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Tech Cocktail

Step into This 3D Body Scanner at Your Gym

vfit virtualu

The human body changes after a workout, and in the past there hasn’t been a way for people to see those changes in action, but soon there will be. Two young entrepreneurs are helping you reach a new level of fitness with their VFit scanner. “We are using 3D scanning to accurately show how the… Read more »

5 Ways Google Glass Can Make Your Life Better

google glass

If you’ve seen Google Glass in the news, you’ve probably had two reactions to it: an initial chuckle at how silly it looks (almost as silly as a Bluetooth headset) and then not knowing what you’d actually need it for. You’ve probably read stories about how it could be a threat to our privacy –… Read more »

Some Smart Appliances to Deck Out Your Smart Home


Undoubtedly, the groundbreaking computer expertise and the creative house designers have uplifted convenience by taking home functionality to new levels. This is evident in the form of a new model called smart home. Do not worry; your home does not change in terms of size and shape but rather in terms of functionality as almost… Read more »

DC’s iStrategyLabs Creates Facebook’s ‘Mentions Box’ for Celebrity Video Interaction at Emmys


This afternoon, iStrategyLabs founder and CEO Corbett posted a Mashable article about Facebook’s Mentions Box device that Facebook plans to use on the red carpet at Monday’s Emmy Awards. It seems, however, that Facebook was not actually the ones in charge of creating the device; rather, it comes straight from no other than the brilliant minds… Read more »

2 Days Left to Support Handmade Kenyan Belts on Kickstarter


From potato salad to mini 3D printers, we’ve all seen some very interesting projects on Kickstarter this year. According to their site, “Kickstarter is the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects. A home for film, music, art, theater, games, comics, design, photography, and more.” Mugo Muna is the founder of Bora Wear, which is… Read more »

Every Breath You Take…Spire Will Be Watching You


Ask any yogi, and you’ll find out that “just” breathing is a lot harder than you think – maybe it’s why all those new-agey types have “breathe” tattooed on their wrists as a constant reminder. Humans have a knack for doing the bare minimum, even when it comes to breathing. The good news is that… Read more »

goTenna Keeps You Connected Without Cell Service


goTenna is a new device that enables you to communicate off the grid. You simply pair your cellular device to the small portable goTenna and you can communicate with others. You don’t need cellular service or wifi to use it. goTenna is perfect for outdoor situations where you need to get in contact with someone…. Read more »

FreeWavz: Smart Headphones That Track Your Workout


Runners, bikers, and gym bunnies, put your protein shakes down because this new gadget will blow your minds. Smart earphones with a companion app, FreeWavz is a Bluetooth-connected product that not only gives you wireless connectivity to streaming music on your phone, but also provides you with a real-time heart rate monitor (so you won’t need to wear… Read more »

How Technology Is Changing the Cigarette Business


The cigarette industry has an extensive history, but for the most part cigarettes have remained as technologically uncomplicated as they were several decades ago. These small paper bundles of tobacco, filters, and chemicals have fluctuated in popularity through the ages, rising with their positive portrayal in Hollywood films and advertising, and falling as knowledge of… Read more »

The Next Big Thing in Wearable Technology: The Smart Shoe

smart shoe lechal

These shoes are made for innovation. Indian startup Ducere Technologies Pvt has developed shoes that will sync up “with a smartphone that uses Google Maps and vibrate to tell users when and where to turn to reach their destination.” Ducere initially developed the shoes to help the blind who rely on walking canes. While the cane can help… Read more »

Brooklyn’s Birdi Raises $700k Seed Funding for Smart Air Monitor


Birdi, a Brooklyn, NY-based hardware startup that ‘s building a smart air monitor, announced this morning that it has raised $700,000 in seed funding. Participants in this round include Jason Calacanis and Kapor Capital (his AngelList syndicate), Eric Ries, and John Galbraith. Formerly known as Canary, the company recently relocated to San Francisco and changed… Read more »

5 Mini Gizmos That Fit in Your Pocket or Purse

mini gadgets

Here are five pocket-friendly gizmos to make your travel even more comfortable:   1. Charge key When connecting a charger to a smartphone or connecting other electronic gadgets to the wall socket or power backup, you need a USB cable. Not so with the NomadKey and NomadCard. The card is the same size as a credit card… Read more »

A Roundup of Samsung and Sony Rumors

samsung sony rumors

The largest manufacturers of devices on Android cannot stop work for a single day on new devices. And no matter how hard the company works to keep secret the details of unannounced gadgets, leaks are inevitable. Let’s have a look at rumors from two of the biggest Android smartphones makers – Sony and Samsung. Sony… Read more »

What Happens When a Chinese Factory Makes Knockoffs of Your Product

chinese knockoffs

After launching their waterproof shower speakers on Amazon, FRESHeTECH started seeing a slew of negative reviews. The battery was only lasting a few days, products weren’t working, and customers were upset. Meanwhile, other customers were completely satisfied, enjoying month-long battery life and recommending the product to their friends. What was going on?  Knockoffs.  FRESHeTECH had… Read more »