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[Los Angeles's Hottest Showcasing Startup] Photovine Brings Your Facebook & Instagram Photos to Life


If a photo is worth a thousand words, what’s the going rate for a sleek photo aggregation app? Evidently the title of Los Angeles’s hottest showcasing startup. This was the fate for Photovine, the first app released from the Los Angeles-based app development startup, Silo Labs.  Based on the promise that “something cool is going to… Read more »

Muve Music from Cricket Wireless Helps Ghostface Killah and Sheek Louch “Pay Their Mortgage”


Cricket Wireless has been revolutionary in providing low-cost mobile phones and service to a targeted “urban” demographic. They were also one of the firsts to actually provide good mobile devices in the MVNO market – placing those looking for affordability on par with those who can afford to splurge on the latest device. Then they… Read more »

Phone2Action: Grassroots Advocacy from the Palm of Your Hand


Step 1: Write email to elected official. Step 2: Spend 15 minutes online determining to whom it should be sent. Step 3: Eat cheesecake to resolve any resulting frustration and confusion. Advocacy is an essential component of our political system. It is through advocacy that our elected officials learn of our concerns; without it, public… Read more »

Homesnap Uses Big Data and New Snap Feature to Build a Mobile Real Estate Platform


Washington, DC-based Homesnap is set to unveil a powerful new mobile real estate platform at SXSW Interactive. The company, which was formerly Sawbuck, is calling itself the first real estate platform built specifically for the mobile era. This launch integrates big data, mobile-friendly home search, and a built-in social graph – called “Snap” – which… Read more »

Meet Friends of Friends on Dating App Hinge


Ever catch yourself looking at a friend’s friends on Facebook or social media? Of course you have! We’ve all done it, but meeting someone through a friend means  – gasp – you actually have to ask for an introduction. Or worse: a friend attempts to sell you on an intro! Well now there’s Hinge, a new social… Read more »

TeamBuildr: Creating a Cyber Locker Room for Sports Team Success


One of the most important aspects in creating a successful sports team is consistency. That’s why TeamBuildr, an online strength and conditioning tool, plays an important role in helping team members make steady progress towards goals. TeamBuildr was conceived when its founders, Hewitt Tomlin and James Peters, experienced challenges in the off-season of their collegiate… Read more »

Improv Comedy Meets Instagram With SnapDash


You’re hiding from your ex at the bar.  Okay, not really.  But pretend like you were- after all, it’s being documented. This is the premise behind SnapDash, a new app for iOS (Android coming soon) that prompts subjects with humorous scenarios to be acted out under a 5-second camera timer.  The result is a quasi-Whose Line… Read more »

CNC Strategy Cloud Solutions: Developing simplified cloud-based business strategies for complicated problems


When a business grows too large, it sometimes starts to lose focus. Top tier executives may share a strong vision with their teams, but others in the company may end up clouding the overall company vision and execution. You’ve likely experienced the verbal game of “Telephone” where a message is passed from one to another… Read more »

Traffic App: Finding the right places – Where to eat and where to go from the people you trust


Recently, I’ve been looking in the cities around me for the best and most interesting places to eat. Looking through Yelp and Google Local is helpful, but these sites seem to fall on two sides of the spectrum: hot or not. Typically, the reviews are raving fans or raging disbelievers. Facebook’s sporadic profile status reviews are… Read more »

Restaurant Websites Faster Than You Can Say Bon Appetit


4.5 out of 5 stars with 620 reviews? Great. Open until 11pm and takes reservations? Even better. When hunger strikes, finding restaurants closeby is usually done on the go, but navigating mobile websites can make you feel like Odysseus, being tossed back and forth by a sea of page redirects and poorly sized images.  Fear… Read more »

Single and dating? An app for dating, flirting, and meeting new friends: partyline

partyline app

Sometimes the Internet can feel like a lonely place. Sure, there countless conversations that go on all around the net, but how many of those are interesting, and actually care about you from a relationship perspective? Don’t even bother using Facebook (aka Stalkerbook) or dating sites (everyone knows the pictures and descriptions are drastically misleading)…. Read more »

Life’s Scribe: Features Like Dictation Software Make Journaling Easy


Whether it’s celebrating getting your product to market, winning your first round of venture capital, or even getting your startup promoted through Tech Cocktail, being an entrepreneur means you’re going to create treasured memories. But as every entrepreneur knows, it’s often difficult to find time to capture those special moments in writing. That’s why Life’s… Read more »

Happiness: Battling Sadness, One Finger Swipe at a Time

Happiness app

Am I happy? It’s a question that surely lingers interminably on our minds. However, the bigger question is: why am I happy? That’s where the Happiness app comes in to help. Happiness is an iOS journal app with the primary goal of helping the user become more self-aware and thus “make better decisions [in life].”… Read more »