Alex Vanover is a life-long motorcycle enthusiast who enjoys riding his Harley-Davidson as often as the weather, his job, and his family will allow. His writing focuses on the automotive industry, renewable energy, and matters of sustainability in business. He is also the purveyor of the popular bike trading site: Motorcycle Trading Post.


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You’ll Flip Your Lid Over New Motorcycle Helmet Tech

The motorcycle helmet is a critical piece of safety equipment that dramatically reduces the severity of head injuries sustained in motorcycle accidents. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) states that helmeted riders “have up to an 85 percent reduced ...


The Difference Between Leaders and Managers

We’ve all been there. Your boss is upset with something you did and is raging mad. He proceeds to chew you out while throwing in the occasional curse word and/or put-down. As a result, you feel demoralized, depressed, and thoroughly unmotivated to do your...