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5 Tips To Make Email Marketing Work For You


Whether you are a startup or a large enterprise, when it comes to marketing, your business focuses on optimizing your spend on each channel to maximize your return. Well, here’s the truth about email marketing – when used correctly, it’s the cheapest online channel that a business can have. Your email channel has a direct line of… Read more »

Are You Blind Blogging?


We live in a blog-happy society. If you’re reading this, chances are you have at least one blog that you contribute to, if not outright call your own. You might blog as a way of organizing your thoughts or to keep a digital diary. You might blog to share advice. You might blog to gain… Read more »

6 No-Cost Ways to Cross-Promote Your Startup


If you’re trying to promote a startup on a shoestring budget, consider cross-promotion. Find another business with a similar clientele to partner with, and promote your products or services together. While some cross-promotion plans can cost money, there are plenty of ways to do it for free or at a very low cost. The key… Read more »

The Secret to Inbound Marketing: Caring


Inbound marketing is a tactical game. Building keyword-focused content, sharing it via specific outlets at specific times, mastering SEO, and generating and nurturing leads all can be measured rather precisely. Unfortunately, going through the motions isn’t going to make a marked impact on your business. Sure, you’ll see vanity metrics improve, but it’s highly unlikely that… Read more »

Your Early Adopters Should Be Your Initial Marketing Strategy


Early adopters carry no baggage and come with no preconceived idea of what your product should or should not do. They are the best at breaking what you have built, and giving you honest feedback on what you are doing right and wrong. They have no skin in the game; therefore, they will give you something worth its weight in gold:… Read more »

QueSocial Finds Your Social Media ROI


QueSocial uses training, CRM integrations, incentives, and performance metrics to empower employee social media usage to engage prospects, job candidates, and custom audiences. According to the Chicago based startup, they are the ‘first social business platform to extend beyond marketing and outside the firewall to help companies and employees convert their social media activity into measurable business outcomes.’… Read more »

Does Creating Content Lead to Greater Market Share?


Online gurus consistently give the same piece of advice to startups over and over again: Become market leaders. To achieve this, they say, you should produce as much content as possible and distribute it everywhere. Record yourself speaking in a video (that’s YouTube – done), split the audio and upload it to iTunes (that’s a… Read more »

Get Startup Advice on Skype in the Workspace

Skype Workspace

Yesterday, Skype publicly launched Skype in the Workspace, a social network for businesses to connect with customers and mentors. The site is very basic: just a list of “opportunities” that other businesses have posted. For example, some ask questions or offer their services. The idea is that interested users would connect with the businesses on… Read more »

4 Tips for Mobile App Marketing


It isn’t always easy to make an app famous. With over 1.35 million smartphone apps across iOS and Android, and a rapidly growing tablet market, there’s a veritable sea – nay, ocean – of apps competing for attention. So how do you grow from just another little fish in a big pond, to a superstar?… Read more »

Social Marketing Through Facebook’s Open Graph and Social Promotion: Extole


Consumer-to-consumer marketing, word of mouth, earned media – whatever you call it, it is a powerful influencer related to purchasing. A Neilsen study earlier this year found that “ninety-two percent of consumers around the world say they trust earned media, such as word-of-mouth and recommendations from friends and family, above all other forms of advertising… Read more »

The Hair Stylist’s Syndrome

the hair stylists syndrome

“Ok, so what are we doing today?” Let’s not mince words, this is one of the most terrifying questions that can be asked, and unfortunately I hear it once every 6 weeks (give or take).  I refer to, of course, the question offered by my hair stylist inquiring as to how I’d like my ‘do… Read more »

Increase Video Sharing By Fixing “Premature Video Boredom”


Videos are important to your marketing strategy, but the ability to easily share them is much more important. Video sharing took a giant leap forward with the launch of YouTube in 2005. With over 2 billion views daily, which encompass 83% of the US Internet audience according to comScore, YouTube has solidified video as the… Read more »

Startup DC Pitch to Win Competition


The DC regional startupland is producing startups that are all about changing the world. Everybody is hearing about LivingSocial, OPower, and HelloWallet, but what about all the other great startups that are ready for their moment to shine? If you enter the Startup DC Pitch to Win Competition, then you could win free entry to… Read more »

5 Ways to Break Through the Monotony of Startup Marketing


If you look for underlying commonalities between iconic marketing campaigns throughout history, you won’t find many. Humor, sex, emotion, even blatant offenses have been used to create legendary campaigns. One distinct commonality, however, is that they disregard accepted standards of their time. Great marketing forces you to take notice because it’s plain different. Marketing, like… Read more »