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Tech Cocktail

Where are you Gonnabe? Time to plan the future.


Gonnabe is an app that aims to help you plan your future. Have you ever wondered what events friends, colleagues or industry leaders are doing this weekend? Gonnabe allows you to announce places that you will be in the future (can be marked public or private). From there, others will view and join you at… Read more »

Traffic App: Finding the right places – Where to eat and where to go from the people you trust


Recently, I’ve been looking in the cities around me for the best and most interesting places to eat. Looking through Yelp and Google Local is helpful, but these sites seem to fall on two sides of the spectrum: hot or not. Typically, the reviews are raving fans or raging disbelievers. Facebook’s sporadic profile status reviews are… Read more »

Family Apps Help You Get Closer


Someday, maybe, doctors will study a condition called Facebook fatigue. Maybe you’ve heard of it? Symptoms include a sudden outburst of “What the heck am I doing?” after you’ve wasted 15 minutes reading about your ex-girlfriend’s brother’s latest trip to the gym. A wave of apps are offering cures for this condition, in the form… Read more »

Personalized News App Offers Fun Games and Real World Rewards


The powerhouse team behind the upcoming news sensation NewsUp has put hours of effort towards changing the way Americans inform themselves. Through experiences at companies and corporations including ChangeUp Magazine, The Baltimore Sun, NASA, Connect AI, Aramak, Ignition 72, 4Ten Technologies, and Starwood Resorts, NewsUp has an extremely impressive resume of leadership behind it in… Read more » Helps Businesses Do Better Targeted Marketing


Companies and nonprofits have invested years, and many thousands of dollars, proliferating their email lists, only to watch email open rates decline by almost 50 percent over the past decade, says Roz Lemieux, CEO of She’s seen people moving to social media for their day-to-day communications, leaving organizations struggling to figure out how to engage… Read more »

JetJoose: The Social Network for Flight Crews


During this season of mass-travel, many of us are thankful for the flight crews that get us to our destinations safely and comfortably. JetJoose Co-CEO and Co-Founder Ronan Keane decided that these crews deserved their own social network to help them make the mass-travel that is part of their everyday lives more enjoyable. JetJoose is… Read more »

SkinnyScoop Helps Women Help Each Other


Skinny Scoop, the site where women can recommend things to other women, launched publicly today. SkinnyScoop has built a community of hundreds of thousands of women who turn to each other for suggestions on apps and books, child care, beauty products, and more. In the process, woman can become influencers within their field and build… Read more »

The Battle to be the Best Dating Site

WarOfTheDatingSites copy

Editor’s Note: This article is a revised version of an article that appears in the May 2012 issue of The Social Media Monthly. If you like it, you might want to download The Social Media Monthly iPad app or iPhone app and subscribe, or order a print subscription. Nary an arrow from Cupid’s quiver has stung as much as the volleys launched… Read more »

People Discovery Engine Traackr Raises $1.5M Round

traackr funding

Announced today, Traackr, an enterprise-grade people discovery engine, has raised a $1.5 million round of funding.  Investors include Traackr Chairman Robbie Vann-Adibé as well as an undisclosed group of employees from Google. Traackr offers a pair of services, one for enterprise and another for small businesses (A-List and Traackr One, respectively) which helps brands to… Read more »

Digital Royalty Launches Social Media Training Site

Digital Royalty University

Today, social media consultancy Digital Royalty introduces the online Digital Royalty University: classes in social media, company culture, and personal growth. Digital Royalty University is based on the team’s years of social media work for personalities like Shaquille O’Neal and The Rock, as well as clients like DoubleTree and the Chicago White Sox. Kicked off… Read more »