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Tech Cocktail

DC-Based Online Auction Sites Turned Fundraising Machines


Online auction sites are all the rage.  We’re not talking about the old standby, eBay – we are talking about the rise of a new kind of auction that allows you to bid on people. Two DC-based startups, BizGravity and HugeFan, provide their own unique web-based platforms that let you bid on and win “meetings”… Read more »

Seva Call Launches in DC Today

local businesses dc

Seva Call, which connects you to local businesses over the phone, launched publicly in the DC area today. Washingtonians can now log onto Seva Call and submit a request for an accountant, real estate agent, computer repairmen, mover, or other professional. Based on ratings, call analytics, and other feedback, you get matched with up to… Read more »

Unsubscribe from Emails in 1 Click with

unrollme launches today to let you unsubscribe from email lists with a flick of the wrist. Just connect to your Gmail, Yahoo, or AOL account, see a list of subscription emails automagically appear before your eyes, and mark the ones to get rid of. You can also click that curved arrow to shoot the email back… Read more »

Create a Niche Accommodations Website at BookingMarkets


If you think AirBnB, Priceline or Couchsurfing are the greatest ideas ever and want to emulate their business models, now you can – with San Francisco- and Bogota-based startup BookingMarkets. Founded by Paige Brown, a travel industry veteran as founder of Tripeezy, Alex Torrenegra and Leonardo Suarez, BookingMarkets provides custom niche accommodations websites quickly and… Read more »

MySpace’s Heather Lipner Launches Uncovet to Monitor the Pulse of Fashion


Today, former MySpace creative director Heather Lipner publicly launches Uncovet, the sixth company born out of Science Inc. (the technology studio founded by former MySpace CEO Mike Jones). Los Angeles-based Uncovet is a curated marketplace that helps you discover fashion and home decor from upcoming designers, vintage suppliers, and even high-end labels. They pride themselves… Read more »

Latest Pinterest Copycat Boxnutt Targets Reddit Demographic


There’s a Pinterest for videos only.  Another for brides.  A Chinese version.  Another is trying to become an online mall.  There’s one for note taking.  One that has almost no discernible differences.  One for porn (clearly way NSFW).  A Pinterest/Instagram mashup.  I could go on… Now there’s Boxnutt, the Pintereset for the Reddit demographic (read: 25–34… Read more »

3 Tips for Marketing on a Budget, from Unbounce

conversion rate optimization

Unbounce’s Noob Guide to Online Marketing is a massively massive infographic (see below) that teaches the basics of online marketing. It took months to create, and it’s been hung in the 500 Startups office, translated into different languages, and used to start whole marketing departments at other companies. This Noob Guide is just one of… Read more »

Want to Grow Your Startup? Listen to Your Customers


One thing startup founders learn very quickly during beta is to listen to customer feedback.  You may think you know exactly what your customers want and need, but give them the chance to confirm your hunches if you want to deliberately grow your your startup into a successful one. This is the route PowerInbox has… Read more »