Andrew Klubnikin is Senior Content Manager at R-Style Lab - custom software development company (IoT, Web, Mobile) with a sales office in San Francisco, CA and dev center in Belarus, Europe. Andrew is a tech geek interested in everything about IoT, web and mobile development. He’s been a tech blogger since 2011.


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Tourism Apps Are Primed to Reshape the App Industry

In 2016, mobile applications are expected to hit the 65 billion-download mark. Meanwhile, apps for tourism are the 7th most downloaded type of mobile software. Since 45 percent of smartphone holders use applications while planning a holiday, tourism apps are about to make a...


The Future of Retail Lies in Augmented Reality

By 2020, augmented and virtual reality market will be worth $ 150 billion. Google, Microsoft and Facebook have already made large investments in AR solutions; still, some experts fail to predict where the market is actually going. There are several industries that will benefit...


New Technology in Healthcare: Smart Gadgets Dominate

With 20 percent of Americans owing at least one wearable device, the future of health gadgets seems pretty certain. However, it is the question of healthcare insurance costs that remains unclear. Will wireless medical devices and cloud solutions change the landscape of the ...


How Does Tesla Impact Our Automotive Future?

Ever since Tesla Motors launched, the future of gasoline powered vehicles remains quite uncertain. Although alternative cars have been widely criticized for expensive operation and maintenance, both experts and auto lovers agree upon their prospects: Tesla is here to stay. Over ...