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How Older Entrepreneurs Can Succeed in a Tech-Savvy World

entrepreneur baby boomers

The industry you are in may have been around for some time. However, just as David Sessford from We Pay the Most said, “although our service is new, we are certainly not new to the property industry.” Therefore, you must evolve your services technically…

Is Working From Home Going to Be the New Norm?

working from home office security

Freelancing is growing rapidly throughout the world. Numerous industries are trying to save money, which results in work from home positions becoming more popular. However, the question remains, is working from home going to be the new norm? Productivity Fluctuates Employers …

Say Goodbye to These 5 Web Design Trends

Say Goodbye to These 5 Web Design Trends

Thankfully, computers, phones, and cameras are not the only areas where technology evolves. Web design has changed drastically since early 2000 and it appears to be changing trends again. Over the years, web designers find what works and what causes people to leave a…