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Social Media Is for Humans, Not Brands

humans brands social media

This post includes extra content from Startup Mixology, my upcoming book on starting up – including how to prepare yourself for the harsh reality and celebrate positive moments along the way. Go here to pre-order the book (due July 8) and subscribe to updates! From Brian Solis to Rohit Bharava to Seth Godin, social media experts seem to agree… Read more »

10 Ways Your Email Pitch Is Offending Journalists 

pitch to journalists

In my career as a tech startup journalist, I’ve probably seen over 10,000 pitches. And as much as I love entrepreneurs and all that they represent, I can’t help being offended by many of them. I don’t like being offended, and I’m sure you don’t like the results of my being offended, so here are… Read more »

9 Blog and Content Marketing Tools You Will Use Everyday


Creating content isn’t an easy job, and I’m glad, because then everyone would want to do it. I have been creating quality content for over a decade, and am glad to finally see the focus shifting from quantity to quality all over the Internet. It’s nice that companies have finally become aware that they can’t… Read more »

8 Tips for Drawing a Crowd at Your Next Trade Show


Attendance at trade shows is on the rise, so setting up a booth at one of these events can be a great way to market your business or product. However, it is important to take certain steps to ensure that you are drawing in a large crowd to your event and exhibit. By employing a… Read more »

Are Marketing Technology Startups Taking Over?


The marketing technology space is evolving, thanks to various software marketers now have at their fingertips to help make their job simpler and better. The “marketing technology landscape” is evolving all the time. Scott Brinker, chief blogger at, has created three versions of this landscape, starting in 2011. His latest versions have improved the… Read more »

Rude vs. Respectful Ads, and the Technology Behind Them


Ads shouldn’t steal your time. Ads shouldn’t distract you. And ads shouldn’t be useless. Online publishing used to be a simple, profitable business, where an advertiser paid to put their ads in front of a given audience. Advertisers got what they wanted: consumers; and publishers got what they wanted: a stable cash flow that supported… Read more »

To Increase Sales Revenue, Use Big Data, Social Selling and These 5 Insights


We are living in the era of Big Data. The volume and variety of data that is available to marketers today from internal sales records and public records, sophisticated web analytics applications, social media, and a multitude of other sources, is matched only by the staggering velocity at which this information has been growing and changing. According… Read more »

How to Market Your Startup with Instagram


Each month, there are about 200 million active users on Instagram, sharing 20 billion photos. More than 2,500 brands are on Instagram, and 1.2 billion photos are liked each day. This popularity has caused savvy marketers to look to Instagram for getting their brands in front of consumers. If you’d like to start leveraging Instagram for… Read more »

The Do’s and Don’ts of Developing Mobile Business Apps


Mobile is the new language of commerce, marketing, communication, and entertainment, so businesses assume that moving into the world of apps is the key to remaining relevant. But marketers and professionals are often left with the question: Do mobile apps increase revenue? The answer seems far from a simple yes or no. Multiple factors, such… Read more »

The 2 Things Email Marketing Experts Are Doing in 2014

email marketing

Every new year, marketing managers, analysts, and pundits across the globe make predictions about the most popular trends to come in email marketing. Based on early statistics, the top priorities for real email marketing managers in 2014 are 1) increasing subscriber engagement and 2) expanding the use of list segmentation. Overall email marketing usage While… Read more »

Charitweet Wants to Make Donating Less Annoying

Charitweet 1

Making a donation to your favorite charity to support a cause you’re passionate about should be a seamless process, right? For some reason, sometimes it’s not. The process can be tedious, and not as spontaneous as people’s willingness to give. Charitweet is an online platform that uses the short and easy concept of Twitter to make donations… Read more »

How Machine Learning Can Improve Customer Interaction


The one thing most businesses strive for is to make sure their customers are happy. In the past, the approach to this was fairly simple, engaging the customer through cheerful face-to-face interaction and seeing to all their needs personally. But as technology advances, more and more business dealings are taking place online, away from the… Read more »