Amy is a former business advisor, she writes about a wide range of topics, with a particular focus on investment and the use of technology in business.


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What Do Businesses Need to Know to Consider Cloud Storage?

For businesses, security is a top priority, and with such a wide range of potential threats to consider, how data is stored and managed can fade in importance compared with more immediate-seeming physical threats. But this is an area where all businesses need to...


How Smart Home Products Can Revolutionize College Living

As long as there are college students, there will be shabby old dorms and dilapidated living quarters. It makes sense, if you think about it; why would colleges revamp their buildings when they know they’re likely to just get trashed again next year? The...


The Future Is Now: Revolutionary Home Tech Trends

Most of us have wondered what the future will look like: will there be flying cars and floating highways? How about a little pill that somehow contains a filet mignon and a nice glass of merlot? While these musings may still be the stuff...


5 Unexpected Industries that Virtual Reality Will Transform

With Facebook buying the virtual reality company Oculus VR last year the world has taken a step toward virtual reality becoming more commonplace. Oculus offer virtual reality even closer to real-world quality than previous attempts. The gaming industry is obviously investing ...