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Tech Cocktail

Jack-of-All-Trades or Master of One?


Whenever I meet with a VC firm, one of the first topics they address is, “What is the potential market opportunity? How big is this market size?” This takes us down the inevitable rabbit hole of specialization versus generalization. Do we focus on a single vertical, or do we create a general product that can… Read more »

Sell Before You Build to Get $1,000 in Recurring Revenue


Many startups aim to be billion-dollar companies, yet they die away without having made a single dollar. Everyone’s so eager to be the next Apple, Google, or Facebook – companies that are worth billions and billions of dollars – that they forget to make their first $1,000. That first $1,000 can be your toughest, but… Read more »

Fortique: A digital boutique for your creative fortes


Fortique is the Etsy for event planners, photographers,  interior and graphic designers, and more. From emerging freelancers to established small businesses, members gets their own digital storefront that features their unique story, portfolio, client reviews and the option to contact them for your next wedding, corporate event or brand re-launch. In planning to throwing an exquisite 30th birthday… Read more »

Content Marketing Simplified: Win Big with Good Work


Editor’s Note: This blog post has been excerpted from an article that was originally published on the blog.  Whether you’re running a startup or leading an established company, getting your brand noticed in today’s increasingly “noisy” digital environment can be a challenge. Old marketing paradigms – like traditional media buys and banner ads – simply don’t… Read more »

9 Can’t Miss Methods For Getting Publicity

How to get publicity

The following answers are provided by the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invite-only organization comprised of the world’s most promising young entrepreneurs. In partnership with Citi, the YEC recently launched #StartupLab, a free virtual mentorship program that helps millions of entrepreneurs start and grow businesses via live video chats, an expert content library and email… Read more »

What Do I Stand for? How to Define and Communicate Your Purpose-Driven Brand


Consumers are presented with seemingly limitless opportunities for spending their money:  brick-and-mortar, Amazon, Apple, Zappos, and more. How do you set your company apart from the rest? How do you convince potential customers to choose your business over all the other options? How do you differentiate in what feels like an overwhelming sea of sameness?… Read more »

8 Experiential Marketing Tips for Startups


Bootstrapping startups spend endless hours creating extravagant online and social media marketing campaigns to build brand recognition, and for good reason: they are an inexpensive way to spread word of the company to their target audience. Notwithstanding traditional and non-traditional media marketing avenues, entrepreneurs need to expand their approach to include experiential marketing and make… Read more »

5 Ways to Optimize for SEO


If you are a startup, SEO is one of your cost-effective channels for increasing traffic.  Chances are, with all the recent changes (Penguin, Google+) you haven’t had a chance to optimize for the latest development.  The following five tips can help you get your SEO strategy up-to-date quickly: 1.  Utilize Your Keyword Placements When it comes… Read more »

Too Much Signal Turns Marketing Into Noise


Many of the startups in our 50,000+ membership roll have asked our team for some advice on social media marketing. Many of the founders ask, “How can I get more visibility for my startup?” and, “What are some tricks for rapid social media or viral marketing?” There is actually a simple process for this, but two… Read more »

Mobile Mind Shift: Opportunity or Threat?


Do you remember the last time you finished breakfast without knowing the day’s weather, sports scores, and headlines? What about giving up on an argument over movie trivia because you couldn’t recall an actor’s name? Can you remember ever being unaware of what was happening in the lives of your friends and co-workers on a… Read more »

How Would You Spend an Extra $1,000 on Marketing?


Imagine this: someone hands your startup a check for $1,000. Their only stipulation? You have to use it on “marketing.” Turns out, entrepreneurs can get pretty creative with what they consider marketing. Here are some of the best ways they would spend that extra thousand. Stunts “Probably buy a sign on one of those trucks… Read more »

Star Power: Is a Celebrity Investor Right for Your Tech Startup?


These days, being “rich and famous” isn’t just about penning the top song on the radio or starring in a blockbuster film. Now, it’s about investing those profits in a stellar underground tech startup and doubling your net worth when you help break it into the mainstream. Is this rare? Hardly. After all, Bono made… Read more »

6 Mistakes to Avoid When You Make an Infographic


Great news! Infographics now “count” as an SEO tool, and recent algorithm changes allow infographics to be scanned for SEO keywords. This just made things a lot easier for many businesses, considering more people are prone to looking at images rather than reading articles. After all, it’s much easier to scan a graph about obesity… Read more »

Should Your Startup Be HubSpotting?


HubSpot reminded us all of its industry dominance in the inbound marketing arena with the recent release of its State of Inbound Marketing report. To summarize the 164-page report (…no, I did not read it all): Inbound marketing is growing. More companies are adopting its methodology as well as the philosophy behind it – namely, that… Read more »

Don’t Work for a Startup with Market Apathy

Startup job search

Have you ever thought about market apathy? This is my phrase for a startup founder or team that is so focused on product that they forget or do not consider the emotional choices of the market they want to serve. How can this be true? It’s a lot truer than you think. Earlier today, I… Read more »