder Scott Annan are raising $25,000 on Kickstarter for Snoxx, socks that snap together. They’re inspired by Cohen’s days on tour, when she lost tons of socks. After less… Read more »

Startup Jackpot: Not Your Typical Pitch Competition

Startup Jackpot

This past weekend, a room full of people became investors at Startup Jackpot, a startup event raising seed money for other startups. Fifteen local DC startups went head to head for a cold hard cash prize of $10,000 at Canvas, a quirky coworking space nestled in the heart of Dupont. Rather than the usual panel… Read more »

From Trials to Triumph: 5 Tech Cocktail Week Speakers Share Their Story

tech cocktail week sessions

The road to success is paved with failure.  This will not come as news to any entrepreneur.  For this reason, within the startup world, there’s a tendency to celebrate such missteps.  In actuality, it’s not the failure that should be celebrated, but instead the lesson learned. That’s why today, we’ve called upon five successful professionals… Read more »

Tim Ferriss on Self-Quantification, Agile Startups, and Deconstructing Complex Skills [Interview]


Tim Ferriss is a man who needs no introduction (especially after introducing himself to Tech Cocktail in 2011).  The last time we caught up with the Four Hour Mastermind, we learned of his involvement with WellnessFX, a San Francisco-based, health diagnostics startup.    This Thursday, in conjunction with WellnessFX, Ferriss will be presenting on the topic… Read more »

Gary Vaynerchuk on Spitting Out $3,000 Wine, Real Salesmanship, and the Future of Marketing [Interview]

gary vaynerchuk

Few people command a room quite like Gary Vaynerchuk, a widely-renowned wine aficionado through his days at Wine Library TV, the author of a pair of NY Times Best Selling Books – Crush It and The Thank You Economy, CEO at VaynerMedia, and a noted new technology/social media visionary. But above all the accolades, the (not-so) secret behind… Read more »

Startup Canada Aims to Kickstart Canadian Startup Scene


It’s not too often that you find anyone talking about the American startup scene. Rather, entrepreneurial loyalty lies with “the New York startup scene” or “the Chicago startup scene” or sometimes “the Midwest scene.” But Canada is different. With a smaller startup scene that gets less press, the whole country has a sense of brotherhood:… Read more »

Chicago Starters Learn Lessons, Look Good at Stock Manufacturing Co.


The realization that a startup just isn’t working is a tough one.  Startup blogs far and wide claim that sticking to it and persevering through adversity are key ingredients to success.  And while that is certainly true, sometimes it just isn’t working. That’s what Jim Snediker and Jason Morgan faced when they decided to step… Read more »

Pheed The World: An Interview with Pheed CEO OD Kobo


Last week, I had the opportunity to chat with OD (pronounced “Oh-dee”) Kobo, founder and CEO of the latest social network to grab the world’s attention — Pheed. Pheed is a free social media platform, based out of Los Angeles, that launched on October 12th. The accompanying iPhone app was released a month later, making its way… Read more »

Charlie Firestone of the Aspen Institute: Critical Technology Policies That Are Being Debated Now


Charlie Firestone will be a panelist at DCWEEK for “The New Economy: Technology for Social Impact.” He is the executive director of the Communications & Society Program at the Aspen Institute. DCWEEK is a week-long festival co-produced by Tech Cocktail and iStrategyLabs. Get your tickets here. Tech Cocktail: What is the Aspen Institute’s Communications & Society… Read more »

Tom Davidson Shares a Peek into Life at EverFi


Tom Davidson will be a featured speaker at DCWEEK. He is the cofounder and CEO of EverFi, which helps teach and test students in critical life skills. DCWEEK is a week-long festival co-produced by Tech Cocktail and iStrategyLabs. Get your tickets here. Tech Cocktail: How has EverFi evolved since you began, and what is the big… Read more »

Melinda Wittstock: Startup Crowdfunding Can Be a Game-Changer


Melinda Wittstock will be a panelist at DCWEEK for “Crowdfunding: Exciting New Hope for Entrepreneurs?” She is the founder of NewsiT, a crowdsourced approach to news that lets readers create and contribute to content. DCWEEK is a week-long festival co-produced by Tech Cocktail and iStrategyLabs. Get your tickets here. Tech Cocktail: How does NewsiT use the… Read more »