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Tech Cocktail

Improve Your Productivity With OneTab


Are you notorious for having at least five tabs open at a time while browsing the Internet? With OneTab, you can condense all of your tabs into a single to-do list to help you become more productive online. Not only does having multiple tabs open while surfing the web slow down your computer’s memory, but… Read more »

Spinnakr Launches, Raises Funding from 500 Startups, Andreessen Horowitz


Today, DC and Silicon Valley startup Spinnakr launched in public beta and announced an undisclosed amount of funding from Andreessen Horowitz, 500 Startups, Point Nine Capital, and others. Spinnakr takes a new approach to analytics. While traditional web analytics offer complex graphs and reports that only a data scientist can truly decipher, Spinnakr distills the… Read more »

Kansas City’s Hottest Showcasing Startup, SquareOffs Offers New Take On Online Polls


Last night, SquareOffs, a social-focused, online polling startup, took home the title of Kansas City’s Hottest Showcasing Startup, at a capacity-packed Boulevard Brewing Company as part of Tech Cocktail’s KC Mixer and Startup Showcase. Built on the frustration of the lack of innovation of online polling, SquareOffs uses Facebook and Twitter authentication to shift the… Read more »

Condiment and the Trend Toward Lifestyle Products


Patricia Handschiegel is the CEO and founder of Condiment, the digital magazine and marketplace for independent lifestyle products and tips. Condiment highlights products from necklaces to sake to cookie pies. And Handschiegel is no stranger to this industry. Lifestyle products focus on bringing homespun or handmade beauty, creativity, and uniqueness across every product category. For example,… Read more »

DC-Based Kona Kase Delivers Monthly, Healthy Treats to Endurance Athletes


Have you noticed the gold rush toward subscription based delivery services over the last couple of years?  Perhaps you’re familiar with Truck Club, Birchbox, Foodzie, and/or  Science Inc.  has doubled down on this trend with their backing of Wittlebee, Dollar Shave Club, Urban Remedy, and Fresh Dish.  With the success of those who have paved the way, the… Read more »

CNC Strategy Cloud Solutions: Developing simplified cloud-based business strategies for complicated problems


When a business grows too large, it sometimes starts to lose focus. Top tier executives may share a strong vision with their teams, but others in the company may end up clouding the overall company vision and execution. You’ve likely experienced the verbal game of “Telephone” where a message is passed from one to another… Read more »

Planwise Helps You Plan for the Future, Save Money the Right Way, and Retire Rich


Many people don’t seem to know the answers to long-term financial stability. How do you save money? How do you plan financially for retirement? With all of the so-called experts, why have so many people lost their savings during the recession? Planning for the future can be difficult, and, without proper guidance–possibly downright impossible. But don’t just… Read more »

Coull: Never cringe at a video pop-up ad again


When’s the last time you actually clicked on an ad in a video online? Maybe never? Video ads are just plain annoying pop-ups, and they typically have nothing to do with the actual video–most of the time. Very few video ads actually seem interesting, and the ones that do are typically just eye candy. But… Read more »

Chicago-Based Parsecco Brings a New Spin to Collaborative Projects


A new economy means new jobs, new employees, a new ethos.  Freelancers, consultants, creative professionals, and solo-preneurs have taken main stage, but the way in which they work and find work still lags behind. Miki Johnson is attempting to solve this with, a team-building tool powered by a project-focused social network.  Current highlight projects range from iOS productivity… Read more »