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Tech Cocktail

Alec Stern Lays out his 10 Pillars for SMB Success

Alec Stern

Before he came to our recent Tech Cocktail Sessions in Downtown Las Vegas, Alec Stern managed to get himself cast as an extra for a new episode of Pawn Stars; it didn’t trump his time talking to our great audience though. When he’s not talking at our events, or appearing on hit TV shows, Stern spends… Read more »

What Can Video Games Tell you About Your Beta Community?


Do you remember an old game made by Big Fish Studios called Faunasphere? Mia Consalvo does because she’s a Research Chair in Game Studies and Design who actually studied the game’s development through a beta period, a web launch, a move to Facebook, and an ultimate shut down. When she spoke at our recent Tech Cocktail Sessions in… Read more »

No Matter Where you Start Up, the Challenges are the Same

Jonathan Jenkins video

Jonathan Jenkins’ background in business was rooted primarily in Asia when he started his company,, in 2011. It was focused on helping independent small business owners compete against big box retailers, and they saw incredible traction in only a few short years. But then his business started taking off stateside, and Jenkins realized he needed… Read more »

Ed Boland: Shifting Miami to a Knowledge Based Economy


Before Ed Boland joined Scout Ventures, he was in the private banking world searching for a niche to cover as he tried to make his career. All the traditional industries in Miami, like healthcare and law, were over-crowded, but then he read about the emerging tech ecosystem in Miami. After connecting with notable individuals in… Read more »

Melody McCloskey Absolutely Had to Start StyleSeat


When Melody McCloskey had the idea to start StyleSeat she had no experience as a technical founder or as an engineer. She had been working with engineers for the better part of 10 years, but in order to move her idea into the real world she needed some help. The only thing holding McCloskey back in… Read more »

Jonathan Neman Tells the Tale of Sweetgreen


Jonathan Neman, the co-founder and co-CEO of Sweetgreen, always knew it was in his genes to venture out and start his own company. During his tenure as an undergraduate at Georgetown University, he teamed up with a few friends after they all spent time abroad; each student had the desire to create something upon their… Read more »

This is Rick Duggan’s Love Story With Las Vegas


Rick Duggan isn’t a Las Vegas native, but when he first visited the city in the mid-90s he fell in love with it. What he found was that, outside of The Strip, a regular city with amenities to sustain a normal life existed. However, the startup community was very small when he first arrived. All… Read more »

Fate Brought Three Alumni Together Around Entrepreneurship


Back in the 1940s and 1950s fraternities and sororities would put old study materials, like the previous year’s exams, in coffers – or treasure chests as some might call them. At Virginia Tech, the tradition is still alive today, but Michael Rihani, the co-founder and CEO of, has brought it into the digital age…. Read more »

There are Strong Similarities Between Detroit and DTLV


Anthony Montalbano, the co-founder of AMBR Detroit, is a Michigan local who spent the majority of his life taking trips into Detroit for sporting events and concerts. And while the city has had a historically bad reputation, everything changed when Dan Gilbert moved Quicken Loans to Detroit in 2010. There were, and still are, abandoned… Read more »

We Should be in a Golden Age for Math Education


How many of you out there think math is an important part of education? Also, how many of you really, truthfully enjoyed taking math courses in school? The resounding response to the former is that math plays a crucial role in education, but the latter response would indicate that most of us didn’t enjoy our… Read more »

Cyrus Radfar: How do you Keep People Excited About Your Product?


When Cyrus Radfar first got involved in the entrepreneurial world in 2004, the internet was a young, very different place. There were only 50 million domains, Google was the number five website in the world, and Britney Spears was the top search term. Blog was the word of the year. Radfar and his co-entrepreneurs had a… Read more »

Being a Better CEO Leads to Better Employee Hires


We recently hosted our Chicago Speaker Sessions, sponsored by, at John Barleycorn. We invited to the stage two dynamic speakers in Joel Trammell of Khorus and Scott Hess of Spark. Trammell was the first one to take the stage, and the central theme of his talk was how to be a more effective CEO…. Read more »

Neil Patel on How to Determine Bad Data from Good Data [VIDEO]


Neil Patel is a big believer in Big Data, and he’s made a business of analyzing and utilizing data to enable marketing strategies that help grow a company’s customer base. At Tech Cocktail Celebrate, the cofounder and vice president of marketing for customer analytics platform KISSmetrics joined us to talk about the ways through which… Read more »