Alexander Maasik is a communication specialist and content creator at Weekdone - weekly employee progress reports. Alexander has a degree in journalism and public relations and a strong passion for communications and online collaboration.


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Close Your Email and Get Some Work Done

Inbox Experiment 27 Close Your Email and Get Some Work Done Sales

When I watch HBO’s Game of Thrones (which won a record 12 Emmy’s this year) I can’t help but think how much easier and less bloody this world would be if they weren’t relying on pigeon post. Many crises in Westeros could have been…

Are you Helping to Waste $37 Billion?


There is a problem with a project? Have a meeting. We need to brainstorm new ideas? Meeting. We need to give feedback for employees? 1 on 1 meetings with everyone. We need to decide what brand of coffee should be in the office? That’s right,…