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Tech Cocktail

Moodsnap is Image-Based Music Discovery


Moodsnap wants to help you choose what music you want to hear – based on tapping the image that feels right. This product was designed for the instinct-driven, right-brain oriented music consumer. How many millions of songs are available at your fingertips on today’s music apps? It’s overwhelming to choose the music that is going… Read more »

Ping Your Friends, Forget Messaging Them


Are you suffering from communication jitters? The Ping app was just launched worldwide, and it could very well be the tool you need to help kick the communication habit. Not to say communicating with people is a bad thing though. Rather, Ping is a free, wordless communications app that enables you to minimize and refine… Read more »

The Fictionary is Maximizing the Potential of Custom, Kindle Dictionaries


Dave Byard, founder of The Fictionary, has built an interesting platform that is targeting a market some might call completely cornered by Amazon: the e-reader market. He’s not building a new piece of hardware, but rather innovating on the pre-installed dictionaries on said e-readers. The Fictionary is comprised of these little fictionaries, a term Byard created… Read more »

5 Entrepreneurial Lessons From Fashion Mogul Diane von Fürstenberg


Diane von Fürstenberg is a fashion disrupter and one of the world’s most successful designers. Her product, the “wrap dress,” revolutionized American women’s apparel in the ’70s. It offered women a versatile option —working as both a comfortable business dress and as elegant evening wear. She sold more than a million dresses in two years…. Read more »

Win $10K in Cash Prizes by Hacking a Museum


For years, museums have taken visitors on journeys through historical periods, but the tools are many times one-way means of experiencing cultural institutions (think of the audiobooks). But in the last few years, museums world-wide have been exploring digital and mobile technologies to create innovative ways to upgrade a visitor’s experience. It’s all about creating… Read more »

DC’s EverFi Teams Up with NAM to Launch Future Manufacturing Careers Initiative


EverFi, the Washington, D.C.-based education startup that utilizes technology to help teach students critical skills, has announced its partnership with the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) and its Manufacturing Institute to launch a national initiative aimed at developing and marketing career opportunities in the manufacturing field to students. “Manufacturing has undergone a dramatic transformation and now… Read more »

DreamIt Launches a Startup Accelerator for Women


Yesterday, DreamIt Ventures announced the launch of an accelerator for women founders called DreamIt Athena, which kicks off in Philadelphia next spring. DreamIt, which is ranked the #9 or #15 top startup accelerator depending whom you ask, believes they are the first top-tier accelerator to launch a program for women. “Access to a valuable network,… Read more »

International Startup Competitions & Why Your Startup Should Get Involved


For any budding startup company, there are a plethora of advantages to competing in a startup competition. But after competing in a dozen local competitions, what’s next? Surprisingly, there are many notable international startup competitions out there which accept participants from any country, and there are many reasons your startup should consider applying. For one,… Read more »