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Don’t Let Laundry Day Get the Best of you: Use Washio

laundry service

Laundry day: it’s the bane of my existence. How many times have you gotten super amped up to do laundry only to have something else pop up? “Oh, I’ll do it tomorrow,” you always say. But tomorrow turns into the next day, and the next, ad infinitum. I would bet anything on the fact that I’m… Read more »

Sindeo Gets $5M for Disruptive Mortgage Marketplace

mortgage lending sindeo

Sindeo successfully closed their $5 million Series A funding round led by Renren, one of China’s most prominent social networks; renren literally means “everyone” in Chinese.  In addition to the funding, cofounder and COO of Renren James Liu will be joining Sindeo’s Board of Directors to help keep their mortgage marketplace trending upwards. This current… Read more »

Bonnie Lee: Teaching Life Lessons via Digital Animals

Bonnie Lee

“I have always enjoyed creative writing and short stories. Being brought up in New York – the city opens itself up to one where everyone has a story to tell,” says Bonnie Lady Lee, founder of Bonnie Lee Apps. “I have always had a love for animals; The Bronx Zoo, The Central Park Zoo the… Read more »

What’s in a Domain Name? Howard Lefkowitz Stresses Brand Strength


What is the power in a name? In a keynote address at NamesCon, The Premier Internet Names Conference, Howard Lefkowitz shared his expertise in the travel and entertainment space as it relates to domain names. In a very interesting analysis, Lefkowitz points out that books .com, shoes .com, and even search .com are rarely used… Read more »

Stratasys Offers Free 3D Printing Course for Educators


Minneapolis-based company Stratasys is introducing a free, 3D printing curriculum for educators. The 3D printing company is offering a 14-week course online to help prepare secondary and post-secondary students for careers in the industry. Learning materials are free for educators and include a curriculum guide, supporting presentations, 3D models (STL files) and grading tools. “We notice a… Read more »

Should College Textbooks Go Digital?

digital college textbooks

As most twenty-somethings toting bachelor’s degrees and a boatload of debt will tell you, going to college is not a cheap undertaking these days. Of course, it’s not just the tuition that gets you. After you consider room and board, a beer budget, and some minor clothing expenses, you still have to deal with perhaps… Read more »

NMotion Accelerator to Capitalize on Changes in Lincoln

nmotion accelerator

On March 9, 2015 NMotion will be closing applications for this year’s class of startups who want to go through their accelerator program in Lincoln, Nebraska. Everything will officially kick off on April 27 and continuing for 13 weeks. The accelerator will focus on high-growth software and technology businesses in specific targeted industries of agriculture,… Read more »

This App Will Help You Stop Sending Embarrassing Texts

On Second Thought Messaging

Whether you were drunk or sober, sometime in the past each and every one of us has sent a text that we wish could’ve taken back. One of the paradoxes about our rapid development of technology and our attempts to make machines become more human is its propensity to act in opposition to our actual human initiative;… Read more »

Disrupting Ads and Alerts: Discover Howler


The Howler platform is designed to spread the word about small businesses. When Tech Cocktail’s Mixer and Startup Showcase visited Boston late last year, the Howler team won the Reader’s Choice award for best showcasing startup. And now, they’ve announced that their app is finally live in the app store. The concept is very easy… Read more »

Want, Need, Thank: Life in Perspective with an App

wants and needs

Wants and Needs helps users to see their life in perspective by pointing past their daily activity. Although I was skeptical at first about what such app could do for me, after using it, I realized that it would soon replace a cluttered desk full of overwhelming notes. This simple paid app for iPhone and iPad is far from… Read more »

Choosing a Bitcoin Wallet: The Basics

bitcoin wallet

If you want to use Bitcoin, one of the first decisions that you will have to make is which wallet you will be using to store your Bitcoin and make transactions. As Bitcoin is an electronic currency not controlled by a central authority, it allows any developer to create a wallet. It is important to… Read more »

Founder Dating from the Other Side of the World

founder dating

I personally do not recommend the whole idea of founder dating in its true essence, because it’s probably best to partner up with someone you know very well, most likely from your existing network. For those founders unable to find anyone in your network, then founder dating in some form is the only option left. So if you… Read more »

Improve Your Construction Business with These Apps

construction apps

As more industries become more tech-enabled, the diverse array of apps and management platforms is widened as well. This creates more opportunity for disruption and job creation as industries demand access to more competitive advantages. The construction industry continues to find improvement as new apps are created to support its tech needs. The folks at Window and Door… Read more »

A Social Network That Will Help You Learn a Language

Busuu: Social Network for Language Learning

In our globalized world, the Internet has became a very important tool – we get information from it, we shop using it, and we utilize the World Wide Web to learn. And our e-learning has been growing in recent years, with multiple sources now available enabling us to learn online for free. Bernhard Niesner, from… Read more »