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Flatiron School Brings Coding to High School Students in Miami

coding school

New York City’s coding school for web and mobile development, Flatiron School, is partnering with Palmer Trinity School to offer courses to local high school students. Flatiron Pre-College Academy at Palmer Trinity will be the first program of its kind in Miami, providing students aged thirteen through eighteen with hands-on training and inspiring them to explore… Read more »

The Top 33 Coding Bootcamps

dev bootcamp

Last night, Switchup released a list of the top coding bootcamps around the world in 2014. The list takes into account factors like reviews on the Switchup platform, price, location, and job support. You’ll also find helpful information there on how to choose the best coding bootcamp for you. (Switchup provides resources for people who… Read more »

3 London Entrepreneurs Take Their Hobby to Profit

entrepreneur passion

According to recent statistics published in the Guardian, the past three years have seen more entrepreneurs embroiled in the small business journey than ever. Unfortunately, few would question the likelihood of the future steering them through choppy waters. Right now, the gloomy talk around the subjects of disappointing global growth forecasts and startup failure is… Read more »

Working Remotely Will Improve Your Sex Life

remote work

One of the benefits of working remotely is that you tend to be on your own schedule. You can take breaks when you want, have a snack, go take a walk, and…have sex? FlexJobs recently released a survey on how flexible jobs affect health, happiness, and relationships, and 42% of respondents said that a flexible job… Read more »

Monk Says Listening to Justin Bieber Is Evil

Justin Bieber evil

“I love Justin Bieber,” a 29-year-old Buddhist monk tells me, robed in orange, holding up his smartphone. But he thinks listening to Justin Bieber is evil – an example of “craving mind,” a Buddhist mindset of wanting and desire that ultimately leads to pain. Somehow, I (and I suspect millions of others) know exactly what he’s… Read more »

Building Brand Advocacy: It’s More Than a Facebook Strategy

brand advocates

Creating brand advocates is an established goal of social media strategy for businesses, and with good reason. Advocates are 50% more influential in driving sales than other customers, with one study showing that 17.5% of sales were attributable to brand advocates. Frequently organizations target and nurture relationships with brand advocates through conversations on social media…. Read more »

Respect the Programmer’s Arc: The Care and Feeding of Developers

Programmer's Arc

There is inherent value in communicating respect, especially in early startup teams. A recipe for failure, but one so often repeated, looks like this: Wantrepreneur has a great idea. Starts a company, becomes CEO. Hunts for someone to build the idea. Hires CTO. Doesn’t understand why the CTO is always saying “no.” CTO and CEO… Read more »

5 Ways to Increase Conversions Using User Personas

user persona

Creating a new paid search campaign is quite easy, but did you know how difficult it is to identify your target audience? Buyer personas are vital in any marketing campaign, even though they have not been given the attention they deserve. More often than not, marketing companies go full swing into a PPC campaign without having an… Read more »

Essential Home Office Hardware for Freelancers

home office tools

A lot of people think the set up costs for an online freelancing business are virtually none. After all, you already have a computer, internet access, and a phone – and that is enough to do your job, right? Well, if you have to you can get by with these things alone, but you will… Read more »

How the Agile Approach Drives Innovation

agile project management

The workload of any project manager is rather heavy, but this is particularly so in the IT industry, where dynamic decision making and innovation is critical to product development. This makes the traditional “Waterfall” project management style unsuitable for such an environment. So how can IT project managers or team leaders effectively manage company priorities,… Read more »

Your Book’s Website Is Useless without Basic SEO

basic seo

The only thing that’s constant is change, especially when it comes to SEO. For the past few years, the buzzword for online marketing is the so-called Search Engine Optimization. The process was a bit simple. Marketers will optimize the client’s site to achieve greater campaign outcome. They, they will assign specific keywords that will be… Read more »

5 Ways to Manage Your Company with Today’s Tools

management tools

If your team is still only using email for team management and to coordinate projects, you might be a little behind the times. It’s 2015. It’s time to replace old, outdated software and methods with apps that can help your team work better together. Here are a few old programs it might be time to… Read more »

Leveraging Big Data for Your E-Commerce Startup

Leveraging Big Data for Your E-Commerce Startup

One of the most difficult elements for new entrepreneurs and their fledgling companies is finding a way to compete against the big budgets and established brands of major corporations. This is particularly true for those looking to carve out a piece of the pie in the E-commerce market, where they have to go against some… Read more »

US STEM Education Is Still Mediocre

STEM Education

A recent Pew Research Center survey suggests that the American public might be a bit deluded about the quality of our STEM education. 29% of Americans still rate our K-12 STEM education as above average or the best in the world, as do 16% of scientists. Meanwhile, in a ranking of 64 countries, we place… Read more »