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Tech Cocktail

Top 8 Last-Minute Tech Gifts for Your Employees

Holiday Gift Guide

Searching for the perfect gift, especially at the last minute, can sometimes be a big challenge during the holiday season. As a manager or the CEO of your startup, you want to find a way to show your employees how much you appreciate their hard work and dedication to your company. To thank them this… Read more »

D.C. Challenge Cup Points to Trends Among Tech Startups

challenge cup

This post was previously published on The Challenge Cup News by author Emily Brown.  Today’s tech startup space differs from the one that created the tech bubble—and bust—in the 1990s. Entrepreneurs now pitch their tech products to an informed audience that uses technology daily; they can’t just roll out a fancy-sounding “dot com.” Today, innovations… Read more »

Watch Out for Convertible Notes

Convertible Notes

I’ve written before about the merits of convertible equity for the startup. Recently, I heard about companies that took convertible notes as bridge loans, so I thought it useful to again highlight the potential pitfalls. As you know, a convertible note is a form of a loan. Typically it is converted into stock of the… Read more »

8 Important Hiring Trends for 2014


With 2014 quickly approaching, it’s time to take a look at what’s in store for the future of the recruiting industry. Hiring experts are starting to predict the most important factors in hiring and the way recruitment efforts should change in the new year. Here are eight of the most important hiring trends you should… Read more »

5 Ways to Implement Change in Your Startup


Throughout the life of your startup, you’ll be forced to implement new ideas to improve your culture, management, employee relations, and the overall success of the company. Especially as a manager or founder of a startup, you’re constantly faced with the challenge of maintaining innovation while simultaneously keeping your competitive edge. Implementing change in the… Read more »

13 Tips to Avoid Bad Luck in Startupland


Over the past three years, my team and I have been on a mission to empower and support entrepreneurs in the earliest stages of starting and operating their companies. The following musings are shared to support the efforts of founders, and help startup operators to avoid or reduce stressful situations. 1) “A Team” Members Only… Read more »

3 Things Startups Can Learn From Beyonce’s Surprise Album Release


Honestly, I have to hand it to Beyonce because gurl.can.werk. She pulled a fast one on the world and dropped an entire album on iTunes overnight. Literally, there is an entire album with 14 new songs on iTunes right now. What makes this album release so remarkable is that Queen Bey made absolutely zero announcements about it… Read more »

Jason Fried Rants about Modern Web Design


Jason Fried, the cofounder of 37signals, concluded Tech Cocktail Sessions Chicago last week with a critique of modern, slick web design. We’ll let Fried speak for himself: Fried: “I’m actually really interested in less perfect things these days. I think there’s a bad trend going on in web design, specifically in application design, which is everything… Read more »

25 Warning Signs That You Might Be An Entrepreneur

25 warning signs entrepreneur

The line between insanity and entrepreneurship is razor thin (and at times, non-existent).  Envisioning a world that no one else sees can accurately describe both camps.  In an effort to build this alternate reality, entrepreneurs forfeit many of the common lifestyle “luxuries” granted by a normal 9-5. When it comes to sleeping under your desk,… Read more »

Tony Hsieh Thinks the Downtown Project Can Serve as Blueprint for Future Cities


According to Tony Hsieh, 50 percent of the human population now lives in cities – a number that will only increase–to 75 percent–in our lifetime. The number is important, and it’s a motivating statistic that’s helping to mold the direction of the Downtown Project in Las Vegas. During his talk at Tech Cocktail Celebrate, Hsieh talks about… Read more »

The Series A Crunch Demystified


My startup Speek is making free conference calls fast and easy. Speek has raised nearly $3 million in seed funding from a blend of angel investors and VC’s. We are currently going through the process of closing our Series A round. I’d like to give you a perspective of the “Series A Crunch” from the… Read more »

5 Ways Tech Entrepreneurship is Impacting Politics


Reading the news may give you the feeling U.S. politics is in a pretty despairing place — there’s high national and student debt, frequent bipartisan gridlock, and steady unemployment. But there’s also hope for increasing civic engagement — and it’s being fueled by tech entrepreneurship. Internet access is increasing steadily across the world, and in… Read more »

Learning Customer Development the Hard Way

Customer development

I thought I was done with startups after 5Degrees, my previous venture, fell apart. The hard landing, foregone income, and daily ambiguity were draining. Before I got involved in another venture, I wanted to make sure that there was a defined need we were solving for first – this meant a robust customer development process… Read more »