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Tech Cocktail

Top 10 Android Home Screen Launchers


One of the motifs I continually touch upon when it comes to Android trumping iOS is the serious lack of customization options to be found on the iOS platform. Partly due to the lack of third-party developers, and partly due to the fact that iOS forbids aesthetic changes, this week’s focus lies solely on Android… Read more »

The 7 Best Music Apps You’re Not Using


Last week, I wrote about Timbre, a music app that allows users to discover live music from local and popular musicians based on their current location. Well, here are some other cool music apps that you probably don’t know about (but should be using). Lanyard If you go to a lot of live music events, then… Read more »

Verbal Applications: Human-Based Product Development


At what point does designing a product become less about the research and more about fulfilling the human need? For the three founders of Verbal Applications, this is precisely the issue they faced when developing their first product. Verbal Applications is the startup behind Verbal Care, a platform that enables caregivers to communicate with patients suffering… Read more »

Top 10 Android Widgets


Widgets have long been a staple that Android users have been able to hold over the heads of iOS supporters. And while there were a few rumors circulating that iOS 7 may include fully customizable widgets, the reality is that Apple has left them out once again. That being said, even if iOS were to incorporate widgets… Read more »

MouseHouse: Using Modern Technology to Improve Lab Efficiency


Science is about discovery and innovation. That’s why it’s surprising to learn from Umar Khokhar, an MD/PhD candidate at the University of Chicago, that most life science labs still depend on archaic tools like paper and Excel to keep track of their data. For Khokhar, this disconnect between ethos and practice was bothersome enough for him to… Read more »

AskMore: Making Q&A Sessions at Events Less Boring


As a conference organizer, Justin Lynch admits to hating having to deal with Q&A sessions. Mainly, these sessions have a tendency to fall off track, ultimately leading to wasted time. Part of the issue behind this inefficiency, he thinks, is accessibility to the speaker – there are several factors that prevent the right questions from… Read more »

Top 10 Android Communication Apps


One of the primary uses for the smartphone is communications. At a base level, that means phone calls, web browsing, text messaging, and emailing. However, when you extend the thought of communications deeper, you see that it also applies to the way our devices communicate with each other: tethering, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. There are generalized… Read more »

Timbre: An App for Localized Live Music Discovery


Going to live concerts is a treasured pastime, pursued by One Direction-teens and Billy Joel-Gen X-ers alike; indeed, going to live music events is the raison d’être for some. But there’s a lot of music out there, and it’s easy to get into this habit of only attending shows for bands or musicians with which we’re familiar. Where’s… Read more »

8 Innovative Health Apps to Help You Lose Weight


In all of 2013, it is expected that Americans will spend approximately $2.4 billion on weight loss services. Although not as expensive as Alex Wildenstein’s $2.5 billion divorce settlement, it’s certainly nothing to scoff at. According to the Boston Medical Center, it’s estimated that 45 million Americans diet each year; yet, more than one-third of US adults and nearly… Read more »

The Quantified Soul: A Guide to the Best Habit and Mood Tracking Apps


Self-knowledge through numbers – the idea that self-quantification tools can help us understand more about ourselves, ultimately leading us to improve our daily functioning and quality of life. This concept of the “quantified self” was made popular by Wired editors Gary Wolf and Kevin Kelly, just a few years back. Since then, we’ve seen an increase in technologies –… Read more »

Top 10 Android Exclusive Productivity Apps


The whole point of the mobile smartphone is to take computer-level power with you wherever you go. As a result, we expect to be able to do the same things on our phone that we could do on our computers. Productivity, then, becomes almost central to our daily lives. When it comes to productivity apps,… Read more »

Top 10 Android Entertainment Apps


Too long have the Android users of the world lived in the shadow of the iOS platform. It seems that developers love to go with iOS over Android more often than not, but when we chose to bring home our Galaxy Note II or HTC One, we knew deep down that the future belongs to the… Read more »