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Tech Cocktail

Medallia and SXSW Do Some Good for Austin’s Homeless


Startup Medallia and Austin’s Foundation for The Homeless are teaming up to do some good at SXSW. Volunteers with ‘Donate Your Swag To The Homeless’ t-shirts stood outside the ACC and collected any extra swag, the multitide of gifts and giveaways that one gets at the festival, to help Austin’s homeless. T-shirts, caps, totes, sunglasses, lip balm, notebooks, pens and other office/school supply-type… Read more »

Why Titanium App Development is a Smart Move for Startups Who Need Apps


Developing mobile applications is a challenge for every professional developer. They need to focus on each elemental aspect, while coding applications that are responsive, functional and compatible. Covering the bases for every feature is not exactly an easy task, even for the most talented developers. That’s why the Titanium application framework has emerged as one of the best for extensive mobile… Read more »

Banjo Launches a Long-Awaited Web App at SXSW


After being mobile-first and mobile-only for years, Damien Patton’s Banjo unveiled a web app at SXSW today. Like the mobile app, the web app lets you explore places, activities, and people around you in real time – from SXSW to CPAC to Kiev – by pulling data from social media. Photos, videos, tweets, and more… Read more »

A Look Into the Future: 5G Network Speeds and When They’ll Arrive


Mobile networks constantly evolve. In the 1980s, when wireless technology began to go mainstream, the 1G (first generation) analog networks supported the bulky, brick-like mobile phones from that era. The 90s saw the introduction of 2G digital networks, when Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) moved mobile phones beyond voice transmission into data and text messaging. Around… Read more »

DollyDrive Offers Cloud Storage and Backup Solution for Mac Users


If you’ve been searching for an all-in-one cloud storage, sharing, syncing, and backup solution for your Apple products, then check out DollyDrive. This application’s backup feature allows users to schedule automatic backups to the cloud, and even create backups to a local drive. The origins of DollyDrive harken back to the 1980s, when founder Anthony… Read more »

Help Cure Cancer by Playing a Game

Play to Cure: Genes in Space

A clever gaming app called “Play To Cure: Genes in Space” is helping scientists with cancer research by having players analyze data from real patients.  The mobile app is a potential game-changer in that it uses gamers as crowdsourced labor in processing immense amounts of data at virtually no cost. Play To Cure was launched… Read more »

How to Build a Startup with Fabulous Customer Support


Before we launched our startup, my brother Gary and I were musicians who also bussed tables, waited on customers, and tended bar. You might say we paid our dues. Today, he and I are CEO and Chief of Culture of Mad Mimi, a company with about forty employees and 175,000 customers. In the early days,… Read more »

Simply Grid is Reducing Energy Costs and Cutting Pollution with On-Demand Electricity


In recent years, the United States has seen a rapid increase in the food truck and cart industry. And, while certainly an opportunity for entrepreneurial Saveur devotees (and the people whose appetites they fill), this explosion of growth necessitates an increased demand on energy and its consequent effects on the environment. I mean, it certainly can’t be… Read more »

Google’s Project Tango Phone Renders Real-Time Space-Motion; Is it Inspired by Batman?


Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight” is considered a cult superhero action movie, and–in my opinion–remains the most vivid and mesmerizing cinematic experience of recent years. So what drew me to this nostalgia about Bruce Wayne’s adventures, and what does superhero fiction have to do with the context here? Lucius Fox conceals his phone to map Lau’s location… Read more »

6 Cloud-based Tools For Creating Mobile & Web Apps


Living in the age of the web, it has become essential to create applications for both the web and mobile platforms. In order to build the best apps, you need the best tools. But, there are many tools available in the market, so it can be tricky deciding which one is the most appropriate. In this post, I have compiled… Read more »

5 Tips for a Successful Startup Recruitment Process

Recruitment Challenges

As a business owner, you know your employees play a crucial role in the growth of your organization, regardless of its operating size. Without a skilled team, your startup will not be able to implement its overall strategy or achieve its mission. Simply put, the growth of your startup is highly dependent on the employees you hire to fill each… Read more »