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3CX Review

June 20, 2018

11:15 am

While 3cx’s phone systems share similar features to other telecom companies, it stands out in one meaningful way. Its IP PBX services are designed specifically for Windows.

The company touts this as a major benefit, as it makes for easy installation. Indeed, deployment depends more on common Windows IT administrators than telecom specialists.

Used by more than 30,000 companies worldwide, 3cx’s systems are preconfigured to integrate with IP phones, VoIP gateways and SIP trunks, which means you don’t have to configure these devices separately.

With its VoIP technology, 3cx claims you can halve your telephone bills by eliminating the need for expensive traditional PBX hardware, and lowering your overall mobile and customer service number bills.

Its software lets users route their office extension to their computer or smartphone through the company’s main line, and comes equipped with several collaborative features.

Through its interface, you can see the online presence of other colleagues, have faxes and voicemails sent to your inbox, and access instant messaging.

Product, Service and Solutions Overviews

  • 3cx phone system for windows
  • 3cx apps for iPhone and Android
  • WebMeeting

3cx phone system for windows

3cx offers a basic and Pro edition of its phone system. While the basic contains fewer premium features, it meets all of the fundamental expectations of an IP PBX.

In addition to providing each user’s computer and smartphone with access to their main extension, the basic edition makes all calls free of charge. And you can make and receive calls from the business’ main line, rather than having to give out your mobile number, even if you’re working remotely.

Additionally, you can easily add and remove extensions as your business scales up and down, and in many cases, leverage existing hardware and wiring.

For a small business, the most basic package includes the following features: 4 lines, 10 extensions, software, insurance, IP phones, installation and more. It retails for around $2,650, depending on your location and specific requirements.

3cx’s Pro edition offers many of the same features as the basic edition, but includes some meaningful additions as well. It comes equipped with a call center, CRM support, and more enhanced reporting.

The call center allows you to monitor call queue, log employees in and out to answer as needed, and relate important info to agents or employees while they’re on the phone through the Listen and Whisper features.

A common 3cx Pro system for a midmarket business, complete with up to 15 lines, enhanced software, IP phones and installation costs approximately $5,700.

3cx apps for iPhone and Android

3cx’s apps for Android and iOS are said to set the standard for mobile phone VoIP clients. Using an inbuilt tunnel to avoid firewall issues, callers can connect to their business’ phone system over 3G or a Wifi hotspot.

Additionally, companies aren’t charged a licensing fee for additional phones, which helps support mobility while keeping the overall system cost down.

And like all of 3cx’s features, configuring the mobile clients can be done easily via email, and without the help of technical support.


3cx’s phone systems offer essential unified communication features such as presence and instant messaging, but it also comes with enhanced video conferencing functions as well.

WebMeeting allows businesses to have virtual meetings, while maintaining important face-to-face communication.

Using Google’s WebRTC technology, participants only have to open a browser to join a meeting, rather than downloading software or plug-ins. As a result, they can take advantage of clear video and voice communication.

WebMeeting is available as a hosted add-on to your 3cx phone system, and it requires no additional servers or bandwidth.

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Case Studies

  • MWL Systems
  • Animal Hospital of Malmo

MWL Systems

MWL was stuck with an antiquated phone system. Its old proprietary service lacked important functionality necessary for the information technology company.

Absent were text to speech functions, local database integration, and enhanced reporting. Worst of all, the outdated service started to drop and mis-route calls.

As a replacement, MWL opted for the Pro edition of 3cx’s phone system. Using the call center’s intelligent IVR, the company could rest assured that calls were being routed to the correct support team member.

Additionally it allowed customers to choose more options than before from an automated menu, increasing satisfaction and saving time for MWL’s agents.

For employees, the new system allowed engineers to stay in touch through 3cx’s mobile apps, whether they were at a client’s site, or working from home.


Animal Hospital of Malmo

Animal Hospital of Malmo, one of Sweden’s leading veterinary hospitals, hosts a team of 120 dedicated doctors, nurses and administrators across 5 different sites in Sweden.

As a dispersed workforce with heavy call volume, the company needed a modern, feature-rich phone system.

Unfortunately, it was stuck with a hardware PBX that was hard to configure, and lacked important integration with other products, which almost rendered impossible the need for incoming call queues and callback services.

3cx’s Call Center Module, however, allowed Animal Hospital of Malmo to dramatically improve its customer service without breaking the bank.

It connected all 5 clinics with one installation, and provided the company with call back features, advanced reporting, and real-time queue strategies.

Benefits and Drawbacks

3cx’s phone systems offer just about everything a business needs from an IP PBX. VoIP fans will find many of the internet-based system’s benefits represented in the company’s service package.

From affordability to flexibility and simple management tools, 3cx is a good solution for a business looking to eliminate its legacy PBX system or change to a solid, streamlined service.

If your business doesn’t use Windows, though, you may want to look elsewhere for a telecom solution. However, given Windows’ popularity, alternative office systems probably only apply to a minority of businesses.


Maybe the best part of 3cx’s phone system is how easy it is to install. Rather than requiring a business to set up new hardware, the company simply sends you a license key code, allowing you to load the software on your hardware of choice.

For small businesses, you can run the program on a basic PC using Windows XP or Windows 7. Larger companies, on the other hand, can run it on a dedicated server.

The features of the system give you access to the usual call forwarding, 3-way calling, voicemail and more, and its unified communications functions deliver on their promise as well. These include voicemail to fax or email and video conferencing.

The call center allows administrators and employees to monitor queues and take advantage of detailed reporting, and the system can be integrated with other kinds of hardware.

Unlike proprietary telecom companies, 3cx allows you to use other brands’ IP phones to give you the customized service you want.


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