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4 Unique Ways to Attract Millennial Employees to Your Startup


When millennials make up over one-third of the American workforce, businesses must consider the benefits and company features that attract, motivate, and retain this generation as employees. Big corporations, like Google and Facebook, offer travel opportunities, sleep pods in the office, and free healthcare,…

4 Rookie Mistakes That Will Wreck Your Startup

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Countless entrepreneurs have written books on habits that brought them success, but you probably haven’t read them because you’re too busy putting out fires at your new business. Besides, people learn better from mistakes anyways, right? Below are some of the most common mistakes…

Chuz Is the Recommendation App Millennials Deserve

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Millennials are all about convenience. Fortunately, Chuz is on a mission to give them an easy, one-stop shop to find new places to eat, drink and play. Live in Los Angeles and New York City, and available on iOS, Chuz is a smart companion with a…

5 Ways the Internet of Things Benefits Entrepreneurs

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For many entrepreneurs, the Internet of Things (IoT) sounds like a jargon term that only relates to programmers or technology-focused businesses. In reality, the IoT affects all industries and can actually help entrepreneurs improve their business’s efficiency, customer relationships, and bottom line. In the…