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Tech Cocktail

8 Smart Kitchen Solutions for a Connected Thanksgiving


Cooking Thanksgiving dinner is never easy, to put it simply. Even if you’re eating by yourself it can be draining and difficult to nail all the different dishes and their complexities; getting the turkey perfectly cooked and not dry is maddening sometimes. Thankfully humans have been riding the hype train that is the Smart Home…. Read more »

The Gift for the One Who Has Everything: Support a Kickstarter


Holiday shopping is about to begin. The ads are everywhere, telling you just how early on Thursday – on Thanksgiving! – you can arrive to battle the Black Friday crowds. Well, don’t do it, I say. Support a Kickstarter on behalf of someone who would think that the product you’ve found is a really good idea. You… Read more »

It’s Almost 2015: Where’s Your Hoverboard?


It may be closer than you think. While Tony Hawk and friends may not be using these boards to escape a weird punk skate gang in Hill Valley any time soon, the hoverboard technology is under development. According to this Kickstarter, Hendo Hover is developing the world’s first real hoverboard and creating a developer kit to… Read more »

The Pocket Jump Will Charge Your Phone or Jumpstart Your Car


Batteries die. Sometimes, the battery on your smartphone dies way too soon. You forget how very powerless you are without your phone sometimes. But your car – when your car battery dies, everything comes to a screeching halt and everything you were obligated to do that day can be delayed for hours, if not cancelled… Read more »

Some Kickstarter Elves Have Begun Work on Wireless Christmas Lights for Next Year

Beautiful christmas tree with gift boxes and shopping bags

Since you’re already super bent-out-of-shape that Christmas candy displays have been set up at your local discount store, and your neighbor is stringing holiday lights, I will just go ahead and tell you it’s a great time to prepare for NEXT Christmas. Because it’s going to be 2015 and if we still don’t have medical tricorders then dammit, we… Read more »

Hush Blows Their $100K Kickstarter Goal Out of the Water


There’s still 33 days to go on Hush’s Kickstarter campaign, but they’ve already hit their $100,000 funding goal; in fact, they’ve hit $137,416. What makes their Kickstarter so enticing to people is the fact that Hush has figured out how to tune out your loud neighbors, snoring roommates, and noisy streets. Hush introduced us to… Read more »

Griptipz Raises 85% of Kickstarter Goal in 24 Hours With Protection for Hand-Held Devices


If you have dropped one of your devices before, or have been known to be a little bit clumsy, this product is for you. Colorado-based startup Griptipz offers users of tablets, e-readers and large format phones a new, natural way to secure devices in their hands. Griptipz are soft, self-adhesive, ergonomic designed bumpers applied by the user… Read more »

Social Bicycles Offers Leaner, Data-Happy Bikeshare Option

social bicycles

City bikeshare programs are ballooning across the country with a fairly simple concept – docked bikes that can be rented via credit card at the docking site or through an annual membership plan. Can this model be improved? Social Bicycles (SoBi) certainly thinks so. Patrick Hoffman, product manager for New York-based SoBi, said the idea… Read more »

‘Erec Makes a Fire’ is a Children’s Book to Help Teach the Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship


It’s never too early to start getting your kids passionate about entrepreneurship. Not only does it encourage free-thinking, but it can also help to establish a sense of self-identity, and teach them all the other principles associated with running a business that can help support them throughout the rest of their lives. To help with… Read more »

Fortcraft Brings Minecraft Into the Real World


Jon Irons, a 24-year-old recent ASU College Design Graduate, is bringing Minecraft to life. As he’s calling it, Fortcraft is a kit of real, life-size Minecraft blocks that he’s funding via a Kickstarter campaign. The idea behind Fortcraft is to provide gamers with the one thing Minecraft can’t: the ability to physically interact with the… Read more »

Nanoplug Isn’t Your Grandparents’ Hearing Aid


Somewhere between the size of a coffee bean and a grain of rice, the Nanoplug is a brand new hearing aid half the size of even the smallest, current hearing aids available at market. The German based company started an Indiegogo campaign in the hopes of raising $80,000; at the time of this writing they… Read more »

7 Creative or Unexpected Crowdfunding Concepts That Seem Obvious In Retrospect


Crowdfunding: many have strong opinions about it. For some entrepreneurs, websites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo hold the golden ticket to their making their “Million-Dollar Idea” a reality. Inversely, some critics argue that the new “trend” attracts unorganized dreamers. In actuality, crowdfunding’s concept is not new, and has existed for centuries in the form of patronage…. Read more »