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Candy Crush Introduces New Fashion Line with Zara Terez


The Candy Crush Saga gaming experience is coming to life as part of a new fashion line from Zara Terez. The Collection “Candy Crush” will include women’s full-length printed leggings, skirts and dresses, according to a press release. The line launched on October 21st and is giving people the chance the wear characters and candies… Read more »

President Obama Supports Net Neutrality and Why You Should Care


Update: Read FCC response to President Obama’s statement here. US President Barack Obama announced today his support for “free and open Internet” rules to ensure that no service is stuck in a “slow lane” without paying a fee. He urged the independent Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to “implement the strongest possible rules to protect net neutrality,” a… Read more »

Arkansas Startup Week Announces Events to Support Entrepreneurs

startup week

“Entrepreneurship is a right that everyone has the opportunity to pursue. The Arkansas Venture Center is going to be a place where we can support people who are bold enough to go after entrepreneurship.” -Jordan Carlisle, Little Rock Chamber of Commerce. Through startup acceleration, corporate innovation, and technical training programs, the AVC looks to support entrepreneurship in… Read more »

WeDeliver Locally Launches App to Support “Shop Local” Movement


Chicago based startup, WeDeliver, announced today that their newest product “WeDeliver Locally” is released to the public and available in the Apple Store for iOS and Google Play Store for Android. Locally is a mobile commerce app designed to help local businesses join the “shop local” movement that is sweeping the nation. Small Business Saturday is just… Read more »

Startups: 3 Ways to Extend Your Runway and Avoid Burning Cash

burning cash

According to a recent venture capitalist database survey, most startups run into problems because there is simply no demand for their product. But the second most common cause of startup failure is “ran out of cash”. If you’re running a startup that has a fit in the market and provides a genuinely useful service, you will want… Read more »

Why Are “Private Messaging” Apps Getting so Popular?


Today’s Internet users are getting more and more interested in their privacy and the right to retain it. But why is that? Surely those privacy-related scandals like the whole NSA and Edward Snowden situation play a very important role in this, but there must be other aspects behind this, which can maybe be explained by analyzing the Snapchat model…. Read more »

ThoughtCopter’s Lock-Bot Provides Peace-of-Mind for Sharing Economy


The ThoughtCopter team has 30 days left in its Kickstarter campaign to raise $100,000 for the Lock-Bot, an upgrade to the well-known lockbox that property owners have been using for years. What makes Lock-Bot different is that it takes advantage of a property’s Wi-Fi signal to create unique codes for each person authorized to access… Read more »

Rejjee Offers App to Register and Protect Valuables


93% of the estimated $50B in personal property lost or stolen in the US is never recovered, costing consumers and insurance companies billions in replacement purchases and/or claims for reimbursement. With Rejjee, consumers can report stolen goods faster, and the police get better data for tracking down and recovering property. This leads to lower replacement… Read more »

Logging Technology Revolutionizes an Ancient Practice


New logging processes integrate technology to get the job done, revolutionizing one of the oldest professions in the world. Logging is an ancient practice. Dating back to the boom of the Fertile Crescent — parts of the modern-day Middle East — organized or systemic logging has been used to supply architectural and infrastructure constructions. During… Read more »

Bitstrips Launches Bitmojis, Personalized Emojis


One day I went to sleep and everything was normal on Facebook. When I woke up the next morning, Bitstrips had taken over. If you’re not aware of what I’m talking about, Bitstrips is the company behind those little cartoon strips where people create cartoon images of themselves and their friends, and then add a… Read more »