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RentStuff: Rent Anything Online and Reduce Your Consumption


RentStuff is a marketplace for renting anything under the sun, from bikes to Star Wars light sabers to power drills. It handles the whole process, including payments and security deposits, rental agreements, and reviews. As founder and CEO Christopher Jaeger explains below, RentStuff hit the ground running by letting not only individuals but also local rental… Read more »

Gojee Raises $2.8 Million, Reports Zero Revenue

Gojee Funding

Gojee, that gorgeous curated recipe site, today announced that it raised $2.8 million in funding. This series A round includes California-based InterWest Partners as a new investor. Gojee previously raised $1.2 million in a seed round led by Kapor Capital. Gojee reported zero revenue in an SEC filing, but not for lack of high-quality content: the site has… Read more »

Get Your Monthly Delivery of Health and Wellness Products from KLUTCHclub


Dollar Rubber Club, Dollar Shave Club, Trunk Club, CakeStyle, Wittlebee, MeUndies.  What do all of the aforementioned have in common?  Subscription-based retail. The latest entrant into this space is KLUTCHclub, a health and wellness focused delivery service. Starting at $16 per box, the Chicago-based startup offers Saavy-Boheme African Black Hand Soap, Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream,… Read more »

Job Seekers: Get an Inside Look Into Companies at Company Muse


The Daily Muse, one of our former Tech Cocktail NYC showcased startups that provides career and job advice to women, launched Company Muse in February to give job applicants an inside look into companies. “A big predictor of whether an employee stays with a company is based on company culture,” Kathryn Minshew, Founder and CEO… Read more »

Startups: Pay $5 for Graphic Design, Data Entry, and More on Fiverr


Whether it’s a website contracting out virtual chores (oDesk) or real ones (TaskRabbit), resources abound for entrepreneurs to outsource or crowdsource their most minute tasks. Whereas Elance and its brethren have been accused of leading a race to the bottom, Fiverr beat them all there. “For less than $100 a month, I estimate that I… Read more »

MyPod Studios CEO Jay Miletsky: “We Don’t Want to Be YouTube”


Jay Miletsky was a traditional marketing/advertising guy and self-described big brand person. He had his own marketing agency in NYC with some pretty big clients – Hershey’s, NBA, Washington Mutual. Several years ago, one of his clients, Asco Energy, which is a division of Emerson Electric, wanted to publish videos privately, rather than on YouTube. … Read more »

How to Find Your Target Users: Lessons from Crowdspoke


Crowdspoke launched to be the news site for every imaginable community, with curated content and tweets around everything from iPhone 4S reviews, to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, to even Tech Cocktail. But that vision has been replaced; here’s why. Warning Signs. Late last year, a handful of (competing) news apps launched, and Crowdspoke… Read more »

Create a Walkthrough for Your Website with WalkMe

3 - WalkMe

In my opinion, creating or updating support materials is a total nightmare! Almost every company I know had to create a knowledge base – basically, a manual of how to use their product. But I can almost guarantee no customer ever used it. For a customer, it’s easier to press the Contact Us link to… Read more »

DC-Based Online Auction Sites Turned Fundraising Machines


Online auction sites are all the rage.  We’re not talking about the old standby, eBay – we are talking about the rise of a new kind of auction that allows you to bid on people. Two DC-based startups, BizGravity and HugeFan, provide their own unique web-based platforms that let you bid on and win “meetings”… Read more »