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Piggyback is Crowdsourcing Drivers to Provide On-Demand, Same-Day Item Shipping


Have you ever ordered something online and came close to opting for picking it up in-store? Convenient, yes; however, sometimes it’s just easier to wait several days to get the item delivered directly to us. Regardless of whether some of us are Type-As or are just genuinely lazy, there will come moments when there’s simply no way we’re going to commute 30 minutes to pick something up from a shop in a section of the city that’s more than 20 feet away from our apartment or office. Well, congrats, you torpid beings, because Piggyback Technologies will allow other people to do the pick-up for you.

Piggyback provides an on-demand, same-day shipping service for any items that traditionally require consumers to physically pick up items from the store themselves. With Piggyback, purchases made online can now be delivered directly to consumers and in the same day in which the order was made.

“Same-day shipping within the online retail industry in the USA is estimated to grow rapidly within a short term. Premier online retailers are witnessing a growing number of in store pick-ups from online purchases,” says founder John Renison.

Similar to Chicago’s WeDeliver, Piggyback is able to provide this same-day, on-demand delivery through crowdsourcing. The company brings on “Delivery Buddies” in the same vein as Uber, who respond to delivery queries that fall close to their normal, daily transit route, and want to make a little extra money making the delivery. Aside from making deliveries for online orders requiring in-store pick-up, Piggyback drivers can delivery essentially anything that needs to be delivered same-day.

Currently, the company is operating in San Diego. The Piggyback app – which coordinates all of the delivery requests – is available for Android users, with an iOS release coming in the near future.

Piggyback was recently featured at Tech Cocktail Week.  


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