Anas Baig is a Cyber Security Journalist & Tech Writer. He has been featured on major media outlets including TheGuardian, Lifehacker Australia, CSO, ITProPortal, Infosec Magazine, Developer and many others. He writes about online security and privacy, IoT, AI, and Big Data. If you’d like to get in touch, please send an email to or follow him on Twitter @anasbaigdm.


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How VPN help startups to strengthen their cybersecurity?

With a higher reliance on technology comes greater difficulty in keeping business information safe. There are millions of identity theft cases reported to businesses annually. According to the identity theft resource center, “Utilizing VPN’s can drastically reduce those numbers, and I believe more and…

10 Innovative UK-Based Tech Startups Making Moves

UK Tech Startups

Technology is everywhere and changing our lives for the better, from smartphones and tracking devices to GPS and smart apps. It’s also catering to the growing needs of businesses from a wide variety of industries, propelling them to new heights by not only creating…

How Crowdsourcing Can Help Fight Against Cyber Threats

cybersecurity hacked trends ransomware

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe coined the phrase, “precaution is better than cure,” and nowhere is that more true than in cybersecurity. Discovering weaknesses and loopholes before hackers can save you from devastating data breaches, data theft, loss of money and also reputation damage can…