Allyson is a marketing strategist and freelance writer working with tech and entrepreneurship-focused organizations like HQ Community and DIG SOUTH, along with startup clients throughout the Southeast. In her next life, Allyson will scrap the writing gig for a role as a Music Supervisor…but for now, making playlists, biking around sunny Charleston, and putting words on the Internet seem to be pretty wonderful pastimes.


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It’s a radical concept that may seem too good to be true. A 100 percent virtual and completely free conference? But a Charleston, South Carolina-based startup is making the concept a reality this month. Launchpeer, a high-growth tech consultancy, is hosting the inaugural Launch…

This Couplepreneur is Helping Charleston Startups Attract Funding

When Belinda and Jake Hare founded Launchpeer a few years ago, they weren’t sure if they could make it. Charleston’s tech scene was still emerging and finding new business was an uphill battle. Growth wasn’t happening and revenue was so low that they drained…