Abhishek Agarwal is CEO and Co-founder of MobiCommerce, an eCommerce mobile store app builder & Ohoshop, a mCommerce platform for local businesses. With an entrepreneurial experience of 14 years, he is a visionary who proactively looks out for the next big thing. He is well versed with trends in the market and love to write about them.


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Role of ECommerce App in Growth of Pharmacy Sector

Mobile apps are very famous and most in demand these days. Mobile app helps to bridge the gap between the business and the customers. Even the pharmaceutical industries are indulging themselves in the mobile apps. The healthcare or the Pharmaceutical Industry has started adopting…

5 Beliefs That Prevent You from Starting an Ecommerce Business

Self-Limiting Beliefs on Starting an Ecommerce Business - MobiCommerce

Like any business endeavor, starting an ecommerce company comes with a lot of baggage. There are a number of things that will get in the way of your ultimate goal: the acquisition of capital, the hiring of staff, the search for a suitable office space,…