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Fever Smart Launches Indiegogo Campaign


Update: As of 2 PM ET, the Fever Smart Indiegogo campaign has met 64% of its goal! Call it wearable tech for children. Fever Smart is “is a smart wireless thermometer that allows parents to remotely monitor their children’s temperature via their smartphone,” according to their website. Typically, reading temperatures can be time-consuming for parents… Read more »

Here’s Why Tablets Lead To More Sales


Tablets are more important than ever before in the world of business and sales, especially as our world grows increasingly mobile. According to Forrester Research, almost 1/3 of information workers are mobile, using multiple devices in many locations and a plethora of apps to get the job done. The group also predicted that by 2014,… Read more »

Don’t Hate on the Smartwatch


Similar to the way the smartphone irrevocably altered the world of the telephone, a smartwatch provides its user with access to intelligent features, convenient applications, and extra information that will change the face of technology as we know it. Although most smartwatches come with the same app-based approach, each one will be slightly different from… Read more »

10 Gadgets Apple Should Release After the Watch


The Apple Watch is coming! It’s sexy! It’s elegant! It’s so sensitive it can distinguish between a tap and a press! But can it help you win an argument with your spouse? Does it shine your shoes? Does it make you fly? I didn’t think so. Here are 10 gadgets that we’d like to see… Read more »