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Top 10 Android Devices


You all have joined me on a wonderful journey over the last eight weeks as I dug up some of the hottest Android-exclusive apps around. It has brought me great joy to bring all of you apps that may never see the light of day on the iOS platform. But I was thinking the other day, what… Read more »

News Media is Dead: Why Mobile Strategy Matters


Hey, news media, here’s a reality check for you: improve your mobile strategy or die. In March of this year, the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism published its annual report on the “State of the News Media.” Unsurprisingly, the report shows what most of us already knew: news media is dying, and it’s… Read more »

Macaw, the Code-Savvy Web Design Tool Raises $175K+ on Kickstarter


Building beautiful websites is mastering the art of both design and front-end development. Web designers must focus on crafting beautiful, intuitive websites while developers meticulously bring these elements to life through lines of code. Out of all of the web design tools out there, not one seamlessly integrates these two processes. With existing tools, you… Read more »

The Top 10 Android Games

top Android games

Whatever the productive and daily uses for our Android device, there remains one constant for wasting time: playing games. Nothing beats a great mobile game to burn time on your cross-country flight, alleviate the headache at the DMV, or to take your mind off the stress of the day before bed. There are a lot… Read more »

You’re Abandoning Your Dog! How iCPooch Can Help


Since the publication of my first product review, my inbox has dealt with a surfeit of email from my animal kindred and their human companions alike. While many commended my efforts on finally giving a voice to tech-savvy pets, others provided insight into the bizzare psyches of sentient beings. “Supernal dog, how dost thou write?” “I… Read more »

Yopine, Real-time Social Polling App To Launch Version 2.0


Yopine is the simple, quick and social way to curate decisions and opinions based on real-time and hyperlocal polls and brainstorms. Soon, they will be launching their latest version 2.0 app with segmented contacts, Facebook and Twitter integration and more. Where should we go for lunch? What should I get mom for her birthday? There… Read more »

Five Mysteries of Apple iOS 7 Interface


The new Apple operating system – iOS 7 – was officially released on September 18. It has received a significant amount of innovation and new features, but some of them cause confusion among users. No, the system does not become less functional, but some of its features need explanations. iOS 7 has quite a lot… Read more »

Top 10 Android Shopping Apps


Some of us tend to overlook the shopping category when we think about innovative and helpful apps, but thankfully there are a lot of developers out there who do think of it and develop shopping apps accordingly. And when it comes to these shopping apps, users will see that iOS brings some meager options to… Read more »

Why Inbox Could Topple WhatsApp’s Dominance in Mobile Messaging


Since its release in 2009, WhatsApp has dominated the OTT (over-the-top) mobile messaging industry both globally and within the United States. With the recent release delay of BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) for iOS and Android, the (once-)popular messaging service finally attempts a comeback in the US market – but is it too litte, too late for BBM to rediscover its footing in… Read more »

Smartphones With Best Battery Life


The fact that smartphones can perform a number of completely different functions means that a lot of their specs and features are interesting to some people, but close to useless to others. For instance, while someone may appreciate a good camera and be prepared to pay quite a bit for a phone equipped with the… Read more »

3 Problems With Self-Storage That Clutter Aims to Solve


Self-storage is the worst. I think this is because it creates the illusion of convenience: extra space to store my crap? 24-hour accessibility? It’s only located one mile away? Um, duh, of course I’ll get one; I have all of this extra crap that I can’t keep in my apartment, but I don’t want to… Read more »

Y.CO Domain Name Sold to Y.CO Luxury Yacht Company


Today, Y.CO became the first luxury brand to acquire a single-letter .CO domain,, following in the footsteps of companies like Google (, Twitter (, and Amazon ( Y.CO is a yachting company, with services to help you sell, purchase, charter, manage, and build yachts. Around 1,100 yachts are available to charter around the world,… Read more »

VoteGiant is Re-Imagining the Online Survey Game


Talk about writing under pressure. VoteGiant, a mobile survey solution that was designed to collect immediate feedback at or during an event, has constructed a survey ballot for all of you readers to evaluate this very article. Brandi Scharrer, CEO, and the rest of the team at VoteGiant conducted extensive research into the current world… Read more »

Will the IPhone Fingerprint Scanner Pose a Security Risk?


If you purchased the iPhone 5 earlier this year, you’re probably kicking yourself. If only you had waited a few months, you could use that upgrade for the much-anticipated iPhone 5S. Now you’ll pay either full price for your new device or you’ll have to wait until your next upgrade becomes available. The iPhone 5S… Read more »

Take Virtual Tours of College Campuses with Campuscene


To illustrate the problem he’s solving, cofounder and CEO Dave Meyer of Campuscene starts out with two simple statistics. Only 50 percent of students who enroll in college complete their degree, he says. But 90 percent of students who drop out are in good academic standing. “Clearly, the problem is not that students can’t cut… Read more »

Top 10 Android Business Apps


If there is one unifying factor among the Android and iOS platforms, let it be business. We see business women and men split fairly evenly when it comes to picking a side in the smartphone and tablet debate, and each side has its respective strengths. However, the Android platform is still able to tip the… Read more »